Karnataka, the southern state of India, has perfect honeymoon spots for couples only because of the diversity it provides. One can choose to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or head to a peaceful hill station. The choices are numerous, and a few of the best romantic places to visit with your special one have been compiled here.

Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations in Karnataka:

Explore these 9 beautiful honeymoon places in Karnataka with your spouse:

1. Bangalore:

Bangalore is famous as the Silicon Valley of India, because of the vibrant IT industry there, it is also famous for its rich cultural heritage. This unique blend of modern and ancient makes it a perfect honeymoon spot in Karnataka. Temples, palaces, lakes and forts adorn the city of Bangalore, which are pleasing to the eyes of tourists.

  • Bangalore can be a perfect honeymoon destination for couples looking out for an adventurous yet romantic holiday. Explore the temples, lakes, forts and cultural diversity of this city with your partner.
  • Bangalore is well connected to major cities by railway. It also has an airport known as the Bangalore International Airport. Taxis and cabs are easily available from here.
  • There are numerous five-star properties and humble accommodations for tourists in the city.
  • The best time to visit Bangalore is October to February as the winters are very pleasant. March to May is also a convenient time to explore this place for a honeymoon.
  • Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park and Bangalore Palace are some of the major attractions in Bangalore and one must visit these places while on a honeymoon.

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2. Mysore:

Mysore is most famous for its rich history. Also the cultural capital of Karnataka, it is famous for its numerous temples, palaces, forts and old churches. It is also a boon for couples who love Indian handicrafts and arts. The Tipu Sultan Palace is a must visit while visiting Mysore.

  • If your better half loves to admire art, natural beauty and stunning man-made creations, Mysore can be the perfect Honeymoon spot for you. Take your spouse to old churches, palaces and forts to make her vacation memorable.
  • The nearest airport is the Bangalore International airport which is around 170 kilometers away from Mysore. It’s roughly a 3-hour drive. Mysore is well connected to major cities in India by rails.
  • There are many high-range to mid-range hotels, lodges and resorts available in the city.
  • Honeymooners must visit Mysore in the winter months as the cold evenings are extremely pleasant. October to February is the best time to plan a vacation.
  • Mysore Palace, Kodagu trekking, and Brindavan gardens are a few major tourist attractions you can visit.

3. Mangalore:

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Mangalore is one of the cleanest cities in India. The city is famous as a honeymoon spot in Karnataka for its pristine beaches and marvellous hills. The various ancient monuments also reflect the rich culture that the city possesses.

  • Who doesn’t want a romantic holiday on a beach? Explore Mangalore and its beautiful beaches with your better half. Get lost in the beauty of nature and sink your feet in gold sand. This is the perfect place for honeymooners!
  • Mangalore is well connected to the main cities in India by railways. Bajpe Airport is located in the city and you can easily hire cabs or taxis from here.
  • There are many resorts, hotels, lodges and other humbles stay available in this beautiful location.
  • September to April is definitely the best time to visit Mangalore since the weather is relatively pleasant. Summers can be extremely hot and inconvenient for most tourists.
  • Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangladevi temple and Pilikula Nisargadhama are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mangalore. Do give these places a visit!

4. Hampi:

A treat for history aficionados, Hampi is one of the most important historical sites in the world. Built near the banks of the Tungabhadra River, the city has magnificent buildings that depict the extensive artistic knowledge of the Vijaynagar rulers. Its intricate carvings and various temples make Hampi one of the famous tourist places in Karnataka.

  • Want your loved one to be enchanted by the beauty of culture? Dive into the history and its aesthetics with your partner. This place makes for a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want a taste of our country’s history.
  • The nearest railway station to Hampi is Kariganuru which is around 11 kilometers away from the location and Hubli is the nearest airport to this city.
  • There are many humble to luxurious properties available for a comfortable stay in this city.
  • The best time to visit Hampi is from October to February. The winters in Hampi are very soothing and pleasant for honeymooners. You can also visit in the monsoon months if you and your partner are fond of rains.
  • Hemakuta Hill Temple, Vijaya Vittala Temple, and Matanga hills are one of the main tourist attractions in Hampi.

5. Coorg:

The Scotland of India, Coorg is famous for its abundance of natural beauty. The orange orchards, the Buddhist monasteries, the sweet smell of coffee filling the air, and the lush greenery around make it one of the top honeymoon spots in India.

  • There is no way that a couple wouldn’t enjoy the natural beauty, Monasteries and lush green views of this beautiful honeymoon destination. This can be the most romantic spot for all the newlyweds looking for a romantic escape.
  • The nearest International Airport is Bangalore International Airport and the nearest domestic airport is Mangalore. Mysore is the nearest railway station which is 95kilometeres away from the location.
  • There are many hotels, resorts and lodges available in the city. One can choose according to the budget and comfort.
  • The temperature here varies from 10 to 20 degrees throughout the year. The best time to visit would be October to March since the weather is extremely pleasant.
  • Abby falls, Irupu falls and Brahmagiri hills are major tourist attractions. Do go for trekking with your partner!

6. Bijapur:

Bijapur is world famous for its various historical monuments and forts. There are numerous temples built by the Deccan rulers as well. The city provides some of the best examples of Muslim architecture and is one of the must visits on your honeymoon, just to get the feel of the rich cultural heritage of the place.

  • The very rich and pleasing culture of this place is sure to leave you and your loved one mesmerized. This is the best honeymoon spot for couples wanting to explore the rustic beauty of the country.
  • The nearest airports to Bijapur are Sambre and Hubli airports which are 164 and 167 kilometers away. Bijapur is well connected to major cities by rail.
  • There are many luxurious properties and humble hotels available in the city. You can rent one according to your comfort and budget.
  • The best time to visit Bijapur for sightseeing is definitely the winter months. Summer can be very unpleasant for honeymooners.
  • Gol Gumbaz, Bara Kaman and Bijapur fort are some of the main attractions of this honeymoon destination.

7. Hubli-Dharwad:

These twin cities are famous for shopping while on your honeymoon in Karnataka with your partner. Hubli, also known as small Mumbai, and Dharwad, have various temples, lakes and gardens which are a must visit. The various arts and crafts, and the bustling marketplace will make you want to spend more and more time here!

  • These stunning twin cities await you and your life partner for a perfect honeymoon! Couples can enjoy the shopping sprees, lakes, gardens and temples on their vacation. It is an ideal and cosy honeymoon destination for newly married couples.
  • Hubli has its own airport and also has a local railway station known as Hubli Junction. This city is well connected to major parts of the country.
  • There are various hotels, resorts and lodges available for a convenient stay for couples.
  • August to September is the best time to visit this city. Monsoon in Hubli offers the couples a perfect romantic getaway.
  • Nrupatunga Betta and Unkallake are the major tourist attractions in Hubli and couples must visit these places.

8. Badami:

Badami is most famous for its rock cut sculptures and beautiful monuments. It is located in a ravine across the shores of Agastya Lake and is a marvellous place to visit.

  • The alluring rock structures and ancient monuments in Badami are sure to give you some major goosebumps. Couples looking out for a holiday to explore the history and culture of the country would definitely enjoy their honeymoon in Badami.
  • Badami is well connected to major cities in the country by rail and the nearest airports to this city are Sambre and Hubli. You can hire taxis or cabs from the airport to reach your destination.
  • There are various hotels and resorts available in the city. One can choose according to their budget and comfort.
  • The best time to visit Badami is from July to March. You can also visit this place in the winter months because of the pleasant weather.
  • Badami cave temples, Agasthaya Lake, and Bhutanatha group of temples are various tourist attractions in Badami.

9. Gulbarga:

Gulbarga is mainly known for its abundance of temples and Muslim architecture. Apart from the historical places, the local cuisine is delicious and couples should try out the whole menu during their stay in this beautiful city.

    • Couples can enjoy the lip smacking local delicacies and the beautiful Muslim architecture and historic places. This is the ideal honeymoon spot for couples who want to enjoy the cultural beauty of this city.
    • The nearest airport to this city is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and it is well connected to major cities in India through railway.
    • There are various hotels, lodges and humble hotels which you can rent according to your budget and comfort.
    • Gulbarga’s climate is moderately hot in summer months and the winters are also very mild so you can visit this destination throughout the year.
    • Gulbarga Fort, Sharana Basaveshwara, Buddha Vihar, and Dargah Hazrath Khaja Bandanawaz are one of the major tourist attractions in Gulbarga.

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Karnataka is mainly about the rich cultural heritage of our country. If you have gathered enough information about your next honeymoon destination, do leave your feedback and share this article with your newly married friends. So all the history obsessed couples- Book your tickets and visit Karnataka now!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. How to Experience Karnataka at Its Best?

Ans: The best time to visit Karnataka is during the festivities in the city. Karnataka celebrates many festivals which will make your honeymoon experience a lot more memorable. A little research on the internet about the festivals in Karnataka will help you plan the perfect honeymoon!

2. What is The Best Time to Visit Karnataka?

Ans: The best time to visit Karnataka is in the winter or monsoon months. Karnataka experiences very mild winters. Most cities have a moderate climate. However, summers can be unpleasant in some parts. If you and your partner are fond of rains, you can also visit Karnataka in the monsoon. We would suggest that the winter months are the best time to visit this place for a honeymoon.

3. Is There any Important Thing to Keep in Mind While Visiting Temples in Karnataka?

Ans: If you’re a westerner, you can wear anything as long as it is not revealing. A decent outfit should do. There are different rituals and traditions that a city follows. You can ask the local people or search on the internet for the same. Temples are very sacred places hence make sure you take off your shoes or sandals before stepping inside. It is a very welcoming region and you will definitely enjoy the cultural beauty of this place.


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