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9 Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite

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Loss of appetite is something that each one of us undergoes at some point of our lives and is quite a temporary and reversible health ailment. Usually this crisis occurs more because of psychological reasons rather than health problems. The good news is that you can easily treat the problem with safe home remedies rather than adhering to medications that has side effects. Apart from stress and mental depressing states, some medical conditions that lead to loss of appetite includes dementia, hepatitis, kidney failure and more.

home remedies for loss of appetite

To make the diet appealing and to improve on the lost appetite, this guide will help you through. It has some of the top notch cures and ideas that are 100 percent effective in helping you achieve your goals. Check them out make your pick. Follow it on a regular basis till you find sufficient appetite again.

Best Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite:

1. Indian Gooseberry:


Indian gooseberry also known as amla is one of the best remedies to bring back the appetite in the right level. It detoxifies the liver and regulates the functions of the digestive system to help you achieve the goals. Taken with honey it also cures issues of nausea and vomiting. Indian gooseberry juice with lemon juice and honey in water should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for 2-3 months for achieving the goals. Pickle of amla can also be taken.

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2. Black Pepper:

Black Pepper

Along with treating all kinds of gastrointestinal problems, black pepper also helps in improvement of appetite by stimulating the taste buds and enhancing stomach acids to aids digestion. One tablespoon of jaggery powder with ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder can be taken once daily for the outcomes. However, those with stomach ulcers should avoid this home remedy.

3. Ginger:

ginger 4

For digestion and stimulating appetite, ginger is one of the best natural products to be used in the home remedies. It also treats all kinds of stomach problems including the pains. Ginger with a little rock salt can be sucked and chewed to achieve the goals or else one can prepare a cup of ginger tea to reap the benefits.

4. Cardamom Benefits:

Cardamom Seeds

You can chew a cardamom each day or include the spice in the normal tea you have each day. This will help in digestion and secrete digestive juices important for the right appetite. It is one of the easy and effective ideas to follow.

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5. Garlic Helps:

Garlic 4

For treatment of loss of appetite, the best thing is to either include garlic in the dishes you prepare each day or else take some garlic juice or tea to improve the results. This is again one of the easy ways to achieve good appetite once again.

6. Coriander Leaves:

coriander leaves 2

Taking a glass of coriander juice each day helps in treating the problems of low appetite in people. This should be done on a regular basis to get the outcomes you desire. There are a lot of other advantages associated with the juice of coriander leaves.

7. Use Tamarind:

The laxative, carminative properties along with the quality of improving the appetite make tamarind a perfect food to use. However, Malabar tamarind should not be used that has reverse effects. Water in which tamarind pulp has been softened can be used to which you add cloves. Pepper and cinnamon and drink each day for the results.

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8. Carom Seeds:

Carom seeds which are known as ajwain in hindi is one of the perfect home remedies for bringing back good appetite. Chewing carom seeds half an hour before the meals will do the wonders for you in a perfect manner.

9. Lower Stress:

Skin care tips - Sleeping

Any idea or exercise or even proper rest and sleep that reduces the stress on the mind and the body can bring back the loss of appetite and treat it completely. Yoga and relaxation methods can also be used.

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