When we go towards north India we can see that in all food items we will get lots and lots of yogurt! The tradition of making yogurts at home is really very ancient.

Yogurt is not only tasty but it is equally healthy and really very beneficial for our body. It is available is many forms and taste. You can eat or drink it too! It depends on the consistency of the yogurt.

Natural yogurt is made without sugar or fruit or any added flavour. It has snow white color and a very smooth, soft and creamy texture.

As discussed above that yogurt comes in many different varieties: it is available in low-fat or non-fat, also in fruit flavoured or sweetened range.

Best Homemade Yogurt Recipes:

1. Greek or Strained Yogurt:

It is a very delicious recipe of eating yogurt in a plain form. Well it is totally contrary to its name “greek yogurt” it is not at all from the Greece side. It just portrays an exotic and a really very tasty snack to enjoy in summers. The yogurt by this recipe remains really thick as all the water is been strained out and only the creamy and thick texture is lefts. It makes a really good and perfect ingredient summer season for smoothies and summer dips.

2. Yogurt Dip:

Like any other saucy dip yogurt can be used in place of any regular dip. A thick and creamy yogurt which comes with all the crunchiness of onions and peanuts (or any other dressing that you may like). This yogurt dip recipe is super simple and super fast to make and this can be used as starters or as a salad dressing as well.

3. Yogurt Kebabs:

A person who tastes kebab once becomes its lover forever. Similarly, this recipe is of kebab is been made even more delicious and yummy after adding yogurt in it. These kebabs use hung yogurt as a base with cottage cheese, raisins, almonds and pepper. They’re seemed to be really red and crispy outside and super soft, luscious and creamy inside.

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4. Potato And Yogurt Salad:

We promise you’ll have a true love for salad after trying this! Take some boiled potatoes, whipped/thick yogurt, and fried mustard with some cumin seed. You will get a beautiful bowl of creamy and yummy salad that both the young and the old will love to eat all day.

5. Yogurt Lamb:

This is again a mouthwatering recipe. Take some pieces of lamb which are cooked in ghee and yogurt till they become tender and then top it off with dry mint leaves. This is a really popular and hearty Kashmiri dish which fills your house with an delicious aroma that you won’t be able to forget.

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6. Srikhand:

The devotees of lord Krishna have a true following for yogurt and they make this amazing dish out of it. This yogurt is sweetened and can be eaten like a sweet dish after the food. It is a super soothing and super gorgeous mixture of yogurt, milk, cream, saffron and cardamom.

7. Lassi:

This is the lightest form of yogurt! The recipe comes from all the way of North America. Lassi can be made as a sweeten drink, salty or even plain. You can consume it both ways thick or runny

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8. Tadka Dahi:

A yummy and powerful liquid snack kind item. This is really very simple but this packs a punch. You need to do is whip out some yogurt and mix it well over the stove up with onions, tomatoes, chilli, kastoori methi and some fresh curry leaves.

9. Mango Yogurt Ice:

Why to spend huge amount on ice cream shops like coco berry? Try making a super yummy desert or ice cream at your home itself with yogurt. With some freshly whipped yogurt, some jaggery and lots of fresh mango puree make a super amazing yogurt ice.

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