Honeymoon is the most important and valuable time of one’s married life. It is indeed a difficult job to scrutinize each place and decide on where to go. For all you nature lovers, you can try the Honeymoon places in Ooty, ‘Queen of Hills’. It provides one of the most enthralling scenic views accompanied by the best tourist spots. They are not only beautiful in their view but also very romantic, thus serving one of the popular honeymoon spots since ages. It is always the best time to visit Ooty for honeymoon. The place will never let you down. Here is a list of 15 best honeymoon places in Ooty with images.

Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty With Pictures:

1. Avalanche:

One of the Ooty honeymoon spots, it is a forest area which is about 30 km from this town. It is mainly popular for avalanche sanctuary and its lake. It is a tourist spot which is highly preferred among tourists. Once you enter the lake you would see thousands of blooming flowers around it. These flowers are a treat to eyes.

It is known for its supply of water to Kundah Hydro Power stations. You can enjoy fishing in this lake after availing fishing accessories. You can avail these accessories from trout hatchery situated nearby. This area offers enchanting scenic beauty which you can enjoy fairy tale honeymoon by having your partner beside.

2. Rose Garden:

It is centrally located in Ooty and is one of the liveliest tourist spots. It covers an area of 10 acres. It has a huge collection of roses of varied colors. You will not only get red roses here but also roses of green, black and many other colors. It is filled with roses of unusual and unique colors which you would not get anywhere else. There are around 36oo variety of roses. They are brought about from different places around the world for display. Tourists get enthralled by the magnificent collection of roses in this garden. There are countless numbers of roses to be found here.

3. Elk Hill Temple View:

Apart from the gardens and lakes, this town is also famous for its renowned temples. Elk hill is one of them where Lord Murugan is worshiped. Thaipusam is celebrated every year around January-February in honor of the God. The hill consists of a big statue of Lord Murugan. Elk Hill is surrounded by thick green forests. It provides an appealing scenic view which takes your breath away. You get a full panoramic view of the entire city of Ooty from this hill. It is widely popular among the newlyweds who come here to seek blessings from Lord Murugan. Do not miss to seek blessings from the deity here. It is one of the most beautiful spot in Ooty for honeymoon.

4. Kamaraj Sagar Dam Of Ooty:

It is situated in the town of Ooty and is a popular honeymoon spot. This is also a great spot for shooting as well as for picnic. This dam is also known by the name of Sandynalla reservoir. It is situated at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Ooty. It offers great scenic view and is surrounded by green forests. This place is also a very popular spot for fishing. The lake is an artificial reservoir which has been formed nearby. It provides a very peaceful and serene ambience where you can enjoy the company of your partner in tranquillity honeymoon.

5. Glenmorgan:

It is a village which is popular among the tourists for its tea estates. It is one of the oldest tea estates and is also a famous spot for honeymoon. Apart from the tea estate, there is a rope way connecting a powerhouse of Singara and Glenmorgan. On your ride on the rope way you can enjoy enchanting view of the tea estate which is a treat to your eyes. You can also view the famous Mudumalai National Park from here along with the Moyar valley and Singara’s power house. The green color reflection of the trees on the water body is mesmerizing to watch.

6. Botanical Gardens:

Greenery always attracts you and in garden you will find every color of life. The hues of diverse flowers make your life pleasant. When you go somewhere for honeymoon you always try to find something attractive and unique in it. The Botanical Gardens in Ooty is the best option for honeymoon. Different flowers, a huge field, a beautiful lake will provide an excellent backdrop for your photo with your partner. Glass house is another attraction of this garden. There is a fossil tree which is very old. You can spend peaceful moment with your partner in the midst of nature.

7. Emerald Dam:

An amazing Ooty honeymoon spot, this is one of the most scenic lakes in Ooty. It provides a beautiful scenic view which is just mesmerizing. You can just stand and keep enjoying the view for hours without getting bored. It is surrounded by pine trees which gives a lustrous look to the view. You need to climb 1.5 km above to reach Emerald Dam from Emerald. For those of you who love adventuring, this spot can soothe your interests. If you are a nature lover then do not miss writing this spot down on your honeymoon list.

8. Needle Rock View Point:

It is the paradise of Ooty. One of the best Honeymoon places in Ooty. The scenic beauty is eye-catching and fantastic. During sunrise or sunset the place it decorates itself beautifully. If you visit at that it will make you spellbound. You will lose every word to see it. You do not have any word to describe it. You can see mountains as well as plains from here. It is a great place for clicking photographs. As it is not much crowded place you can able to spent tranquil moment with your partner in your honeymoon. The quiet breeze will make you happy and sooth your mind.

9. Tiger Hill Of Ooty:

This hill is famous for its enchanting beauty and the scenic view. It is situated towards the eastern part of the town. You need to walk forth the hill to enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley and its flourishing landscapes. This hill will provide you an escape from the busy life of cities. At the top of the Tiger Hill you would find a huge water reservoir which is a source of water supply for the town. You can already imagine the beauty of a hill which offers a giant pool of water reservoir at the top of it. It is one of the perfect Ooty honeymoon places for young couple.

10. Doddabetta Peak:

A mesmerizing Ooty honeymoon spot, at an altitude of 2,623 meters, Doddabetta Peak is the district’s highest point. It is situated in a distance of 10kms from Ooty. The valley below offers breathtaking view rich you can enjoy with your partner and can capture them by taking snaps. As it is situated at such a high altitude thus it is usually misty. The foggy conditions provide an enthralling romantic experience. There is a telescope house in its peak which lets you have a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. This hill also provides shelter to a number of flora and fauna species.

11. Ooty Lake:

This lake is one of the liveliest spots of this town and comprise of a huge water body which are surrounded by beautiful trees, and also one of the best honeymoon places in Ooty. The entrance consists of various snacks, flowers and other sellers. At the end of the lake you would find Boat Houses which provide overnight shelter to tourists. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake by staying overnight amidst the beautiful water body. If you want to have the most serene experience, go forward with the once in a lifetime experience of boat house.

12. Ooty Thread Garden:

This garden provides a huge display of various types of flora like flowers, and plants. The plants and flowers are fabricated using thread and wire. It has taken 12 years to complete the garden and its finishing results are mind blowing. It is also a cradle of a number of artificial plants like creepers, climbers and others. On reaching the thread garden, you will see the varied 400 shades of threads been used to create an alluring color combination. Surprise your loved one by taking them to the ultimate world of beautiful flowers and plants.

13. 6Th Mile (Shooting Spot):

This popular honeymoon spot offers magnificent scenic view as it is surrounded by dense green forests. This is also known shooting spot because a number of movies has been shot here. It is located at a distance of 6 miles from Ooty. This place is completely surrounded by forest thus acts as a romantic place for couples. Fall in love again with your partner in the dense green forest, away from the hustle bustle of the town. It is a great place to capture snaps and make countless memories in the lustrous green forest.

14. Catherine Falls:

This is the second largest waterfall which is 250 feet high. This fall is situated in the Nilgiris and is at a distance of 30km from Ooty. This waterfall is surrounded by scenic view of forest and wide tea plantations. For the couple who love trekking can reach this waterfall taking Kotagiri and Aravenu route. From Kotagiri, you can reach the falls fastest as it is located at a distance of only 8kms. Spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy the scenic view of this place.

15. Pykara Lake:

This lake is one of the most preferred honeymoon spots among the newly wedded couples. It is situated in between dense green mountains and valleys. Forests surround this lake which has a forest house for tourist accommodation. The lake comprises of a dam which is also named similarly. Boathouse comprise of its major tourist attraction. Enjoy the company of your partner amidst the clean and serene ambience of the lake. This lake is completely free from any kind of pollution and thus is pollution free.You can also spend time by boating and spend quality time with your spouse.

No longer should you remain confused wondering where to go on your honeymoon. Enjoy the nature offering at the utmost by visiting Honeymoon places in Ooty. It surely promises you a once in a lifetime experience with your spouse. Start the new journey of your life by visiting the Queen of Hills, Ooty.


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