Bihar is one of the finest honeymoon places here. One can have a great time here. It will provide you with tons of activity options along with really cool visiting sites.

It is all related. It has been said that if your honeymoon goes well, then there is a high chance that the rest of your married life will be like a walk in the park. So don’t mess it up the first time and if you’re thinking about having the best honeymoon, then Bihar, India might be the perfect spot for you. Let’s keep the rumour aside and focus on the relevant statistics.

Though Bihar is considered as one of the most corrupted places in India because of its high crime rate and bad politicians, it is also one of the most historically-rich and prestigious places in Indian and can turn out to be a great spot for spending your honeymoon. The 9 best beautiful and romantic honeymoon places in Bihar with images of places are listed below.

9 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Bihar With Pictures :

1. Patna:

Patna is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in Bihar. The place is know for it scenic beauty and the water bodies and temples. One cannot simply ignore this place when they visit Bihar. The place also houses some of the best facilities for housing wild animals in India. Patna is the capital of state Bihar also.

2. Bodh Gaya – Best Honeymoon Place In Bihar:

Want to visit a place where Buddhism is preached? Then Bodh Gaya is one of the best honeymoon destinations for you. Bodh Gaya has some of the best monasteries and is one of the most beautiful places in India. There are a number of parks and places to visit in Bodh Gaya such as temples, river banks, etc.

3. Rajgir:

Want to visit Bihar? Don’t forget about Rajgir. It is one of the most cool places in Bihar and is well known for its hot springs and excellent display of wildlife. There are many small and large beautiful caves in Rajgir which are visited by tourists pretty often.

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4. Munger :

It is considered as one of the fittest places in Bihar due to the various healthy and lifestyle platforms in this place. Munger is considered as one of the best honeymoon spots in Bihar and has a wildlife refuge camps as well, which basically attracts a lot of tourist yearly.

5. Buxar :

Buxar can be said to be one of the most renowned places in the state of Bihar, India and is the headquarter of the Buxar district. Buxar is one of the most populated places in Indian and the rapid urbanization demand of people has led to the super-fast development of this city. There are many activity centers and shopping and eating platforms in Buxar. You will love it as it is rated as one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in Bihar.

6. Muchalinda Lake :

Bihar has a number of beautiful water bodies such as lakes, rivers, river banks, etc. Muchalinda Lake is a beautiful creation of mother earth and is very popular throughout Bihar and all over Indian as well. People from all over the country come to experience the scenic beauty of this lake.

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7. Purnia :

If you love the concept of concert and live shows, then do include Purnia into your list of the best honeymoon spots in Bihar. The place is filled with temples, shopping destinations and many concert halls.

8. Bihar Sharif – Best Honeymoon Place :

This is yet another beautiful honeymoon spot in Bihar. The place is filled with Buddhist monasteries and one can depict the rich historical significance of this country with the help of the many museums located in this place.

9. Bodhi Tree :

Last but not the least, Bodhi tree is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Bihar. One can fall in love with this place by just visualizing the beauty of this massive tree which has immense historical importance.

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Bihar is one of the best places in India and has got a number of significant honeymoon sites. According to people who visited these places, these are some of the most well-maintained and beautiful honeymoon sites in Bihar and one will not want to leave any of the honeymoon sites discussed in this article after they visit them.


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