Everyone has Californian dreams! Even the couples who are planning their honeymoon; and what can be better than this beautiful American city for them! If you are planning to visit the US for your honeymoon and are confused about exactly where to go, then think no more! California it is! Let’s take you on a virtual journey first.

Most Popular Honeymoon Places in California:

1. A walk on the Beaches:

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When there’s over 1200 miles of coast to enjoy, simply hold your hands and walk along the waters of the pristine beaches of Carmel, Morro Bay, Malibu, and Laguna among many others. These beaches are one of the best honeymoon spots in California.

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2. Drive on the Monterrey Peninsula:

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A 17 mile drive filled with endless ocean views, dramatic cliffs, vast golf courses and sudden byways is just an unforgettable experience. Click a photo of your loved one at the weather worn lone cypress, and make your honeymoon in California a permanent memory etched in your mind.

3. California wine in Sonoma or Napa Valley:

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Wineries are laden in the countryside of Monterrey Bay, Shenandoah Valley and Santa Barbara country. Drive with your partner to the countryside and taste the best wine ever in these wineries!

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4. Redwood National Park, Crescent City:

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When you view the world’s tallest and oldest trees in Redwood National Park in front of you, you feel so tiny that a sense of humbleness seeps into you. The giant ancient sequoias, firs, hemlocks, and oaks are enchanting, and a visit to the wilderness here is an awesome experience. This is one of the best natural honeymoon spots in California.

5. The Hearst Castle at San Simeon:

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Among the various honeymoon spots in California, the Hearst Castle gives us a glimpse of the luxurious life of days gone by as you visit the house and gardens. As you go up north, you get to experience the best drive of your life, with the road providing a breathtaking view of the beauty of nature.

6. Pacific Coast Highway:

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A drive with your honey along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Los Angeles at sunset with the ocean on one side is surely an unforgettable view. This is surely the most romantic stretch of road in the world and apt for a honeymoon!

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7. A Cable Car Ride, San Francisco:

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Hop onto a cable car in the Downtown shopping district and reach the top of Nob Hill and down the other side to Fishermen’s Wharf. The journey in between creates infinite memories to share, and the journey itself is a beautiful experience with your partner. It is one of the best honeymoon spots in California.

8. Reconnect with Nature at Yosemite Nature Park:

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Beautifully nestled in the mountains Sierra Nevada, it has ancient, giant sequoias. If you two are looking to reconnect with nature and its mesmerizing beauty, then nothing gets better than Yosemite Nature Park. You can spend time together, talk about everything and enjoy nature in its true form. The half dome, El Capiton granite cliffs and the Bridalveil fall, all have a stunning charm. It truly is a piece of heaven, neatly and beautifully tucked in California.

9. Disneyland:

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In for some FUN!? Disneyland is the place you can go to and become kids once again! Enjoy the rides during the day and indulge in some passion in the cosy rooms after the sun sets.

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Hands down, California is the best place to visit for your honeymoon. Period!


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