With the marriage season just around the corner, you might have already started planning for the honeymoon phase. If you haven’t you might want to start exploring them right now. Everyone dreams of having their honeymoon in the romantic spots abroad, but what you do not know is that there are a few desi spots within the country which might be just as passionate as across the seas. One such favourite place in India is Kullu Manali. Having a lot of adventure options such as skiing, paragliding, rafting and mountaineering, it is one of the most sought after place for adventurers as well. Here’s a list of top 9 places you might want to consider for honeymoon places in Kullu Manali.

Most Wonderful Honeymoon Places In Kullu Manali:

1. Rohtang Pass:

The Rohtang pass lies high at a height of 3,978 meters above the sea level cradled in the womb of the Pir Panjal range. what makes it one of the best honeymoon places in kullu manali is the picturesque landscape of the area and the clandestine waterfalls.

2. Hidimba Devi Temple:

The Hidimba Devi Temple was built way back in 1553 and is located among thick deodar forest. this temple is dedicated to the wife of one of the Pandav brothers Bheem it has a unique architecture and shows a blend of Hindu and Buddhist style. made primarily of wood, it is one of the most attractive honeymoon places in Kullu and Manali

3. Vashist Hot Water Springs:

A little away from Manali, this hot water spring is situated across one of the five rivers of ancient India – Beas. the spring allows complete privacy and the icing on the cake is the Turkish style bath homes that can be booked at affordable rates which make it one of the most affordable honeymoon spots in Kullu Manali.

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4. Solang Valley:

Also known as the snow point the Solang valley hosts many snow adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, etc. If you happen to be one of the brave heart newly married couples then this is a must visit on the list of your honeymoon places in Kullu and Manali.

5. Basheswar Mahadev Temple:

Basheswar Mahadev Temple, located in the small town of Bajura is one of the ancient temples in the country to be devoted to Lord Shiva. it is famous for stone carvings of deities and as you embark on a new journey in life with your partner, you should definitely make it a part of your honeymoon destination in Kullu Manali.

6. Nehru Kund:

Nehru kund is a cold water spring that originates from the Birghu River. this place offers a special kind of serenity and happiness to all those who pay a visit. it is must go with your new partner in life!

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7. Sultanpur Palace:

Formerly known as the Rupi palace, the Sultanpur palace is recently renovated after it was damaged by an earthquake. this palace boasts of traditional paintings and architecture belonging to the colonial era. This palace housed the rulers of the Kullu valley.

8. Beas River:

Beas river offers various adventure sport to all who visit and hence is known as the heart of the Valley of Kullu. The river is also famous as the eastern border of Alexander’s empire around 326 B.C. The bank of the river has a very romantic atmosphere and a picturesque landscape.

9. Temple of Ma Sharvari:

This is an ancient temple in Kullu Manali and if you happen to go there to celebrate the beginning of a new phase in life, do pay a visit and seek blessings for a happy and married life!

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Kullu Manali, having temperatures as low as 8 degrees is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. With the low temperature, comes the high-intensity romance that might be hidden in you. Given the heat, you are sure to get cosy inside. However, feel free to take a trip around the Himalayan town and make some memories. And yes, how can we forget the snow. Where there is snow, there has to be a snow fight. Be careful however to nor injure your partner in the snow fight. As romantic as it can get, it has a scope of ruining it all for you. Now, we do not want any such things on our honeymoon, do we? If you know any other honeymoon destinations in Kullu Manali, please do share your feedback and suggestions.


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