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9 Best Honeymoon Places In India In March With Pictures

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India is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. Endowed with a rich heritage, scenic landscapes and beautiful architectural buildings. India has several perfect places to go for a honeymoon. The best honeymoon places in India in march with beautiful pictures as follows.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In March With Pictures:

1. Auli:

Honeymoon Places In India In March

Situated in the lap of the Himalayas, Auli is surrounded by snow capped peaks and evergreen forests of Oak and Pine. The cool breeze, picturesque landscape and sloping roads make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in March. It has remarkable ski resorts, which it is famous for. Skiing down the white slopes of these mountains in Uttarakhand is a wonderful experience to share with your newlywed spouse.

2. Corbett National Park:

Corbett National Park

Another honeymoon destination situated in the foothills of the Himalayas is the Corbett National Park. A haven for wildlife lovers, this national park has a lot to offer to other tourists as well. Camping within the enclosure of this park’s myriad flora and fauna is an experience to be cherished and one that is best for a honeymoon in India in March. Mountains, Sal forests, Grasslands, Sissoo forests, and rivers flowing across the length of these are different kinds of habitats present here.

3. Dharamshala:


It is a town in Himachal pradesh state in India. The name might make you reject this place without a second thought. However, one must take a second glance at its pictures. Set in the Dhauladhar mountains this place defines tranquillity and serenity. Enthralling landscape, perfect weather and a romantic feel makes it the best place to visit in March for a honeymoon in India.

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4. Digha:


It is a small seaside town located close to West Bengal. Tourists flock to this place in huge numbers during March when the weather is ideal for enjoying the luxuries of beaches. Swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing are only few of the activities that one can engage in. Besides these, one can simply relax on the beach, enjoying the stunning views of the Bay of Bengal stretching far and beyond. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in March.

5. Gangtok:


Gangtok is a capital of Sikkim state and is an excellent place to go for a honeymoon in India in March. It has the perfect weather, a serene setting amidst hills and several tourist attractions such as the Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Tashi View Point and the local bazaar, Lal Bazaar. The monasteries and stupas located here are places ideal for a peaceful or spiritual visit.

6. Goa:


Goa is famous for a host of reasons. It is a blend of a multitude of cultures. While it is ideal for all night long parties on the beach, it also has historical churches and monuments. Beautiful architecture, golden sand beaches and scenic beauty- Goa has it all. Moreover, the happening nightlife attracts couples from all over India, making it ideal for a honeymoon in India in March.

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7. Jaipur:


Jaipur is located in Rajasthan, a state rich in culture and heritage. Its architectural splendor is unparalleled and it is often referred to as the ‘Pink city’ because of the large number of red sandstone buildings it hosts. Besides the grand architecture and historic monuments, Jaipur also provides excellent food, activities and jewellery and other shopping opportunities to tourists. It is the best honeymoon destination in India in March.

8. Mount Abu:

Mount Abu

Another excellent destination for a honeymoon in India in March is Mount Abu. It Also situated in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a hill station with attractions such as Sunset Point, Nakki Lake, Luna Vasahi Temple and several other small beautiful spots located here and there.

9. Khajuraho:

Honeymoon Places In India In March-Khajuraho

Khajuraho is located in Madhya Pradesh and has some breath taking architectural sights. It is famous for temples with beautiful sculptures on their walls. The main temple complex has 85 temples in one site. With the beautiful mountains of the Vindhya Range in its backdrop it is perfect for a honeymoon in India in March.

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Pick any one of the place to visit for your honeymoon trip in India in month of march and turn every moment memorable with your pair in this season.

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