India is a country which experiences drastic changes with each season. People are often wary of visiting India as the summer months begin to approach. April is the threshold of this change. However, several destinations would make an excellent honeymoon place in April. Here we give a list of the 9 most romantic honeymoon places in India in April with lovely pictures.

9 Best Places to Visit in India in April for Honeymoon :

Here are our top 9 honeymoon places to visit in April month in India. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Honeymoon in Kovalam:

Kovalam is a seaside town in Kerala with three amazing crescent beaches to be enjoyed by the tourists visiting here. Famous for its yoga resorts and Ayurveda centres, and meditation camps, it is well suited for a spiritually rich holiday. Its scenic landscape and relaxing surroundings make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in April.

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  • Kovalam is a tourist spot filled with endless beauty of its own. Every moment spent in this nature’s wonder will be cherished and will be carried throughout your life journey. This is one place where the weather remains pleasant and calm making it a great time to spend with your better half.
  • If you love the smell of the sea and the warmth of the sun, Kovalam remains the best destination for a honeymoon in India in April to experience the dreamy view of the lighthouse with blue water waves coming your way making it the perfect romantic walk.
  • Being situated in the capital city of Kerala, access to the airport is the best way to reach Kovalam as the travel from the airport can be made by taxi which will take around 15km.
  • Kovalam can be best experienced in the monsoons and before the onset of summer, in September and March.
  • Most of the offers will be given in the monsoon season as that is considered the best time for a hotel stay. Sagara beach resort, Taj green cove resorts and spa etc., are some hotels offering exclusive deals.
  • Kerala is known for its local food dishes making it famous worldwide. Kovalam provides their tourist with the great taste of native food such as Puttu, Kerala Appam, Kappa etc. The spicy Fish curry and meat should be those dishes that should be tasted when visiting.

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2. Lakshadweep Islands:

These Islands comprise various reefs, submerged banks and atolls. Unlike Goa, this site doesn’t attract a massive bunch of merrymakers and is thus more of a serene location with white sand beaches, turquoise blue ocean, dense palm forests and a quiet environment. This location is one of the best places to visit in April in India for a honeymoon destination.

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  • The tropical climate in the islands of Lakshadweep makes it the right spot to explore with your better half.
  • Bangaram Island gives you the experience of witnessing the extraordinary coral reefs and water species, making it one of those pleasant times to spend with your loved one. Want more action? Kadima, one of the major fishing spots in Lakshadweep offers you and your loved one the to challenge yourself for this lifetime experience. You are sure to get perfect pictures as Kavaratti gives you the essence of nature’s beauty.
  • Lakshadweep being an island has access to overall sea routes. The most recommended reach to Lakshadweep is by ship which is connected from Kochi port to Lakshadeep. Once we reach Lakshadeep boats are mainly used to travel from island to island, so make sure you are not seasick!
  • The true quintessence of Lakshadweep can be experienced from October to Mid-may, as it offers its best views and nature’s beauty making it the best time to visit.
  • Being one of the largest tourist spots, Lakshadweep offers large hospitality services, ranging from low-end to high-end. Kadmath Beach Resorts, Thinnakar Tent house etc. are some hospitality services providing good deals for their tourists.
  • Lakshadweep is not just about the magnificent view but also their loved sumptuous seafood delicacies. The fish curry is rated on top for its delicious marinate, and the organic and fresh fish served. Octopus Fry is considered one of the favourite dishes tasted and loved by many tourists. The locally rich flavours and the sea touched aroma bring in more fans for the food of Lakshadweep.

3. Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar:

Located in Maharashtra, this hill station offers natural vistas visible from various points such as Wilson Point, Bombay point and Elphinstone Point. It is the source of the Krishna river and is located at the perfect height, sporting cool breezes and breathtaking views of mountain ranges and valleys. It is famous for its strawberry and mulberry farms, which tourists are allowed to visit. Other activities that one can engage in here are trekking, horse riding or boating in Vienna lake. Its calm environment, scenic backdrop and presence of various tourist attractions make it one of the best hill stations in India for honeymoon destinations in April.

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  • Mahabaleshwar is the perfect blend of nature’s goodness with the essence of an urban lifestyle. It is considered the ecstasy for honeymooners and the ultimate travel experience.
  • The best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is from October to June. Experience the rain from July to September.
  • Reaching Mahabaleshwar will be a pleasant journey when taking a flight to Pune Airport or by the road connecting NH4 AND Mumbai – Pune Expressway.
  • Want to get a luxury feel? Visit the Bright land resort and spa which offers excellent deals and a peaceful stay with a view of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and Krishan Valley with its meandering river.
  • Are you looking for organic and fresh Strawberries? Mahabaleshwar is the right place to visit. A wide variety of foods can be experienced here such as Milkshakes, Maharashtrian thali etc.

4. Manali Honeymoon Tour:

Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh and is famous for the Dhungri temple, where priests worship the goddess Hidimba. This hill station like many others features several monasteries set in valleys or mountain peaks. The picturesque landscape, perfect weather, forests with Deodar trees and green meadows make it the ideal romantic spot for a honeymoon destination in India in April.

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  • Manali is considered one of the best Honeymoon spots in India in April as the place gives a heavenly atmosphere and a great feel to the moments spent.
  • Spend time in the Hadimba Temple as the snow-covered hills and the magnificent view of nature gives you and your better half a feel of blessings making it the most memorable time spent together.
  • October to February is considered the best time to visit Manali as it is the winter season when couples can have the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall.
  • Manali is one of those places which is a tourist’s paradise; hence a large number of tourists visit Manali and making it easy to discover the best-suited hotels at a reasonable price.
  • Bombay Bhelpuri the spicy and tangy street food available in Manali is one of those foods recommended. Samosas, Khatta, Sidu etc. are some street food famous in Manali.

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5. Ranthambore:

Ranthambore, in Rajasthan, lies between the Aravallis and the Vindhya Range. It thus features excellent views with mountains and valleys in its backdrop. However, it is most famous for its national park which is a haven for wildlife lovers. Surwal Lake is an ideal setting for a romantic boat ride with your newlywed.

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  • Ranthambore gives the feeling of wildlife, and if you and your partner is a wildlife-lover, this is the right place to spend your time together. It Is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers and the beauty of the dunes in Rajasthan.
  • Jogi Mahal located on the edge of Padam Lake is home to an ancient banyan tree giving you a feel of Mughal times. This makes the journey more meaningful and gets connected with the fresh breath of air.
  • Have a delightful stay in Ranthambore Kothi Resort and Spa showing their contemporary architecture and great hospitality. As many tourist visits this place the rates range from top to low and can be chosen for a reasonable price.
  • October to April will be the best time to visit Ranthambore as it gives the chance to see the majestic Bengal tigers. Winters are perfect for a wildlife adventure.
  • Get ready to charm your taste buds with the best treats of Rajasthani traditional foods. The very famous dal baati is a spicy yet rich dish, severed with a lot of butter. The must taste deserts include jalebis and churmaladoo.

6. Honeymoon in Mumbai:

Mumbai or Bombay is the commercial capital of India. It is a hustling bustling metropolitan city with a plethora of tourist attractions that include various malls, monuments, libraries and so on. Essel World, the first-ever amusement park of its kind in India is located here. The Gateway of India, The Haji Ali Dargah, Shree Siddhivinayak Ganpati Mandir, and Taraporewala Aquarium on Marine Drive – are only a few of the reasons why it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in April.

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  • Enjoy the lush greenery and the best whether filled with activities in Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Mumbai. Here is the home to over 15 species of native birds. Get connected to nature and treasure these moments.
  • If you are the kind of couple looking for adventure then, Kamshet in Mumbai will be the best place to visit. Enjoy exciting activities such as paragliding and parasailing etc.
  • Mumbai’s airport has a link to many international flights making it easier to reach the destination faster. Mumbai is the main headquarter for both western and central railways. These are connected to many stations making them easier to access.
  • November to February is the winter months in Mumbai which is the most pleasant time of the month making it the best place to go for a honeymoon in India in April.
  • Get ready to explore your taste buds to the fullest! Mumbai street food is widely known for its variety of spicy, sweet and creamy dishes. KheemaPav, White biriyani, Samosa etc. are some such dishes which are recommended by tourists.

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7. Honeymoon in Mussoorie:

Mussoorie is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon in India in April. It has the perfect weather in April to enjoy the various sites it offers tourists enthralling scenes of mountains and rivers and valleys, Camel Back Road, the infamous Jwalaji temple of Devi Durga, old churches and monasteries, sunset views and so on.

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  • The queen of Hills, Mussoorie is a bundle of nature’s treasures. This spot promises a romantic adventure to the newlyweds making it the best destination to create memories.
  • To reach Mussoorie, you can catch a cab from Delhi or take a train or flight from Dehradun.
  • Mussoorie is known for its bazaar which provides handmade bags and clothes making it a high-demand product giving the couples to buy their souvenirs. Tibetan Temple and Municipal garden which is one of the attractions of the city will help make the best moment for the newlyweds.
  • July to Mid-September is considered the best time for the visit as many sports and activities will be present in this kind of weather. October to February is the winter time as the city will be covered with shiny snow.
  • Mussoorie has high-class architecture and hospitality services making it more available and affordable for tourists.
  • Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination for food as well. They provide the tourist with a variety of cuisines, but Kumaon and Garhwal remain the heart of the food. Alooke Gutke, Phaanu, and Chainsoo are some other such dishes.

8. Nainital:

Nainital, a well-known education hub of India in Uttarakhand state, is also a famous tourist destination. It is especially renowned for its forests which are well equipped with a range of trees that include Oak, Pine, Deodar, Sal and many other flora and fauna. A boat ride in Lake Paradise or a romantic walk through the Thandi Sadak or taking the cable car to enjoy the bird’s view of the city – are all activities that make Nainital the best place to visit in April in India for a honeymoon.

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  • Nainital is a romantic hill station, home to many lakes, mountains and ancient temples which makes the destination perfect for newlyweds.
  • The best time to spend in Nainital is by taking the boats and visiting the ancient temples and experiencing the scenic views around the city.
  • Nainital is known to have a pleasant climate throughout the year; hence it can be visited at any time of the year. The summer begins in March and last till May. Monsoon season is around July to September.
  • Nainital does not have a direct airway service but has excellent road connectivity with several cities and small towns in India.
  • As Nainital is a prevalent hill station and tourist destination, the number of good hotels is never out of hand. The hospitality services are available for everyone according to their preferences and price range.
  • Tibetan Food can be widely seen in the streets of Nainital. Authentic home-cooked Kumoani dishes such as Bhatt kichurkani etc. will be available in the local restaurants and stalls.

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9. Pahalgam:

The world-renowned Amarnath Yatra’s trail passes through Pahalgam. It is the perfect place for adventure sports such as trekking. It is also a serene and beautiful setting for a romantic honeymoon. Its lakes and forests and mountains all come together to provide a spellbinding view.

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  • One of the most breathtaking places in India is considered to be Kashmir, and Pahalgam stands out as one of the must-sees. This destination is the best for newlyweds as they can spend their moments enjoying the mesmerising view around the hill station.
  • If you are those couples who love golf, then Pahalgam Fairway will be the best place for you to spend time with your better half.
  • Pahalgam is best visited in the summer that are around March to June. The climate is mild, and it favours the stay and trip in Pahalgam.
  • Tourists can reach Pahalgam by the use of the air, road and railway. The nearest airport to Pahalgam is Srinagar, and the nearest railway station is Jammu.
  • Dum Aloo and Yakhni are their famous dishes. The rich aroma and the traditional flavour of the recipes can be experienced with just one bite.
  • April is a month of heat around most of India, rightly making the hill stations and high altitudes in the country a place for ideal honeymoon destinations during this season. Here you find a brief on the nine best places to go for honeymoon destinations in India in April. Go through them, book your tickets and fly! You would wish never to come back.

1. Would There Be Rain in the Hill Stations During These Months?

Ans: Rain can be expected in Manali in Himachal Pradesh and Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Is It Necessary to Know about Swimming While Opting for the Honeymoon to Lakshadweep Islands?

Ans: No, knowledge of swimming is not required to enjoy the adventure sports at Lakshadweep Islands as the concerned authorities follow adequate safety measures.

3. Are ATM Facilities Available in Manali?

Ans: ATMs of Bank of Baroda, Punjab and Sind Bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank are available in Manali.


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