Breasts are one of the vital organs in a woman and one that needs to be properly cared for. However, there is a lot of health issues associated with breasts and one of the most common ones is soreness. There can be a lot of reasons for soreness and tenderness of the breasts and it also occurs because of something as natural as the menstrual cycle. The same happens to women who are in their menopausal phase. The point is that how can you treat the crisis in a simple way. The cures mentioned below are some of the safest and the simplest ones that can help you achieve the goal of treatment.

Causes of Sore Breasts:

There are many causes that result in sore breasts. Some of the common ones are as follows:

1. Breastfeeding:

This is the most common cause of soreness in the breasts. This happens when the milk ducts get clogged possibly due to leftover milk.
Soreness during the menstrual cycle – this happens due to hormonal changes and an increase in estrogen levels.

2. Unfitted Bra:

Wearing an unfitted bra is one of the main causes of soreness in the breasts. While exercising cardio especially, not wearing a good support bra can cause soreness in the breasts leading to pain.

3. Cysts In The Breast:

This is also one of the most common factors leading to pain in the breasts. This will need expert advice. It is important to get it checked at the earliest.

4. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is common to have sore breasts due to the hormonal changes. This disappears in most cases in a few days and these remedies are all very helpful.

Signs and Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of soreness in breasts are very common and here are some of them,

  • If the soreness in the breast tissue is due to the menstrual cycle, it is important to know that it is in most cases related to the hormones.
  • It usually affects both the breasts mostly the upper portion and the pain radiates up to the underarm.
  • There is swelling in the breasts and can sometimes feel lumps.
  • If it is not due to a regular menstrual cycle, then the pain would be constant. There are chances that it affects only one of the breasts.
  • During breastfeeding, if is pains while feeding, it is caused due to clots in the milk duct. It can go away once the milk is completely pumped out. This pain can affect both the breasts or just one. It is important to feed with both the breasts to avoid the milk ducts getting clogged.

Best Home Remedies to Treat Sore Breasts:

These Home Remedies Can be Followed Daily For Best Outcomes,

1. Herbs That Benefit:

There are some herbs that are perfect for the treatment of sore breasts and can be best taken as tea form. Dandelion and chamomile are some of the top ones that can be considered. Chamomile capsules are also available in the market, the dose of which can be consulted by a professional. These will remove the excess water retention in the body which is the reason why you are experiencing soreness in the breasts. This is the best home remedy for sore breasts.

2. Have Diuretic Foods:

There are some foods that according to researchers help in flushing out the water retention from the body. These foods will therefore help in the treatment of sore breasts in an ideal manner. Melon, Brussels sprouts, parsley, carrots, asparagus, celery, cabbage, lettuce, oats, tomatoes and red beets are some of the best foods that can help you here. Adhere to them in the regular routine for the outcomes. These foods are very easily available and are one of the best natural remedies for sore breasts.

3. Reduce Salt Intake:

Another of the simple natural cures comes in the form of salt reduction in the diet. This should be followed on a regular basis to ensure that your problems of sore breasts are treated well. Salt is one of the products that trigger water retention in the body and leads to swelling not only on the breasts but other body parts as well. Lessening the salt intake can significantly lessen the soreness in the breast. This is one of the best remedies for sore breasts.

  • It may be very helpful for pregnant women’s or new mothers to consume less salt as they are more prone to swelling due to hormonal changes going in the body.

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4. Supplements Advantage:

There are some supplements that work real wonders on the crisis of sore breasts. These supplements include calcium and magnesium which are 100 percent safe and free from side effects. Along with multivitamins, vitamin B complex supplements and Vitamin E supplements are also advisable for those with sore breasts.

It is common to go low on nutrition during periods and also during pregnancy. These supplements help balance nutrition and give the body required amounts of vitamins. This is one of the best home remedies for sore breasts during pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

  • These supplements are best for pregnant ladies and new mommies, as their body works double and have to feed 2 of them. It is better for them to take it, consulting the doctor.

5. Take a Massage:

By massaging the breasts in circular motions using oil like that of olive is one of the right things to be done when it comes to a natural cure for sore breasts. This should be done gently but for at least 10-15 minutes to get the best results.

  • It will also improve the blood flow to the region and flush out the water retention along with relaxing the muscles that are causing the pain because of swelling.
  • A regular massage during breastfeeding especially will open up the blocked and clogged milk ducts and help relieve the pain and soreness.
  • Massaging with oil will also help new mommies with cracked nipples.

6. Have Plenty of Water:

It is a stereotype that having water in water retention will only worsen the situation. In fact, having plenty of plain water will push the accumulated water and flush it from the breasts thus treating the soreness. Have about 10 glasses of water to get the results in hand.

  • Drinking warm water will help dilute the clogged milk ducts during breastfeeding and help relieve the pain.
  • This is one of the most effective and easily available home remedies for sore breasts.

7. Wear The Right Size Bra:

Often it has been seen, that the reason for sore breasts is the wrong size of lingerie. One of the home remedies that you can follow is to wear the right size that fits you well. It also includes the ideal cup size. If you don’t have any idea about it, try and consult a professional for the same.

  • This will help in treating and preventing sore breasts.
  • Wearing the right size bra is extremely important for healthy breasts.
  • If you don’t wear a right-sized bra it will also lead in saggy breasts and increase the size simultaneously.

8. Add fibre and Omega 3 to our Diet:

Eating a low-fat diet and foods rich in fibre like grains and fruits are very essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This way the hormones are in check and also there is no excess fat accumulated in the breast tissue leading to more chances of soreness in the breasts. Omega-3 fatty acids help in balancing eicosanoids that help control inflammation, swelling and soreness. Foods like flaxseeds and other fibrous foods increase estrogen levels that help balance the hormones.

9. Avoid Saturated Fats:

Foods rich in saturated fats like margarine, vegetable oils etc promote inflammation and hence cause more soreness in the breasts. Products that are partially hydrogenated are also to be completely avoided. Trans fat also increases the soreness and inflammation in the breasts. They also cause hormonal imbalance which leads to sore breasts and other health issues. It is always a good idea to stay clear of saturated fats. They are in many countries not approved by the FDA. This is one of the best methods to follow to help heal sore breasts sooner and effectively.

10. Hold and Cold Compressors:

Hot and cold compressors are one of the best home remedies to cure sore breasts. You can just add warm water to a hot bag use it and then just freeze the same and use it as a cold compressor. The hot compressor helps loosen the sore muscles and cold compressor is anti-inflammatory. Using this alternatively will help clog the ducts and releases the soreness and pain. This method is very easy and accessible to anyone. There are absolutely no side effects and can be tried by anyone.

Sore breasts are a very common problem in woman who is in their menstrual age and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. They are mostly caused due to hormonal imbalances, clogged milk ducts or just wearing an improper bra. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods to maintain a good balance in the hormones. This will help prevent breast soreness. Wearing a well-fitted bra is also as important as anything else. Cysts or fibroids in the breasts should be checked regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How does milk come out of breast?


  1. Breast is made up of tissue that overlaps the chest muscles.
  2. Women’s breast is made of tissue that produces milk during the lactation period. It also produces fatty tissue.
  3. There are 15-20 lobes in the breast that are designed primarily to produce milk. Each lobe is further divided into smaller lobules where the milk is actually produced.
  4. The milk further goes through smaller tubes that are connected to a network of ducts.
  5. These networks of ducts join into larger ducts which finally exits through the skin that is through the nipple.
  6. The skin around the nipple is called the areola.
  7. The breast also consists of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and blood vessels.

Q2. What kind of bra is best for what outfit?

Asn. Choosing the right bra for an outfit is very important. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right bra.

1. Casuals: Contour, wireless bras work best on t-shirts. These go on any casual occasion, works best on t-shirts and sweaters

2. Underwire Bras: Underwire bras are to give more support to the breasts and keep them anchored to the chest. They provide shape and structure and come on many varieties.
3. Evening Gowns: Pushup bras work best on evening gowns. They give good support and also accentuate the cleavage, giving it a subtle yet classy look.
4. Off-shoulder dresses: There is a wide range of strapless bras meant exactly for outfits that are off-shoulder. It also works well for halter neck outfits.

Q3. Can pain in the breast cause cancer?

Ans. Not all pain in the breasts can be cancer. There are various reasons for sore breasts,

1. Sore breasts are usually caused due to hormonal changes, unfit bras, or clogged milk ducts
2. These causes of sore breasts should go away with normal home remedies and in due time
3. However, if you feel a lump in the breast that is not a clogged milk duct, and does not go away with home remedies, it is important to get it checked.
4. If there is dimpling on the breast or the skin has changed drastically, it is important to get it checked.
5. If there is a lump found during a mammogram test, there could be a tumour and needs to be checked.


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