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Top 9 Honeymoon Places in Mumbai

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On the way to your honeymoon in Mumbai? Now that you picked the city, you might also want to know what the ideal honeymoon spots are for the both of you to visit and make memories.

Most Popular Honeymoon Places in Mumbai:

1. Aksa Beach, Malad :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Aksa Beach, Malad

Within a range of an hour’s drive from Mumbai, Aksa Beach might just be the ideal romantic spot for your first date as a married couple. The quiet and secluded beach attracts very less footfall, making it an ideal place for couples. The majestic beach surrounded with a few private cottages and hotels is one of the most preferred honeymoon places near Mumbai.

2. Arnala Beach, Virar :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Arnala Beach, Virar

Located at around 60 kms from the city of Mumbai, the west of Virar town hosts the Arnala Beach. The beach, also with the Arnala Fort in its proximity has several rest houses and resorts around it. If you need to get away from the chaos of daily work life with your partner, the scenic beauty of this place is will give you the break you deserve and is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations near Mumbai.

3. Chota Kashmir, Goregaon :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Chota Kashmir, Goregaon

Situated at around 30 kms north of the city of Mumbai, Chota Kashmir is well, as the name suggests a mini Kashmir. The lush greenery, row boats, colorfulness brought out by the flowers, etc. give it the name. It is also the only place in Mumbai where you can enjoy a boat ride and be the captain of your paddle or row boats. Initially developed to shoot songs and scenes with the Kashmir background, this place is now a buzz for couples. The mini Kashmir definitely makes it to the list of honeymoon places near Mumbai.

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4. Bhandardara :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Bhandardara

The lush greenery and the stunningly breathtaking waterfalls are what make the Bhandardara. Close your eyes and just pick this place and go admire the beauty of it. The two of you are assured to have a quiet and peaceful time with no sort of disturbance what so ever other than the chirping of birds and the sounds of water hitting the rocks. It is undoubtedly the best honeymoon destination near Mumbai.

5. Lonavala :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Lonavala

Caves, lakes and dams along with the scenery you might find similar to a mini Ireland, Lonavala is one of the remarkable honeymoon destinations in Mumbai. Placed on the Sahyadri range similar to that of Bhandardara, Lonavala is a catch for the nature loving couples. If you are one of those couples who enjoy a trek, you are in for a treat.

6. Lavasa :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Lavasa

Now nothing can get better than Lavasa, if you are a couple who dig road trips. This hill station offers clouds to you as a part of its basic features. Gear up and ride on and you might just end up having the best time ever in one of the best honeymoon places in Mumbai.

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7. Matheran :

honeymoon places in mumbai

In Mumbai, yet away from the whole world. Matheran is just one of the breathtaking places to be at for a look at the sunrise or even the sunset.

8. Khandala :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Khandala

Mist, valleys and greenery all around you make it the best honeymoon places near Mumbai.

9. Silvassa :

Honeymoon Places in Mumbai Silvassa

A touch of Portuguese era, exotic hotels and the Western Ghats. Now can this combination get any better? One of the least explored romantic places in the city will give you the coziness you need.

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Now, do you feel any sort of necessity to get out of the country for a honeymoon when you can have one right in the city of Mumbai? Rest assured, none of these places are going to disappoint you. So go ahead and make some plans.