Tamil Nadu is a south Indian state and is extremely famous for its temples. This state will surely give you a taste of culture, history and of course the traditional food. Tamil Nadu also proves to be a great option for a honeymoon. There are plenty of places to visit in Tamil Nadu for a honeymoon. Before you say no, surely check these honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu.

Romantic Honeymoon Places in Tamil Nadu With Pictures:

1. Ooty:

Ooty, a town and municipality in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu located 80 km north of Coimbatore is the perfect honeymoon destination. Filled with many cozy cottages, beautiful lodges, swanky hotels and world-class restaurants, Ooty is flooded with honeymooners from different parts of the world on a regular basis. Ooty offers many adventure-filled activities including angling, hand gliding and trekking providing you a unique, unforgettable experience. Though nighttime in January and February is typically cold, Ooty which generally features pleasantly mild conditions throughout the year appears to be eternally stuck in spring. Being situated on the National Highway NH 67, Ooty can be easily reached through roads. Endowed with beautiful landscape and greenery, Ooty is indeed a perfect place for newlywed couples to break the ice and cherish wonderful memories.

  • Couples can indulge in lip-smacking snacks as this town is flooded with great restaurants. If you and your partner are looking out for some adventure, this town also offers you some thrilling activities. Take your partner for trekking, hand gliding and angling to make your honeymoon even more memorable.
  • Coimbatore is the nearest airport to Ooty. It is approximately 80 kms away. You can easily hire a bus or a taxi to reach your destination. Another airport which falls close to Ooty is Bangalore which is approximately 290kms away. The nearest railway station to Ooty Mettupalyam which is 40kms away from the city.
  • There are many hotels, lodges and cottages available in this town. One can rent a place according to budget and comfort.
  • March to June is definitely the best time to visit Ooty. The weather is extremely pleasant and couples can move out for sightseeing and other activities. The temperature does not rise above 20 degrees in the summer months hence it is the perfect time to explore the town.
  • Ooty Lake, Doddabetta, Government Rose Garden and Government Botanical garden are other major tourist attractions that you must explore.

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2. Kodaikanal:

This retreat located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is nationally recognised as the princess of hill stations. Kodaikanal which is known for its breath-taking backdrops that will definitely mesmerize you is filled with many enchanting viewpoints. The majestic Kodaikanal Lake filled with water lilies gives passionate honeymooners the opportunity to enjoy Bollywood romantic duets. It is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in South India.

  • Kodaikanal is the best getaway for honeymoon couples who are looking out to spend a cozy vacation on a hill station. The scenic view of this town is sure to leave couples mesmerized. Love birds can enjoy the delicious food, water lilies and stunning views. Do not miss out on the adventures of trekking, camping and hunting the gorgeous waterfalls.
  • The nearest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai which is approximately 118kms away. Other airports are Coimbatore and Trichy which are 170kms and 150kms away from Kodaikanal. Kodai Railway station is approximately 100kms away from the city. You can take a cab or a bus to reach the location.
  • There are many five star properties and humble accommodations available in this city. You can rent a place according to your own comfort and budget.
  • Kodaikanal experiences very pleasant summers and hence it is the best time to visit this city. Couples can enjoy trekking, boating and sightseeing in the pleasant weather. Monsoon is also a convenient time to visit this town since rainfall is pretty average.
  • Berijamlake, Bryant Park, Pillar Rocks Road, Coaker’s walk are other major attractions. Love birds can enjoy the natural beauty and fun activities here or just simply take a stroll in the parks.

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3. Coonoor:

Coonoor, a municipality in the Nilgiris district located in the state of Tamil Nadu, is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in India. Coonoor which features a subtropical highland climate is located at an altitude of 1,850 m above sea level. Filled with gardens that are adorned with many kinds of flowers and trees, Coonoor is known for its picnic spots. The green slopes are the most captivating part of the hill stations where you can see many happy couples sitting, relaxing and engulfing the beauty of this hill station while enjoying their honeymoon.

  • This is one of the most serene and beautiful honeymoon destinations that Tamil Nadu offers. Couples can relax and find a perfect picnic spot amongst the lush green slopes. Newly married couples often come here to enjoy the pleasant weather, food and scenic beauty of this place. The presence of stunning flowers and trees makes this place even more romantic.
  • There are no direct flights available to Coonoor. The nearest airports are Peelamedu and Calicut International Airport which are 42kms and 109kms away from this hill station. However, Coonoor is well connected to major cities by railways. You can take a bus or a cab from the railway station or the airport to reach your destination.
  • Many mid-range to high-range hotels and lodges are available in this city. You can conveniently get a nice stay according to your preference and budget.
  • October to March is the best time to visit this hill station. The temperature revolves around 8 degrees and is very pleasant for the honeymoon couples. This region does not experience very heavy rainfall so if you are a monsoon lover, you can visit this place in the monsoon months as well.
  • Droog Fort, Sim’s Park, Catherine falls and Dolphin’s nose road are other major tourist attractions. Couples come here to enjoy nature and various activities.

4. Yercaud :

Yercaud, a hill station situated in Tamil Nadu is famous for its unique topography that has the capacity to make your jaw drop. This hill station which is in based in the Shevaroy Hills of Eastern Ghats is mostly visited by honeymooners. In this place which is filled with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, parks and many colonial buildings, the temperature never exceeds 30 degrees.

  • This is an ideal honeymoon spot for newly married couples. Love birds visit this hill station to admire the beauty of nature and enjoy the pleasant weather. Lakes, waterfalls and parks are a must-visit. Couples can engage themselves in various activities to make their getaway even more special and unforgettable.
  • If you are planning to travel by air, the nearest airport to this hill station is the Tiruchirapalli International Airport. It is approximately 165kms away from Yercaud. Yercaud does not have its own railway station. However, Salem junction is the nearest railway station which is around 35kms away. You can take a bus or a taxi to reach your destination.
  • There are many hotels, lodges and resorts available in Yercaud. You can rent a place according to your budget and comfort.
  • You must visit this hill station during the summer months because the weather is very pleasant and it is also the peak season here. If you are a monsoon lover, you can visit this place between July-September. It experiences is a mild rainfall and chilly weather.
  • Kiliyur Falls, Shevaroy hills, Shevaroy temple, and Yercaudlake are other major attractions here. Couples must consider them worth a visit.

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5. Kotagiri:

Kotagiri which is the ultimate destination for newlyweds is the oldest hill station of the Nilgiris. Its weather is amazing and environment is actually beneficial to our health. The evergreen Longwood Forest is a one of a kind refuge for anyone who wants a little alone time in the midst of nature. The peace which you get in holding hands with and walking a few miles with your loved one cannot be explained in words and has to be experienced.

  • What is better than spending your vacation amongst gorgeous hills? Kotagiri is the oldest hill station and offers couples the most romantic spots for honeymoon. Longwood Forest can be a perfect escape for couples who are looking for peace and solace. This hill station is sure to leave you stunned by its scenic beauty.
  • The nearest railway station to this hill station is Coonoor situated at a distance of 21kms. Metupallayam railway station is around 33kms away and Ooty railway station is approximately 28 km away from Kotagiri. If you’re traveling by air, you can reach the Coimbatore airport and take a bus or taxi to reach your destination.
  • There are a number of hotels and lodges available on this hill station. One can book a cozy stay according to budget and preferences.
  • The best time to visit this place is March-June. The weather is extremely pleasant and you will so most honeymooners visiting Kotagiri during these months. You can also visit this hill station in the Monsoon months if you and your loved one are fond of mild rain.
  • The parks and forests of this town are worth a visit. Couples must explore these places to spend some peaceful time alone and enjoy hot snacks in chilly weather.

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6. Cuddalore:

Cuddalore which is a beautiful city to visit is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Being situated along the Bay of Bengal, Cuddalore is famous for its beautiful and eye-catching beaches, one of them being the Silver Beach which is the second-longest beach in Tamil Nadu.

  • Do you know any place more romantic than a beach? Couples can enjoy their feet sinking in beautiful sand. Let the waves hit you and the surreal aura rest in your souls. The beaches in Cuddalore will surely make it the best honeymoon for a newly married couple.
  • Cuddalore does not have an airport of its own. You can take a flight to the Pondicherry airport which is barely 12kms away from Cuddalore. Chennai is also an airport close to this city. It is approximately 150kms away. Cuddalore has local railway stations connecting to major cities in India.
  • There are a number of hotels and lodges available on this hill station. One can book a cozy stay according to budget and preferences.
  • October-March is the best time to visit Cuddalore. This city experiences very pleasant weather in the winter months. Monsoons can bring heavy rainfall which can be a hindrance to your love vacation.
  • Silver beach, Fort St. David, Pataleeswarar Temple and Dewanathaswamy Temple are the major tourist spots. Do visit this pious location with your loved ones.

7. Meghamalai:

Located in the Western Ghats of the Theni district, Meghamalai is also known as the High Wavy Mountains. Lying at an elevation of 1500 m above sea level it is very famous for its rich natural beauty. With pleasant climate, Meghamalai is a honeymooner’s paradise.

  • This alluring place offers the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon spot to newly married couples. Love birds can enjoy the serene and calm environment of this place. This place offers stunning views and spots where couples can find their moment of peace and romance.
  • Meghamalai is approximately 490kms away from Bangalore and 560kms away from Chennai. The nearest town to Meghamalai is Chinnamanur which is 25kms away. You can easily take a taxi or a bus to reach this location. The buses are well connected to neighboring cities.
  • The best time to visit Meghamalai is during winter months. Winter months offer very pleasant weather to honeymooners who want to explore this place. Monsoons can experience mild to heavy rainfall.
  • Many mid-range to high-range hotels and lodges are available in this city. You can conveniently get a nice stay according to your preference and budget.
  • Chinna Suruli, Thuvanam and Meghamalai viewpoint are other major attractions here that couples should not miss out on.

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8. Courtallam:

Courtallam, commonly called the “Spa of the south”, is situated at an elevation of about 167 mts. on the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli District. The water from the waterfalls in Courtallam has been proven to have medicinal and therapeutic qualities as it flows through forests of herbs. Courtallam which has a beautiful landscape is a popular honeymoon destination where honeymooners can also rejuvenate their bodies by bathing in the famous coutrallam waterfalls.

  • Courtallam treats couples with the most amazing honeymoon spots in Tamil Nadu. The waterfalls are known to have medicinal properties. Couples can take a bath in these waterfalls and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. This stunning landscape also offers you breath-taking views. Couples would surely fall in love again here.
  • The nearest airport to Courtallam is Tuticorin Airport which is approximately 86kms away. The other major airport is Madurai which has flights connecting to Chennai. Tenkasi railway station is the nearest railway station which is hardly 6kms away from Courtallam.
  • Many mid-range to high-range hotels and lodges are available in this city. You can conveniently get a nice stay according to your preference and budget
  • July, September, October, November, January, February and March are the best months to visit Courtallam. The weather is pleasant and there are no heavy rainfalls. Winter months make this place even more romantic for all the honeymooners.
  • Courtallam main falls, Tiger Falls road, Five falls, and Main falls road are other major tourist attractions. You must visit these places and experience the healing power of the waterfalls coming from herb forests.

9. Chennai:

Last but not least Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu can also be your honeymoon destination though it may not be the most obvious choice. Filled with beautiful beaches and swanky hotels, Chennai, the place where the old and the new meet can offer you the true taste of Tamil Nadu.

  • Chennai is known to be one of the most colorful and lively cities in Tamil Nadu. Couples can have a taste of rich culture, history and of course the local delicacies. The beaches are a must-visit where you and your better half can enjoy some sand and sunbathe. This can be a perfect honeymoon spot for newly married couples.
  • Chennai International Airport is known to be the third busiest airport in India and is well connected to major cities in the country. Chennai also has 3 railway stations named Chennai Central, Chennai Egmore and Tambaram. Taxis and buses are easily available.
  • Many mid-range to high-range hotels and lodges are available in this city. You can conveniently get a nice stay according to your preference and budget.
  • November to February is the best time to visit Chennai because the winter months are extremely pleasant.
  • Marina Beach, St.Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Arignar Anna Zoological Park and Government Museum are other major attractions in the city. One must not miss out on the beaches and delicious food.

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Discover your favourite Tamil Nadu honeymoon destination from this list of top 9 honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu, plan your perfect honeymoon and enjoy. If this article helped you plan your vacation, please leave a feedback!

Frequently Asked Question And Answers:

1. Are there any national parks and sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu?

Ans: The state has numerous national parks with rich vegetation, unique biodiversity, and an enormous range of fauna. For newlywed couples looking for a little adventure among the wild, Tamil Nadu is among the best honeymoon places in the world.

2. Which are the famous hill stations for honeymoon in Tamil Nadu?

Ans: There are many hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Take your partner to this paradise of natural beauty and surprise her with its gigantic diversity of the most distinctive selection of animals and an awesome variety of birds. Kodaikanal, Kotagiri, Meghmalai, Ooty are some of the many prominent hill stations famous for honeymoon in Tamil Nadu amongst couples and to be married partners. With all these amazingly romantic places in Tamil Nadu, there’s no doubt as to where you should spend your honeymoon.

3. What adventurous activities to indulge in while in Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Wander off to explore the age-old churches, museums, go for a bicycle tour together, enjoy thrilling scuba diving with your partner, and relish relaxing boat rides. Surrounded by magnificent hills, serene beaches, shimmering lakes, and waterfalls, most of these cities and towns make for fascinating honeymoon retreats.


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