With pollution everywhere new diseases are surfacing now a days that affect not only the internal organs but also the outside external organs. While doctors and commercial products promise us to give expert results, their chemicals in turn have a effect on us. One such product is keloids which can occur as a result of unhealed surgery cut, tattoo, piercing or maybe even a simple paper cut.

Keloids are skin tumors which even though benign in nature can be a painful journey to endure. Have you often noticed how a bad wound, say a piercing at times oozes pus? Keloids are a much same yet bigger version of that which usually occurs when the wound is not properly healed.

Most Effective Home Remedies for Keloids:

Baking soda:

Just form a paste of baking soda and gently apply it on the affected area. Baking soda has great cleansing ability and it flushes out the impurities and toxins from the affected area.  Thereby, the inflammation also gets reduced and you can see results within a few uses. Using it 3-4 times a day is recommended.

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Whenever there is any skin trouble, honey is summoned. It is because of its humectant property. Honey is a great anti-fungal protector and thus can help cure keloids. Just simply apply the honey on the tumor and keep massaging it for a while. With regularity more effect can be recognized.

Aloe Vera:

Who better to cure skin troubles than the mother load of all products, Aloe. Starting from inflammation to the scary marks, Aloe Vera will take care of all problems and will make you feel like a shiny penny again. Just use the clean sap or jelly part on the inner leaves. Apply them directly on the area and see results. Along with healing it also moisturizes and softens the skin. For best results apply twice a day.


A permanent solution that can rid you of this disease for ever and ever is onion or its extract to be particular because this particular item has anti-microbial properties that immediately starts their defense work against the tumorous skin condition. Grind  the onion to extract its juice and then apply them directly on the skin.

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Fuller’s Earth:

Rich in magnesium chloride, fuller’s earth or ‘multani mitti’ is yet another agent that cures keloids easily. Just like Aloe, even this product on constant application takes care of even your scars. Apply fuller’s earth in a paste with water or maybe add some ingredients like lemon or lentil powder and use it as a face pack and then wash off with luke warm water


Since keloids occur due to bacteria, garlic which is an anti-bacterial agent works flawlessly on the skin. it prevents the excessive fibroblast to increase in number which leads to keloids. For application, crush garlic cloves and extract the juice or blend it in the grinder to get a paste form or use garlic oils. After 10 minutes wash it off.


Lemon is filled with rich antioxidants and exfoliating properties which are perfect for keloids disease. Rich in vitamin C it also helps in scar removal. Either directly squeeze lemon juice on the affected area or if you experience stinging or burning sensation dilute it a bit with water.  Twice a day for 15 minutes and you’re good to go.

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Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has great antiseptic properties and thus can help in immediate cure by attacking the bacteria’s directly and fighting them off. Apply tea tree oil products like oils, cleanser or toner and even night creams and fight off those ugly tumors.

Sandalwood and Rose Water:

One of the best home handy product for skin, for ages is sandalwood. With its cooling soothing properties, it also has regenerating properties. Make a thick paste of sandalwood either by hand or by mixing the powdered commercialized packets. Add in a little bit of rose water which may help lighten the marks left behind and use it as a face pack.