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Top 9 Honeymoon Places in Karnataka

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Karnataka, the southern state of India, is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples only because of the diversity it provides. One can choose to enjoy in the hustle bustle of the city, or choose to go to the peaceful hill stations. The choices are numerous, and a few of the best places to visit with your special one have been compiled here.

Best Honeymoon Places in Karnataka:

1. Bangalore:

honeymoon places in karnataka

Famous as Silicon Valley of India, because of the vibrant IT industry there, Bangalore is also famous for its rich cultural heritage. This unique mix of modern and ancient makes it a perfect honeymoon spot in Karnataka. Temples, palaces, lakes and forts adorn the city of Bangalore, which are pleasing to the eyes of the tourists.

2. Mysore:


Mysore is most famous for its rich history. Also the cultural capital of Karnataka, it is famous for its numerous temples, palaces, forts and old churches. It is also a boon for couples who love Indian handicrafts and arts. The Tipu Sultan Palace is a must visit while visiting Mysore.

3. Mangalore:


Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Mangalore is one of the cleanest cities in India. The city is famous as a honeymoon spot in Karnataka for its pristine beaches and marvelous hills. The various ancient monuments also reflect the rich culture that the city possesses.

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4. Hampi:


A treat for the history aficionados, Hampi is one of the most important historical sites in the world.Built near the banks of the Tungabhadra River, the city has magnificent buildings that depict the extensive artistic knowledge of the Vijaynagar rulers. Its intricate carvings and various temples make this a famous tourist attraction.

5. Coorg:


The Scotland of India, Coorg is famous for its abundance of natural beauty. The orange orchards, the Buddhist monasteries, the sweet smell of coffee filling the air, and the lush greenery around makes it one of the best spots for a cozy honeymoon in Karnataka.

6. Bijapur:


Bijapur is world famous for its various historical monuments and forts. There are numerous temples built by the Deccan rulers as well. The city provides some of the best examples of Muslim architecture and is one of the must visits on your honeymoon, just to get the feel of the rich cultural heritage of the place.

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7. Hubli-Dharwad:


These twin cities are famous for shopping while on your honeymoon in Karnataka with your partner. Hubli, also known as small Mumbai, and Dharwad, have various temples, lakes and gardens which are a must visit. The various arts and crafts, and the bustling marketplace will make you want to spend more and more time here!

8. Badami:


Badami is most famous for its rock cut sculptures and beautiful monuments. It is located in a ravine across the shores of the Agastya Lake and is a marvelous place to visit.

9. Gulbarga:


Gulbarga is mainly known for its abundance of temples and Muslim architecture.Apart from the historical places, the local cuisine is delicious and couples should try out the whole menu during their stay in this beautiful city.

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Karnataka is mainly about the rich cultural heritage of our country. So all the history obsessed couples- Book your tickets and visit Karnataka now!