Can’t stand the sight of lizards crawling on the walls of your house? Do these little creatures appear like hideous monsters? Well, you are not alone! The slimy textured skin and creepy looks of these reptiles can make even the bravest of adults jump out of their seats. Fortunately, there are many home remedies to eliminate lizards in the house, which involve safe and natural methods.

Unlike the chemical sprays used by pest control guys, these remedies pose less harm to the inhabitants, including lizards. If you want to take the non-violent route to drive these unwanted guests out of your home, read along!

What are the Reasons for Lizards Entering Your House?

Pests like Lizards are a part of our living. While it is normal to spot one or two in your home, a bunch of these guys can scare the wits out of you! This is when you develop a severe aversion for these creatures and ultimately develop Herpetophobia. So, let us look into some of the main reasons why lizards enter your home:

  • If your house is strewn with debris, litter and leftover food particles, the chances of attracting bugs and insects are quite high. This is when lizards develop a natural appetite for these creatures and stay back to enjoy a hearty meal every day.
  • A house with many open windows and doors offers a red carpet welcome to lizards. Do watch out for air vents, exhaust fan holes and other big cracks in the walls!
  • Hot and humid weathers provide the perfect breeding environment for lizards. So, if you are living in a warm and damp place, expect a rise in their population.
  • A cluttered and chaotic place offers many hideout places for lizards, away from your suspecting eyes! So, if your house has a lot of unused furniture, these creatures are on their way!
  • Lizards love water and prefer to stay around them! You are likely to find them in your bathroom and kitchens, especially ones with leaky pipes.
  • So, did you know why you have these pesky creatures in your home? Now, let us learn some natural remedies to keep lizards away!

13 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid of Lizards:

We know how desperate you are to say goodbye to these pests forever. Read along to learn each of these home remedies for lizard control in detail:

1. Vinegar and Lemon:

Vinegar and Lemon can prove to be a skin-burning concoction for lizards. The acidity of this solution can irritate their skin and eyes. For extra strength, you can even add a pinch of cayenne pepper.


  • Vinegar – 2 parts
  • Lemon Juice – 1 part
  • Cayenne Pepper – 1 teaspoon
  • Spray bottle

How To Prepare and Use:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • Shake well.
  • Spray it directly on lizards or their usual tracks.

2. Bird Feathers:

Feathers are a natural way to get rid of lizards, as they indicate the presence of birds, which are natural predators of lizards. You can keep a bunch of bird’s feathers in a flower vase, or at the house entrance or windows. The bright feathers are enough to drive the lizards away from your home and at the same time, add to the beauty of the interiors.

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3. Flypaper:

Flypaper is a sticky sheet that can trap insects and bugs with its strong adhesive. It is also very effective in trapping lizards. You need to stick a few flypapers at random spots and wait for the lizard to ‘catch the bait’. One wrong step and its skin get stuck to the paper. You can remove the sheet and throw it out of your home.

4. Cardboard Box:

This one is an effective method for people against the killing of any reptile or insect. Take a broomstick, trying to corner the lizard, drop them in the cardboard box, and leave them out of the house. So you are not killing the pest and instead just removing it from your home.

5. Pepper Pesticide Spray:

It is another effective way to keep this reptile out of the house. Instead of spraying harmful chemicals, you can make natural pesticides that force them to leave your home. Take a spray bottle and pour along with water mix ground black pepper and some red chilli powder and shake it well to dissolve. Then wherever you see a lizard spray on top of it so that it runs away from that spicy odour.

6. Electric Repellent:

Another hassle-free remedy to get rid of lizards is an electric repellent. These gadgets work by emitting electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency, which do not affect humans or pets. Pests like lizards find these waves extremely disturbing and try to run away. Electric repellents work on electric power and emit no bad odour or toxic elements.

7. Smelly Garlic and Onion:

Lizards cannot withstand the pungent smell of onion and garlic. If you hang a slice of onion or garlic at the entry points, the strong odour released from them repels lizards. You can even sprinkle onion juice mixed with water on them or behind the curtains where they hide so that they can be easily driven away. This would be the best home remedy for avoiding lizards in the house.

8. Remove House lizards with Egg Shell:

Here is a foolproof natural way to get rid of lizards. Instead of discarding broken eggshells, place them near the window. The eggshells act like a scarecrow to the lizards who get deceived by their large size. Just ensure that you change the eggshell after a week as it would get rotten.

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9. Coffee Powder to Repel Lizards:

The strong smell of freshly ground coffee powder is a natural remedy to keep lizards away. Mix some coffee powder and tobacco powder and make small balls of them. Now keep these balls near windows or doors. One whiff of this smell is enough to make these pests run away. In the case of the curious ones that take a bite, the coffee and tobacco may prove fatal.

10. Eucalyptus or Peppermint Essential Oil:

Lizards hate any substance with a strong odour. The best way to deal with these smell-sensitive creatures is to use a pungent-smelling essential oil like peppermint or eucalyptus. Here’s how to use these oils as a natural home remedy to remove lizards from the house.


  • Eucalyptus or Peppermint Oil – 15 to 20 drops.
  • Water – 250 ml
  • Spray bottle

How To Prepare and Use:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with water.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil.
  • Shake well.
  • Spray it on surfaces like walls, tables or lizard-inhabited areas.
  • Repeat it every week for maximum effect.

11. Naphthalene Balls:


Naphthalene balls have a strange smell that keeps insects and bugs out of the house. The list includes lizards as well. However, if you have pets or kids at home, it’s better not to use these balls, as eating them accidentally can be life-threatening.

12. Sprinkle Ice Cold Water:

These small reptiles are very scared of sudden temperature changes, which is the reason behind their winter hibernation. The moment you see them, splash icy cold water that can send them into a shock for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, you can collect them in a dustpan and throw them out of the house.

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13. Keep the House Clean and Clutter-free:

The best way to get rid of lizards is to keep your home neat and clean. A clean environment means lesser bugs and fewer lizards.

Extra Tips to Remove Lizards From Home:

Banish entry to lizards by following these simple tips:

  • Try to limit the lizard’s entrance points by sealing small holes and cracks in the wall.
  • Use a mosquito mesh to restrict lizards from entering your home.
  • Fix leaking pipes and faucets. Keep the areas dry and clean.
  • Avoid leaving leftover foods, fruit peels and other edible stuff in your kitchens. Discard the waste immediately and keep the rest of the food in closed containers.
  • If you place bird feathers or eggshells outside the window, change it for two or three weeks to work more effectively.

We know you hate lizards as much as we do! But, you need to remember that it’s your home and not theirs. So, don’t let these pesky creatures take control of your space and shoo them away with these natural home remedies to prevent lizards in the house. We hope they work in your favour of you!

1 Do Lizards Bite? If Yes, is it Poisonous?

Normal house lizards we see are not venomous. They also do not interfere with humans and avoid any confrontations. However, lizards may choose a ‘bite’ as a self-defence mechanism when they feel threatened or are in corners. This scenario is extremely rare and happens only if you try to hold it or go too close.

2. Can Lizards Fall on You?

Lizards are equipped with special feet design that lets them cling on to any surface. Even if they go upside down, the surface of their feet sticks tightly onto the ceiling to prevent a fall. Although rare, lizards can sometimes fall off while trying to escape or searching for food. This is a natural phenomenon and is in no way associated with a bad omen or ill luck as most people believe it to be.

3. Do Lizards Give You Allergies?

Yes! Lizards carry a lot of allergens in their skin, saliva and faecal matter. Touching the animal or its body wastes can cause allergic issues in sensitive people. Common symptoms of lizard allergy are breathing issues, skin rashes, itching, irritation etc. This is one of the main reasons to keep lizards away from your home.


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