Shakeology, 18 Shake, Slim Quick and numerous other brands represent one of the most sought-after diet supplements also known as a meal replacement. The title of this type of shake denotes its intended use. However, why should anyone replace a meal? The answer lies in the necessity to reduce body mass by burning excessive fat. An MR shake does not act as a fat burner but as a drink to cope with food cravings. Thus, users abandon a full meal for this rich-in-protein drink.

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Despite the abundance of trademarks and options available in the market of sports and diet nutrition, it is not easy to find merchandise to fit certain requirements. These refer to the content of key elements such as protein, carbs, sugar, fats, fibre, and miscellaneous nutrients. For example, one of the most popular MR drinks, Shakeology, is known for excessive sugar which is a big flaw. On this account, if you want to avoid possible health issues associated with poor-quality of fabricated products, you can always turn to the DIY approach.

How to Get Protein?

As you know, the core element of any MR shake is protein. This ingredient can be of either dairy or plant source. In fact, there are other sources but these are the most common for diet supplements. According to your preferences, you can find this ingredient in powder form for your homemade MR shake. Yet, is it possible to opt for an alternative to replace a marketed powder? It is. Let’s have a look at the most popular solutions to add the core ingredient to your MR shake in the most natural way.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese:

Half a cup of this product supplies 14g of the core element to your homemade shake. Cottage cheese beats the well-liked Greek yoghurt, which will be mentioned below, regarding this parameter. Besides, the energy value is also decent – 81 kcal.

Silken Tofu:

Four tablespoons of Silken Tofu is a perfect solution to create a vegan-friendly MR drink. Though the protein content is half the above-mentioned value, you can easily double or triple the serving and regulate your needs in protein. Still, be attentive to the kcal rate since 47 calories are supplied with 4 tbsp.

Almond Butter:

Meet the heavy artillery according to the energy value. Four tablespoons of almond butter provide an incredible 190 kcal. Meanwhile, the protein rate is rather moderate of 7 grams. Nevertheless, the taste of this product is beyond words.

Hemp Seeds:

This plant-based protein source is also rather caloric. Still, it is packed with versatile nutrients such as iron, magnesium, and omega-3s. We have not forgotten about protein. You will get 9g of the core ingredient in 4 tablespoons.

Greek Yogurt:

Eventually, we introduce the most popular source of protein for DIY shakes. Greek yoghurt can be found in hundreds of recipes of MR drinks and smoothies made at home. The main advantages of this product are low calories and high protein. 100 grams of yoghurt offers 10g of protein and 59 kcal.

Now, you know how to replace protein powder with a natural source of this vital ingredient. Enjoy your MR drink.


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