Top 9 Home Remedies for Stop Nose Bleeding

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Nose bleeding is a bothersome issue that can be faced by both children and adults. Though it can be treated at home, if the bleeding still persists then it could be alarming. It usually occurs when the blood vessels or capillaries found in the lining of the nose gets ruptured due to some reason.  Nose bleeding can start by something as simple as blowing your nose hard, however several other reasons causing a nose bleed are allergies, dry winters, high blood pressure, and exposure to harmful chemicals, certain chronic illnesses like Hodgkin’s disease, thrombocytopenia, and rheumatic fever, haemophilia and so on. This problem can be tackled easily with certain remedies that are found at home, but if serious, one should immediately seek medical help. This article highlights the top 9 home remedies for treating nose bleeding.

nose bleeding

Natural Home Remedies for Stop Nose Bleeding:

Let’s find the top 9 home remedies for nose bleeding.

1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

AppleCider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar is an age old remedy for stopping nose bleeds. Soak a cotton ball or a gauge in this liquid and placing it before the nostril that  is bleeding, you need to inhale the scent of this vinegar, Ideally place it on the bleeding nose for a few minutes to let the scent linger on and then remove it.

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2. Using Tissue Paper:

tissu paper

You can convert a piece of tissue paper into a plug by rolling it up to get the thickness of a pencil and place this plug in between the inside of the upper lip and the gums, right above the teeth. Keep the tissue paper in this position, till the time the bleeding stops. This is one of the tried and tested methods to stop bleeding.

3. Ice:


Another home remedy for stopping nose bleed is ice. Take crushed ice in a bag and apply it on the affected area, slightly compressing it till the bleeding stops. It reduces the inflammation and constricts the blood vessels, thus bringing the bleeding to a halt.

4. Smell an Onion:


A freshly cut onion is another good cure for treating nose bleeds. Instead of eating it, cut a fresh onion and inhale the scent of it. The odour of sulphur present in the scent of a fresh onion is excellent for thickening the blood and preventing the nose from bleeding any further.

5. Water:

Glass of water

One of the most easily available remedy at home is water. It helps in not only clearing the blood but if a person drinks lots of water then a nose bleed is less likely to happen.

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6. Salt:

black salt 4

This is one product found in every household and is more effective in preventing nose bleed. People practice nasal irrigation by using a solution made of salt to keep the nasal membranes soft and moisturised.

7. Steam:

Facial Streaming

Steam is also highly beneficial in stopping a bleeding nose and is easily prepared at home. A pot of hot boiling water is full of steam that can be utilized by facing this hot pot of water and then covering the face with the pot by a big towel.

8. Vitamin E Supplements:

Vitamin E capsules

A lot of households keep this supplement at home for various purposes, one of them is to stop nose from bleeding. Take a capsule and break it , the gel that comes out acts as perfect moisturizer that can be applied to the cracked and ruptured blood vessels that cause oozing of blood.

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9. Eating Green Leafy Vegetables:

green leafy vegetables

To stop nose from bleeding permanently one should consume green leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamin K. The reason behind this is that vitamin K is known to be vital for clotting properly. Eating these vegetables will prevent the blood from rupturing the capillaries as they will clot easily.

Though nose bleeding can be stopped by these home remedies, incessant nose bleeding can be very dangerous and life threatening if one fails to stop it.

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