You know, your kitchen and the fridge at home have all the secrets to lovely hair, irrespective of the hair type. Simple ingredients found in your kitchens can work magic, and they help the hair shine and look awesome too. The best part is, they are easily available, cheap and you don’t need to invest the whole day for hair masks. Let’s discuss more and tell you how to DIY them, bring back the shine and life into your hair we say!!

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Best Homemade Hair Masks for Every Type of Hair:

1. Fine hair needs extra care, and more so because it is FINE. Hence, make a moisturizing hair mask using almond oil and banana with an egg thrown in. Banana helps with thin hair, egg has proteins to feed the hair, and the oil would strengthen the hair, say experts. Keep this on your head for thirty minutes, thrice a week and wash it off with cold water and a mild herbal shampoo.

2. An itchy scalp needs care too, or else it would be snowing on your head and shoulders, all year round. Do away with the embarrassment, and allow coconut and olive oil in equal measure to do the trick. You can even use avocados and mayo to condition the scalp, the hair roots and the hair at large, a little tender love and care is all that the scalp needs

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3. For those with brittle hair, split ends are a parcel to deal with. What you then need is a protein hair mask which would help stimulate and promote hair growth. Proteins in an egg would help strengthen the follicles, the hair shaft and the brittleness of the hair would go, and breakage is lesser too. Mayo and an egg in a mix and applied for an hour thrice a week is all you need. Wash it off with cold running water and a mild shampoo made of herbs thereafter.

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4. Dull, damaged and dry hair, especially in winters can be embarrassing. Relieve the tresses using half an avocado mixed with quart of mayo and a tablespoon of any essential oil of your choice. Add to it a drop of honey and water, mix well and apply. Keep it for an hour and then wash it off with cold water and a mild herbal shampooing routine. Do this thrice a week for the best results.

5. Hair follicles need nourishment at all times, for which they need to be opened. The best way to open them would be by allowing some water on the hair. Once that is done, use your fingers and gently comb your hair, while applying the hair mask. After the application, let the mask of coconut oil, lemon and honey sit still in your hair. In twenty minutes, all the goodness would be absorbed by the open follicles, post which you now can use cold water to wash the remnants off. This would keep the moisture in and the cuticles safe too. Use a herbal conditioner to hydrate the hair later on and finally rinse with vinegar and water.

6. Milk and honey, two wonderful gifts from nature can help make hair masks at home. Take a full glass of milk and mix it with honey, a teaspoon is enough. Massage the mix into your scalp and hair, for twenty minutes let it sit. Wash it thereafter with lukewarm water, and finally rinse it off with an herbal shampoo of your choice. Do this thrice a week for amazing results.

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7. Mask made of coconut cream too would be good, yes, it is sticky but GOOD. Warm the chunk of cream using your hands and body heat. The softness should be felt before applying it to your hair. Keep it in your hair for twenty minutes and then use a hot turban therapy for more goodness. Now keep this for an hour intact and then wash it with a shampoo made from herbs. Rinse it with cold water and let the hair dry on its own. Do this twice a week and watch how the hair bounces back with life.

8. Almonds and bananas when pasted and applied on your hair would be nice. It helps nourish the scalp and moisten the cuticles too. Three drops of the oil to one banana, the concoction all gooey makes the hair mask an amazing recipe to use. It gives you soft hair and bouncy shines as well. Thrice a week and you are good to flaunt those long tresses.

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9. You can east them and use them as garnishing, but strawberries as paste and applied on the hair with an egg yolk and a little olive oil does wonders. Keep the measure 2:1:1 and allow the mix to be on your hair for an hour. Wash it with mild shampoo later on, thrice a week is good.

10. Black tea and rum too as a combo can help; a teaspoon each of both when mixed and applied to the hair root would work wonders. You need to let this mix rest on your head for an hour, then rinse it with cold water and wash it with a shampoo made from herbs. Thrice a week is what you need to devote this recipe time too.

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Final words:

People feel mayo and avocado don’t really work, au contraire they do. Full fat mayo mixed with a whole avocado and made into a paste works wonders. Right from the roots of the hair to the tips, keep the paste on for half an hour and then wash in running cold water, the difference would be noticed instantly.

So here were 10 tips plus an added bonus of one for you to use. DIY is better than paying large amounts for an hour of treatment at any salon, especially when the latter uses too many chemicals which ruin our hair.


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