Shimla is one of the top honeymoon places in India. Being a hill station, the climate and picturesque of green hills and snowy peak make it favorite for the couples. There are dense forests of fir, oak and some flower filled meadows as well. There are many temples to visit. The adventurous couples can even try trekking and go through long drives through the hills. We have enlisted below some beautiful Honeymoon Places in Shimla with pictures.

Famous Honeymoon Places in Shimla With Pictures:

1. Glen:

Glen is beautiful picnic spot in Shimla, with stream flowing by through the dense forests. It is near the Cecil Hotel and Kennedy House, so if couples are staying back there, they must visit this place for some calm and serene moments with their loved ones.

2. Kufri:

Kufri has gained a name on the sports and tourist maps in India because of its ski-runs, Seed Potato Farm and Food Craft Institute. Kufri in Shimla is a favorable place in winter due to its sports and adventurous couples would have a gala time here. It also provides a beautiful view of the Badrinath, Kedarnath, Shiwalik and Pirpanjal Ranges, that too from quite a height.

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3. Summer Hill:

Summer Hill is a pretty picturesque, on the suburbs on Shimla. It offers walks under the shade, to the couples in undisturbed surroundings give them some quality time to be spent with each other. The famous Himachal Pradesh University is located here.

4. Christ Church:

The Christ Church lies on the ridge and is the second oldest Church in northern side of India, built in 1857. It has a majestic look which stained glass windows. The church is represents, hope, faith, charity, patience and humility. It is known to be synonymous with Shimla, no one can count the city without this church.

5. Tattapani:

Tattapani is a hot spring which the couples can go and take a dip it. It only rejuvenates the body but is therapeutic. There is one tourist bungalow which accommodates about 20 people, if the couples can be lucky enough to find that vacant, it would be easy for them and they wouldn’t have to travel much.

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6. Mashobra:

Mashobra is a popular picnic spot in Shimla is amidst forest of oak and pine. It gives the couples a place to walk and talk, and then wouldn’t even known how time flies, in the beautiful scenery. The area which adjoins Mashobra is famous for apples orchards, apples in yellow, green and red of course. There is an annual fair called Sipi Fair held there, every June. We see a lady below, happy in her adventure sport, moving from one point to another on rope.

7. Fagu:

Fagu has a very idyllic surrounding and is mainly for couples who are seeking solitude and calmness. It is also full of apple orchards and the view of the Himalayas is very beautiful from Fagu. It is also a very popular trekking place in Shimla.

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8. Kamna Devi:

Kamna Devi is a temple and popular picnic place located near the Bioleauganj. It gives the couple a very different view of Shimla, thus if they have been spending time in the city, they ought to come a distance and see a different side of it. This hill is known by the name Prospect Hill. The Summer Hill and Jutogh can be seen from here.

9. Narkanda:

Narkhanda in Shimla shows a breath-taking view of snow line of the Himalayas, and the dense forests as well. The Hatu Peak is at an altitude of 3,143 meters above sea level about 8 km away from Narkanda. During winter skiing is the most popular sport. This is one of the best shimla honeymoon places so you never miss out this beautiful place.

10. Indian Coffee House:

There is a famous coffee house that all couples would crave for in the winter weather.


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