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9 Home Remedies for Laryngitis

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Due to lots of yelling or shouting or over stressing of the vocal cords, inflammation in the vocal cords especially the larynx which shelters and protects the vocal cords occurs. This particular disease is known as laryngitis which basically means inflammation of that region due to which our voice might get husky and cracking and even at severe times be totally mute.

home remedies for laryngitis

Although doctor’s may prescribe many a medicine, nothing is better than good old times home remedy and if you’re an organic natural curer person opt for some of this home remedies to prevent  your throat from croaking.

Amazing Home Remedies for Laryngitis:

1. Lemon Juice:

lemon juice

Make a lemon juice simply by adding lemon drops in water. Squeeze some fresh lemon into a glass of water and add a sprinkle of salt if desired. Then start gurgling with it for better results. Being a citrus fruit, this is acidic in nature which kills all the bacteria. Lemon is also useful during this since lemon helps in saliva production which keeps the affected area hydrated and moist.

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2. No Alcohol:

No drink

Alcohol dries your body extremely which is severely bad and harmful for someone who is suffering from throat inflammation. It is advised at all times to keep the affected area moist and hydrated. Even caffeine or products containing caffeine should be avoided.

3. Honey:

Honey 2

Every morning use honey with a luke warm glass of water and you will feel the change inside you.  It soothes the inflammation and relieves the pain. It can either be consumed direct or used in warm water or green tea.

4. Ginger:

ginger 3

Ginger is yet another product that can help kill the laryngitis germs. Boil some ginger roots in water and then drink that luke warm ginger water. It has soothing properties which soothes down the inflammation burn. Add a bit of honey with it for added results.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar

This is a known agent to cure laryngitis. The easiest method is to mix it in water and gurgle thrice a day. Just make a powerful pack of apple cider vinegar with honey and maybe cayenne pepper and water and drink it. This creates an acidic environment in the mouth which instantly kills the bacteria.

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6. Warm Salt Water:

Salt water

A simple luke warm water with salt gurgle, thrice or four times a day and see your condition improve within a day or two. Along with the pain and the uneasy coughing or swallowing problem, it also takes care of the disease.

7. Garlic:

Garlic 3

Garlic has a strong anti-microbial property which instantly starts working on the bacteria and helps reduce laryngitis. You will get many garlic lozenges which you can suck on for the entire day. If you’re not a big fan of commercialized products, opt for natural ones. Cut a clove in two and place each of them on either side of your mouth and try to suck the juice out of it.

8. Onion Syrup:

Make an onion syrup and work your way up to a better throat and vocals. Cut some sliced of onions and simmer them in water until a thick condensed consistency forms. Now when the solution thickens and becomes heavy, add 5-6 spoons of this solution in plain water and drink it. You may add honey, ginger or lemon for added benefit.

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9. Humid:

As usual moisture is your friend and if you’re still in the early stage of laryngitis immediate humidification treatment is required. Go spend some quality time in a sauna or create one in your home. Open the steaming hot water tap and while the water is drained out the steam will benefit you. If swallowing food is difficult try the warm water gurgle.