Whiteheads on your face means you are the average gangly teenager who is on the threshold of puberty. And you keep waiting for puberty and the twenties to get rid of them for good. But sometimes whiteheads continue to plague our lives much beyond our teenage. Its time to delve deeper, to the root causes.

What Causes Whiteheads?

The Most Common And Probable Reasons Are:

  • Dry scaly skin
  • Accumulated dead skin
  • Lack of fluid intake
  • Clogged open pores

Home-Made Face Packs for Whiteheads Remove.

Here are some easy to make home remedies that can help improve your skin regime and counter whiteheads. Just pick the alternative that fits you best and apply all over face, neck and other affected areas. Leave on for the ingredients to react. Then finally rinse them off with plain water. Regular usage will ensure better results.

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Facial Masks for Whiteheads.

1. Honey Lemon Mask: For Dry skin:

Honey is a natural antiseptic that helps to kill the bacteria that clogs your pores and causes acne to form.
Lemon contains alpha-hydroxide acids (AHA) called citric acid. It helps reduce blemishes and scars caused by whiteheads.

This combination of honey and lemon in equal proportions helps to reduce inflammation, pull out impurities and make it toned and supple.

2. Lemon Yogurt Cleanser: For Oily skin:

Yogurt contains an AHA called lactic acid. It is amazing in curing breakouts. Lemon juice acts as a mild astringent that helps remove excess oil from the skin.

Combine these two ingredients in equal proportion and apply on affected areas. It’s very beneficial to control the sebum secretion on our faces.

3. Egg and Pumpkin face Pack: For Sensitive Skin:

Pumpkin helps clear spots and blemishes, thanks to its alpha and beta carotene levels. The protein in egg whites helps clear away dead cells and bacteria that cause acne.

This combination of these ingredients not only reduces acne, but also brightens the skin tone. It also keeps the skin supple and hydrated.

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4. Citrus Kiwi Face Pack: For Dull Skin:

Kiwi fruit has vitamin C and collagen that ensures a healthy supple skin and a bright youthful glow.

Lemon helps remove scars and blemishes caused by breakouts. Honey helps hydrate the skin.

Mix these fruit pulps in equal proportions with a small drizzle of honey. It is a very healthy alternative to chemical bleaches.

5. Aspirin Mask: The Fast Track Cure:

Dilute few aspirins with mineral water and apply all over the face or just the affected areas of whiteheads. It is a powerful NSAID that will help dry off even the scariest of whiteheads. If you have very dry skin add some honey into the mix.

6. Neem and Lemon Pack: Ayurvedic Boon:

Lemon contributes citric acid AHAs that will reduce whiteheads and lighten dark spots.
Anti-bacterial Neem will fight bacterial infections; reduce blemishes and appearance of whitehead scars. To ease the skin’s pH balance add the soothing touch of Rose water to calm the irritation.

7. Cucumber And Aloe Vera Pulp: For Scaly Skin:

Cucumber and aloe Vera are both very soothing and helps deal with burns and allergies. This combination unclogs dirt and grime and removes excess oil from the open pores of the skin. This also helps clarify dry flaky skin by removing and reducing accumulation of dead cells.

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Other than these masks one can directly apply certain natural things that help reduce white heads, such as: Clove oil, Sandalwood, Witch hazel, Alum, Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric, and mashed Tomatoes, to name a few.

All natural remedies have zero side effects and are proven to benefit users. But internal cleansing will always trump any external remedy. So eat a balanced diet and infuse all edible ingredients into soups and juices. They will give you a lasting effect. Lets get rid of these whiteheads today!

8. Sandalwood Paste:

Sandalwood paste has been used for a long time to achieve radiant and glowing skin and is the ingredient of a lot of beauty products. The cooling nature of sandalwood soothes the skin and it soaks excess oil and grime from the pores of the skin, which not juts helps in getting rid of whiteheads but prevents their return as well. A mixture of 2 teaspoons of rose water to 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder is used. This mixture applied on the skin and left to dry, later washed with cold water. Repeat this at least thrice in a week to obtain less visible whiteheads.

9. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is used to treat ringworm in humans and is also very effective in whiteheads treatment. The essential oils present clears whiteheads in the nose, cheeks and chin. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of the oil kill the bacteria which cause whiteheads, thus preventing their return.A mixture of 1 part of tea tree oil with 9 parts water is used, as the oil is very strong and shouldn’t be applied directly onto the skin. Apply the mixture on your skin with a cotton dab and leave it to dry. Make sure you don’t rinse the area.

10. Rice Scrub:

Scrubbing exfoliates the skin in a subtle way, opening up the clogged skin pores in the process. It also removes white heads, dead cells, dirt, and impurities from the skin. The fine grains of rice flour works as an excellent face exfoliate and has excellent ability of removing and preventing whiteheads forever. Prepare a sticky paste of rice flour and honey in 1:1 ratio, smear it on the damaged area, wait for around half an hour and then rinse the area with cold water. Repeat this 3 times a week to obtain whitehead-free skin.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural hair conditioner, making the hair soft, silky and smooth. It is also one of the best remedies for whiteheads as well. It’s an astringent, absorbing excess oil from the surface of the skin, and also evens the tone of the skin. Moreover the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature of apple cider vinegar prevents the return of whiteheads.This is to be applied to the skin directly with a cotton dab, until it is absorbed by the skin. This might cause a slight burning sensation as it’s slightly acidic in nature. This is best Face Packs for Whiteheads.

12. Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub:

A homemade sugar and olive oil scrub is an inexpensive and fruitful method to unclog and remove whiteheads from the skin pores. Since it is natural, it doesn’t cause any side effects on the skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer, preventing the skin from drying. A few drops of olive oil is to be added 1 teaspoon of sugar, and this mixture can be applied on the skin using a soft brush for 5-10 minutes. Later wash the area with cold water. Doing this once a week can produce highly desirable results.

13. Oatmeal Scrub:

Most of us are oblivious to the beauty benefits of oatmeal. Oatmeal scrubs are excellent exfoliators and also supply essential nutrients to the skin. Oatmeal regulates the oil and sebum content on the skin, removes dirt, and helps in clearing whiteheads completely. A mixture of 4 parts powdered oatmeal with 2 parts of yogurt and 1 part of lemon juice is to be applied on the face. Leave it for around 20 minutes and then wash it off, gently massaging the face in circular motions. Repeat this procedure twice in a week.

14. Gram Flour:

Gram flour, more commonly known as besan, is a tested beauty product and a natural remover of whiteheads. It cleanses the skin removing the dead cells in the process, cleans clogged pores and maintains the oil and sebum content. Mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour with yogurt, forming a thick paste. Apply this on the face and leave it as such until it dries completely. Scrub it gently, massaging the area with your hand slowly, and then rinse it with cold water. Repeat this thrice in a week to obtain amazing outcomes.

15. Cinnamon and Honey:

There are numerous beauty benefits of both honey and cinnamon.Thus, their combination is one of the functional home remedies to get rid of whiteheads on nose and face. The antimicrobial nature of cinnamon reduces acne and pimples, and restoring the natural glow of the skin. When applied to the skin, it produces collagen, which is extremely necessary to maintain the youthful glow and suppleness of the skin. Prepare a mixture of cinnamon powder and honey in a 1:1 ratio and spread it evenly on all the affected areas.Wait for a quarter of an hour and rinse off using cold water, while gently rubbing and massaging the damaged area in a circular motion. Repeat at least twice in a week to get satisfactory results.

16. Facial Steam:

This is probably the easiest method as it requires no ingredients except steaming water and has no side effects at all. The steam opens up the skin pores, removing the bacteria, dirt, oil and dead skin cells in the process, which are the main reasons of whiteheads formation. Boil some water in a deep bottomed vessel and bring your face close to the pan such that the steam hits your face directly. Cover your face with a towel, disallowing the steam to escape from the sides. Stay under the towel for 5-10 minutes. After the pores open up, use facial cleanser to clean up the pores. Wash with cold water again to shrink the opened up pores.

17. Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is heavily used in the beauty industry to maintain the health of skin and hair. The astringent properties of baking soda make it an excellent exfoliate, removing excess oils and dead skin cells, creating an environment where whitehead formation is impossible. Prepare a thick paste of baking soda with water. Apply this to the damaged area, wait for ten minutes and immediately rinse it with cold water. Use of this method twice or thrice in a week would help you to get rid of whiteheads completely. Since baking soda creates a burning sensation, it shouldn’t be applied to sensitive skin.

18. Green Tea:

Whiteheads are often caused by the sudden surge of androgen hormone in the body and green tea has the ability to block the androgen receptors in the skin. This reduces the possibility of the growth of acne and whiteheads on the skin. Moreover, application of green tea leaves directly onto the skin also helps in getting rid of whiteheads. Green tea can be consumed 3-4 times in a day, and the results would be visible very soon.

19. Corn starch and White Vinegar Pack:

Corn starch is an excellent absorbent and its ability to remove excessive oils from the skin make it a natural combatant of whiteheads. The acidic nature of vinegar maintains the pH level of the skin and prevents the growth of acne, pimples and whiteheads. Prepare a paste by mixing corn starch and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio. Gently apply this mixture to all the affected areas, wait for 15 mins and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Whiteheads give troubling nightmares to many. But now you know how to easily get rid of them. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best whitehead removal face pack and get rid of the annoying whiteheads on your face!

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