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25 Best Home Remedies to Cure Urine Infection

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Urinary system consists of four main parts – the kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. An infection in any of these parts in known as urinary tract infection or urine infection. It is caused mainly by bacterial infection in the urinary system. They usually occur in the urethra or the bladder and in rare and more serious cases reaches the kidneys. Urine infections occur mostly in women when compared to men because their urethra is short and is positioned much lower than the men and can be easily exposed to bacteria. It is very important to treat urine infection as soon as possible to avoid risk of damaging the kidneys. Home remedies to treat urine infection are proven.

Remedies for Urine Infection Main

Before going to check the home remedies for urine infection, let’s know the causes and symptoms of the urine infection.

Causes of Urine Infections:

The main causes of urinary tract infection are as follows,

  • Weak immune system – people with diabetes and other ailments are at greater risk of urine infection as the body has less ability to fight off infections
  • Blocks in the urinary tract – people suffering from kidney or bladder stones are at high risk of urine infection as due to the blocks, urine does not pass freely and hence accumulates more bacteria and gets infected.
  • Cystitis – this is nothing but infection in the bladder. This can be caused due to sexual intercourse or can also be a result of unhygienic environment.

Symptoms of Urine Infections:

Symptoms of urinary tract infection are mostly self diagnosable. Here are some of the common symptoms,

  • Persistent urgency to urinate
  • Burning sensation while urinating – infection in the bladder can result in burning sensation while urinating.
  • Too frequent urination especially in small amounts
  • Cloudy urine – the texture of the urine is not clear but cloudy
  • Sign of blood in urine – urine appears red, brown or just dark
  • Urine with concentrated foul odor
  • Pelvic and lower abdominal pain
  • Back pain, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting could be a strong sign of kidney infection

Prevention of Urine Infections:

Home remedies are there to help however, prevention is always better than cure. Here are some ways you can take precaution,

  • Water – drinking plenty of water will flush away all the toxins and bacteria present in the urine. Water dilutes the urine and emptying the bladder frequently helps flush out the bacteria
  • Cranberry Juice – cranberry juice is a natural antioxidant that helps prevent urine infection to a great extent.
  • It is important to wipe from front to back as otherwise bacteria from the anus can enter the urethra resulting in infection.
  • Birth control methods like diaphragm, or spermicide treated condoms contribute to further growth of bacteria resulting in infection.

Best Home Remedies For Urine Infection:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 24 home remedies for urine infection.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

The high levels of minerals in this liquid ensure that there is no more growth of the germs in UTI. About 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is a glass of water with some lemon and honey should be consumed two times in a day for treatment process. This will give you visible outcomes in about a week’s time. Apple cider vinegar has antioxidant qualities that help kill all the bacteria in the stomach. It will help cure UTI significantly. This is one of the best home remedies for urine infection.

  • It is also advisable to consult your Physician before consuming it as it can increase acids in your urine.

2. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is known for its anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. If you use this essential oil in your bath or soak, it can really help in relieving the pain and itching in the urinary tract. This should be done everyday till the crisis completely subsides. You can add other essential oils with tea tree as well.

  • As you cannot take it orally another way to use it is to add yogurt with 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in warm water bath and use it to clean you daily.

3. Blueberries:

One of the delicious ways in which the urine infection can be treated is to adhere to the advantage of blueberries. The fruit is high in antioxidants that helps you in achieving the goals and also strengthen the immune system.

  • A way to eat is including the blueberries in the cereals for breakfast.
  • Another way is to extract fresh juice of blueberries and have them each day without fail for treatment in 3-4 days.

4. Pineapple:

Having a bowl of fresh pineapples will give the body the enzyme called bromelain which is quite effective in home made treatment of urine burning and infection. This is another of the easy ways to cure the problem. Pineapple helps reduce the inflammation in the bladder caused due to the infection. This way it will help reduce the pain and also cure Urinary tract infection. This is one of the easiest available and best home remedy for urine infection. Due to bromelain content present in pineapple, it helps in reducing the infection in urinary tract.

5. Have More Water:

Water helps in flushing out the toxins and accumulated bacteria in the urinary tract. Having 10-12 glasses of plain and filtered water is a good way to ensure a home remedial treatment for the crisis. It has a lot of other advantages too. Urinating can be painful but it is important to flush out all the toxins and bacteria in order to heal completely. Hence it is essential to drink as much water as possible and stay hydrated.

6. Heat Application:

Keeping a hot water bag on the stomach and pelvic region will give you relief from the pain and discomfort associated with the urine infection. This helps in enhancing the treatment results and should be done 2-3 times in a day. The heat pack also breaks down any clot present due to an infection and helps it pass out of urine. It relieves from pain and is one of the best home remedies to cure urine infection.

7. Banana Stem Juice:

The fresh juice extracted from the banana stem is the right treatment when it comes to urine infections. This is a proven and an effective home remedy that one can use. Home made Banana stem juice is perfectly suitable for urine infection in women. Banana stem juice thrice a week can lower the chances of getting infected by UTI substantially. It has several other health benefits and is the best natural home remedy for urine infection.

  • Adding some cardamom to the juice can help in relaxing the bladder and pain caused due to discomfort in urinary tract.

8. Cranberries:

Apart from blueberries, cranberries are another of the natural products that can help in cure of urine infection. Cranberries are packed with antioxidants which help fight infections. It can reduce the risk of getting infected by UTI but can’t necessarily cure it.

  • A little fresh and sugar free cranberry juice each day is known to help you release the discomfort of the infection without any issues.
  • Regular intake of cranberry juice is the best natural remedy for urine infection.

9. Chameli Plant:

plant of chameli

Chameli is also know as Jasmine plant and is a very good herb which is an Indian home remedy for urine infection. Jasmine plant also helps fight against diabetes. It is one of the best and simplest home remedies for urine infection.

  • Take the plant of chameli and boil it.
  • Then Cool it and strain the liquid.
  • This should be consumed till the time the problem is taken care of.

10. Red Vinegar And Honey:

Red Vinegar and Honey

A tried and tested solution, the combination of honey and red vinegar is one of the best home remedies for urine infection. You will have to take 1 table spoon of each and add to a glass of water. Along with this you will also have to add a little cinnamon powder or crushed cinnamon stick and then consume 3-4 glasses of this daily till you are absolutely cured. This method is the best and safest home remedy to get rid of urine infection.

11. Baking Soda:

Baking soda

Normal baking soda acts as one of the very good urine infection home remedies. This remedy is especially helpful to cure UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) by cleaning the tract whenever you need to pass urine. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and hence kills all the bacteria. This is one of the best home remedies to cure urine infection.

  • Mixing one teaspoon full of baking soda with normal water and then stirring it properly and drinking at every 3 hours daily is very helpful.
  • As you pass more urine the acids in the body will be thrown out and you will be relieved from urinary infection.

12. Tea Tree Oil Treatment For Urine Infection:

Tea tree oil

This is one of the best and most important essential oils in aromatherapy and is a home remedy for urine infection which you can simply swear by.

  • Using this ingredient is also very easy because you just have to pour a little tea tree oil on a cotton ball and then directly apply on the urinary area.
  • You can also use few drops of tea tree oil in bath water and just soak yourself in; this may also put you at ease.
  • This is sure to give you relief from the burning and stinging sensation within just a couple of days.

13. Oregano Oil:

Oregano Oil

Experts have truly stated that essential oils and aromatherapy have remedies for everything and these essential oils do the same thing with a lot of perfection. Just like tea tree oil Oregano oil and some other essential oils do the same things for you. Talking about natural remedies for urine infection this one is very effective too. This also soothes any pain caused due to the infection. This is one of the best home remedies to cure urine infection. Due to presence of carvacrol and antibacterial agents present in it; it can fight urinary tract infection.

14. Sugar:


No this one is not a remedy but a cause. It is rightly stated that sugar should be avoided to as much extent as you can if you find that the symptoms of UTI or bladder infections are growing on you. After you have controlled and limited your sugar intake you should follow the home remedies for urine infection and see the good results.

  • Sugar can raise the blood sugar levels which raise the risk of UTI.
  • As sugar increases the growth of bacteria and people have diabetes are more prone to infection increase than decrease.

15. Caffeine:

Caffeiene Side effetcs

This sounds like the worst enemy in terms of food items which causes UTIs and bladder related infections. It is thus important to first wash away the cause because in that way curing the actual ailment will become easier. So along with using the urine infection home remedies you should also restrict your diet and minimize the amounts of alcohol and caffeine in it. Caffeine worsens the urinary tract infection symptoms as it causes irritation in the bladder.

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16. Maintaining Hygiene:

bathroom tile designs2

Maintaining good hygiene is very important if you would want to avoid any kind of urinary infections. Cleanliness and safe sex are two things which you must keep in mind to avoid these irritating problems. It is important for you and your partner to wash yourselves really well before indulging into any physical activities and clean yourselves immediately after being done with the same.

  • UTI spreads easily through an intercourse so it is also important to use protections if any one of the partner is infected.
  • You used even clean the Pots before using it as the bacteria in there may only worsen the situation and avoid going to the loo outside home.

17. Garlic Cures Urine Infection:


This is one of the most easily available ingredients and which is also a natural anti biotic and it works like wonders for any kind of infection. Consumption of garlic along with everything you eat is a very good way to actually make it a regular diet part. Garlic thus uses the allicin in it and acts on any kind of germs which causes infections including urine and bladder infections and acts on them readily.

18. Steam:


This may sound very strange to you but this is one of the awesome most home remedies for urine infection. You will have to take a good bucket, preferably a metal one and then heat a lot of water in it and then add to this generous amount of tea tree or eucalyptus oil. Now take a brick, wrap it in foil and place this inside the water. After a little time, you have to take the brick out and simply sit in it and take the steam in. This gives great relief.

19. Honey And Lemon Juice:

Lemon and Honey Juice

Cocktails always sound interesting but this one is a little different. Honey and any kind of Vitamin C including lemons are independently very good urine infection home remedies and you should try to consume it 3-4 times daily to recover from the symptoms of urine infection.

  • You just have to take spoonful each of both the ingredients and then mix them properly and consume.
  • Although this treatment is very good, it may not necessarily suit everyone as citrus can irritate the bladder. Use more quantities for honey to suppress the effects of lemon.

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20. Yoghurt:


The lactic acid and the good bacteria contained in yoghurt act very well as remedies against harmful bacteria. Yoghurt is thus a very good home remedy for such urinary infections. Yogurt is a natural probiotic and regular consumption of yogurt can help avoid urine infection as probiotics produce healthy bacteria which are very good for digestion and also one of the best home remedies for infection in urine.

  • Take in good amounts of yoghurt after any meals or at any time.
  • It is however not good to try yoghurt in empty stomach.

21. Indian Gooseberry:


More commonly known as amla, it is a rich source of Vitamin C and acts like magic for urinal infections and allergies.

  • For this you just have to take one cup of plain water and then to this you will have to mix one spoon full of amla powder and a little turmeric.
  • Now you will have to boil this till it reduces to half.
  • Now keep drinking this 4-5 times daily.
  • You may also eat whole amla with salt.
  • Or cut amla into pieces and add water salt and turmeric to it, now you can have it whenever you want.

This is a good home remedy for urine infection.

22. Citrus Fruits:


Any kind of fruits which are rich sources of Vitamin C and citrus contents are very good remedies for bladder infections and UTIs. Try to consume as much amount of these juicy fruits as you can. These fruits include limes and lemons, grapefruits, pineapples, guava and so many more to choose from.

It is important to try this method with caution as citrus fruits may irritate the bladder and worsen the condition and cause more discomfort.

23. Coriander Powder:

Coriander Seeds

This powder is an anti- inflammatory agent and thus relieves you from the sting and burning sensations.

  • What you will have to do is take 3 full cups of water and to this add coriander powder and rock candy salt.
  • Now soak overnight and then mix it well in the morning.
  • Consume this at least 3 times a day daily.

This method is one of the best home remedies to get rid of urine infection.

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24. Cinnamon For Urine Infection:

Cinnamon sticks

This is a very good remedy not only for UTIs and bladder infections in women but men as well. It is very easy to consume cinnamon to get relief from the problem.

  • Just take a stick of cinnamon, crush it and add to hot water to make a tea. Now consume this at least twice a day.
  • If problem persists you can increase the intake till 3-4 times per day.
  • You can also have apple cinnamon together but boiling it and making a puree out of it.

This is one of the best home remedies for urine infection.

25. Practice Good Lavatory Hygiene:

Every one have to remember to maintain a healthy and hygienic lavatory habits to avoid getting urine infection. It is always better to clean well after using the toilet with a paper towel or water.  It is always better to clean from front to back to avoid getting any fecal bacteria up the front which results in urine infection. Further, It is extremely important to use clean and well sanitized restroom. Maintain caution while using public washrooms. It is better to avoid as far as possible if the washrooms are not neat. As a precaution it is better to carry a disinfectant spray when going on long trips.

Urinary and other bladder related infections and problems are usually seen in females as compared to males and there are various causes of these. Along with maintenance of hygiene you should follow some of these urine infection home remedies for more effect. It is better to follow the precautions religiously to completely avoid urine infection at any time. It is important to use clean and well sanitized washrooms anywhere. Home remedies work wonders when your start as soon as you see the first sign. Take expert advise if need be and if it take longer than two weeks to heal completely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who are at a greater risk of getting urine infection?

Ans. Any one can possible be infected with urine infection or Urinary tract infection. But mostly affects certain groups –

1. The bacteria can reach the bladder more easily in women as the bladder is positioned much lower than in men.
2. Hence women are at higher risk of a UTI than men.
3. People who are more prone to kidney stones are also at higher risk of getting infected by the bacteria that causes urine infection. This is because the stone obstructs the free flow of urine and hence gets infected.

Q2. What will happen if UTI is left untreated?

Ans. Urinary tract infection in itself is not a very serious problem but can be life threatening if left untreated. Some of the harmful effects are as follows –

1. Infection can spread to the kidney and bloodstream
2. It can lead to kidney damage due to infection spread to the kidneys
3. The bacteria if not controlled can multiply quickly and spread through urinary tract to other nearby organs and cause some serious damage.
4. Body temperature can rise up due to the infection and can cause high fever, chills, nausea vomiting, severe back pain and other serious symptoms.

Q3. Can UTI cause cystitis? Are both the same?

Ans. Cystitis can be caused due to UTI. But both are not the same.

1. Cystitis is nothing but a inflammation of the bladder. It is usually caused due to bacterial infection which is nothing but urinary tract infection.2. Cystitis can be caused due to other reasons like reaction to some drugs or radiation therapy, spray or spermicide gels or extended use of catheter.
2. Symptoms of UTI and Cystitis are almost similar, however, when infected with cystitis, the symptoms are more severe. There can also be blood in the urine and the urine itself can be cloudy and can have a strong odor.