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25 Best Home Remedies For Thyroid And Hypothyroidism

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Among the very common problems of health, thyroid is one that has become quite prevalent as a problem. It is simply a problem with the under or excessive secretion of hormones in the glands and leads to a lot of physical crises as well. Mal function of the thyroid gland leads to issues with metabolism as well as the manufacture of proteins for the body. The symptoms are usually in the form of over or under weight and lethargy in the body. Mood swings and low pulse rate are some of the symptoms as well. Actually our body needs some thyroid hormones but due disorder in thyroid gland it produces more hormones than our body needs, this is called hypothyroidism. Other words hypothyroidism occur simply due to over activeness of thyroid.

home remedies for thyroid

There are a lot of safe and effective home remedies that can help in assuring a treatment and control over thyroid which means hypothyroidism. By using the below mentioned top cures, you are bound to get visible outcomes in a couple of weeks. Check them out and make a pick of 2-3 home remedies for thyroid to get best results.

Best Home Remedies for Thyroid And Hypothyroidism:

1. Relaxation Techniques:

Breathing and relaxing Exercises

There are some forms of yoga and pranayam that helps in restoring the right balance in hormone secretion from the thyroid glands. This is one of the best home remedies that one can use for treatment of the problem in a way that is free from side effects. Consult a professional to know more about the right positions.

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2. Have Good Amounts Of Water:

Water woman 2

Having water usually hydrates the body and also regulates the functions and all the glands of the body. To ensure that the thyroid glands work in an ideal way, the best and the easiest thing to do is to is to drink 10-12 glasses of water each day. This should be plain and filtered water for best outcomes. It is bound to give you perfect outcomes and a lot of other benefits too. It will reduce the weight as well.

3. Vitamin A Rich Foods:

Vitamin A

There are some foods that have high levels of Vitamin A. According to professionals, having vitamin A rich foods will ensure proper functions of the thyroid gland and treatment from any imbalance in the hormonal secretion. Carrots, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables are some of the foods that you can use to your benefit here for a home remedial cure.

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4. Flaxseeds Can Control Thyroid:

The high levels of omega fatty 3 acids in flaxseeds are what helps in regulating the functions of the thyroid gland and thus treat the crisis easily. Flaxseeds can be powdered a little and sprinkled on various foods and salads each day to gain the benefits. A teaspoon of powdered flaxseeds should be taken every morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach. This also helps the situation. Flaxseed oil is also available that can be used.

5. Walnuts:

Along with omega fatty acids walnuts helps in giving the body the required amount of iodine to treat thyroid issues and regulate the gland. Include a handful of this nut in the daily diet for the outcomes.

6. Ginger Cures Thyroid:

Home Remedies for Thyroid Ginger

The anti inflammatory properties and the high levels of minerals like potassium, zinc and magnesium are some of the ways in which ginger can help. Fresh slices of ginger can be taken directly and chewed or else ginger can be included in the dishes. One can also prepare fresh ginger tea to get the results of balancing the gland’s functions.

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7. Coconut Oil:

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil help in working for the benefit of the thyroid glands. It also brings a good change in the metabolism rate that lowers down with thyroid problems. Adding coconut oil to milk and having it with breakfast is the right way to use it. Use two tablespoons each day.

8. Rays Of The Sun:

Pretty woman walking

Exposing the body to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes is one of the best things for achieving the balance in the thyroid gland and secretion of the hormones. It helps in strengthening the immune system as well as brings higher metabolism. Take a walk in the sun early in the morning for this home remedy.

9. Evening Primrose Oil:

The amino acids in evening primrose oil are what help in bringing the good health of the thyroid gland. It improves all the functions of the thyroid gland by reducing inflammation problems.

10. Sea Vegetables:

Sea Vegetables

Eating sea vegetable quite frequently when you want to get off this thyroid problem. Intake of sea green vegetables are considered as one of the best home remedies for thyroid. They are one of the best sources of iodine and can also provide with the most health diet ever. Eating the boiled from of this veggie instead of cooking them will turn out to be more useful.

11. Butter For Thyroid Problem:


How worse can it get? A little bit of butter won’t harm you. According to many experts, including a little bit of butter in your diet can turn out to be one of the best home remedies for hypothyroidism. Cut the milk and cheese but don’t sacrifice with butter. Butter will surely come in handy when you’re trying to solve a thyroid issue. Butter contains some good fats as well which can assist you in getting healthy.

12. Kelp:


Want some help? Kelp is here to help you. It is basically a brown seaweed which is rich in organic properties and has got some of the best elements that can cure thyroid effectively. This is considered as one of the most effective thyroid home remedies. It can assist you by fulfilling the iodine deficiency in your body which is further the reason behind hypothyroidism.

13. Drop Your Eating Schedule:

Drop Your Eating Schedule

Stop eating the way you were before you found out about the thyroid problem. Sometimes slow eating will help to cure the thyroid more quickly. This is one of the best home remedies for thyroid which you can throw in along with some other remedies as well. This process has been proved to be effective in curing thyroid and hypothyroidism problems.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider Vinegar

We all are aware of the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has some of the most breathtaking benefits which assist you in staying healthy for a long time. It is good especially for thyroid and can cure many issues as well. All you have to do is add two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water and sip it slowly. This will detoxify the body and also eliminates the free radicals.

15. Essential Fish Oils:

Essential Fish Oils

Fish oils have been proved to the one of the most successful home remedies for thyroid. They can increase the thyroid hormone and make your body healthy from the inside because of the content of some of the best natural and organic elements and minerals in it. It cam increase the immunity and fight inflammation as well. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which fight against the swelling in the joints.

16. Guggul:


Are you seeking home remedies for thyroid? Commiphora Mukul, the Indian tree contributes a gum-like resin which has been proved to be effective in curing the thyroid problems. It activates certain compounds in the body, called guggulsterone and eliminate the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It can stimulate the thyroid functions and also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance which is considered as one of the most successful thyroid home remedies.

17. Drop The Cell Phone:

Drop The Cell Phone

According to some studies it has been found that cell phones were the reason behind the thyroid. Avoiding talking on a cell phone for long hours can prove to be one of the best home remedies for thyroid. It acts like a radiation machine and since the thyroid gland is related close to the ears it can cause an awful lot of damage to that gland. One of the best ways to avoid this is talking with the help of headsets or phone receivers.

18. Adrenal Support:

Adrenal Support

Some of you might now that the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands kind of work together and helping will be like helping both of them. If you have problems in your thyroid gland, then it is time that you do something for the adrenal gland. Many herbs and organic drinks can make the adrenal gland healthy and this will surely be good for the thyroid gland as well.

19. Siberian Ginseng:

Siberian Ginseng

This is one of the best herbs for treating thyroid problems. It is useful for properly stimulating the adrenal glands and can also support proper performance of the thyroid glands. If the glands are not being used they will fall sick, which is pretty obvious. This gift of nature can surely cure the fatigue issues which is also one of the most common symptoms of thyroid problems.

20. Vitamin B:

Vitamin B

Vitamin B can cure thyroid effectively. The different types of vitamin B which are required by the body can solve a number of thyroid problems and can be found beneficial for treating the different symptoms which indicate in the first place that you have a thyroid problem. One can easily cure his/her thyroid issues by continuing proper dosage of vitamin B.

21. Lyceum Berry:

Lyceum Berry

Here, is a wonderful totally natural home remedy for thyroid. It is good for the immunity. Rather, it can be said that it is one of the best and most delicious fruits which is good for immunity and for that reason this fruit is called immunomodulator. It can stable and calm the body and also balance out the irrelevant responses of the organs in the body.

22. Increase Physical Activities:

Increase Physical Activities

Go hard or go home. You should focus on your physical activities keeping this motto in mind. Enhanced physical activities have proved to be one of the best thyroid home remedies. If you regularly visit the gym then take some break from the weights for a while and work on the cardiovascular system of your body by doing hardcore cardio.

23. Say Yes To Strawberries:

Say Yes To Strawberries

This is a pretty tasty and natural way to treat thyroid issues. Strawberries are rich in iodine and they can fulfill the iodine content required by the body on a daily basis.

24. Agnus Castus:

Here we have a great home remedy for thyroid. Agnus Castus is that herb which supports the thyroid heath and proper intake of this organic food can prevent the occurrence of thyroid problems.

25. Avoiding Stress:

Avoiding Stress

The last thing you can do for curing thyroid problems is to avoid stress. This is one of the best natural home remedies for thyroid problem.

There were some of the best home remedies for thyroid. The thyroid home remedies discussed above are some of the most practiced and effective techniques which can cure thyroid problems within sort time. Curing thyroid will no more be a tough job with these tips and tricks beside you.