9 Natural Tips to Get Rid of Lizards at Home

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All of you are scared of something or other like mice, lizards, spider and cockroaches and many more and we try to keep the away from our house and lives away, wishing that you never face or get encountered with it. Lizards is one big nightmare for many of you and the moment you switch on the light you can see them crawling in the walls lending a big shock to you. You get many chemicals in the market to get rid of it but they are very harmful and toxic which can harm the small kids and other family members including yourself and the pets at home.

Reasons for Lizards Entering Your House:

If your houses have lots of bugs and insects which are food of them then they would definitely enter the house to swallow them. Secondly in the night if you leave the plates and dishes dirty the insects would be attracted then in turn allowing lizards to enter the house. Last the lizards love to hide in dark area so clean the space behind wardrobes and furniture as that they hide behind them so it you clean them they would not get stationed and leave your house.

How to Get Rid of Lizards in the House:

So here come some useful and easy natural remedies so that you can keep this awful reptile away from your home and enjoy!!!

1. Bird Feather To Keep Away The Lizards:

This is one useful natural way to get rid of lizards as birds are the natural predators of the lizards. You can keep bunch of bird’s feathers in a flower vase, or at entrance of the house or the windows as their feathers are enough to drive the lizards away from your house. The feathers make your house look more attractive and at the same time pushing lizards away from your house.

2. Useful Cardboard Box to Keep Away The Lizards:

This is one effective method for people who are against killing of any reptile or insect. Take a broom stick and try to corner the lizard and drop them in the cardboard box and leave them out of the house. So you are not killing a noble soul and leaving it out of the house also.

3. Pepper Pesticide Spray to Keep Away The Lizards:

This is another effective way to keep this reptile out of the house. Instead of spraying harmful chemicals you can make natural pesticide and force them to leave your house. Take a spray bottle and pour along with water mix ground black pepper and some red chilli powder and shake it well so that it dissolves. Then wherever you see a lizard sprays on top of it so that it runs away from that spicy odour.

4. Smelly Garlic and Onion to Keep Away The Lizards:

As all us add garlic and onion to enhance the taste of our recipe, but fortunately the lizards cannot withstand the smell of onion and garlic. If you hang onion or garlic on the gates and place them at the corner of the windows they could not withstand the pungent smell and would start leaving your house. You can even sprinkle onion juice mix with water on them or behind the curtains where they hide so that they can be easily driven away.

5. Egg Shells To Keep Away The Lizards:

If you want to scare the lizards then this is the effective way. After you use the egg keep the egg shells near to the window as the lizards would think them as another creature bigger than them and leave the premises. Just ensure that you change the egg shell after a week as it would get rotten.

6. Miraculous Coffee Powder to Keep Away The Lizards:

This is the most effective way to push these reptiles away from your house. They hate the coffee smell as much you dislike them. Mix some coffee powder along with tobacco powder and make small balls of them. Now keep these balls near to windows or door they would run away from their smell or in case if they eat them they would die also. In all the ways you are in win to win situation.

7. Naphthalene Balls Keep Away The Lizards:

As you all use these naphthalene balls to keep insects and bugs out of the house the lizards also run away at the sight of them. The pungent smell of these balls easily drives them away and you can get rid of them

8. Sprinkle Ice Cold Water To Keep Away The Lizards:

These small reptiles are very scared of sudden temperature changes that’s must be a good reason that they hibernate during winters. As you see them splash icy cold water on them as they would get shock and get still for few minutes. In the mean time you can collect them in a dust pan and throw them out of the house also.

9. Keep the House Clean To Keep Away The Lizard:

As now it’s well known lizards creep in the house in search of their prey that are insects and bugs so first you keep your house free of them so that these reptiles does not enter your premises. So keep the house free from the insects the lizards would automatically move out.

The above natural remedies help you to get rid of this reptile but try to restrict their entrance in house like

  • Apart from these try to restrict the lizard’s entrance points like the small holes, seal them up so that they can’t enter.
  • Use windows screen to keep the window’s intact and use insect trap to kill bugs so that the lizards don’t enter the house.
  • If you place bird feather or egg shells outside the window change it two or three weeks so that its work more effectively.

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