Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura

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Tripura, a small North-Eastern state, is full of amazing tourist destinations. It is home to beautiful lakes, mountains, palaces, museums, temples and monasteries. The place is a tourist hub with green valleys and beautiful mountain ranges. This beautiful state is a perfect escape for you and your beloved for a perfect honeymoon. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Tripura.

Excellent Honeymoon Places In Tripura:

1. Jampui Hills:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Jampui Hills

Jampui hills are a perfect location for a romantic getaway. The journey should be taken by road to relish the beauty of the place. Experience the hot springs and the picturesque view of the place.The Jampui Hills are among the favourite honeymoon places in Tripura.

2. Lake Kamalasagar:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Lake Kamalasagar

Kamalasagar is an artificial lake in Tripura. It is a popular place for a romantic picnic. It is a great place to leisure around and enjoy nature. A mela is held during Navaratri, attracting a lot of tourists.

3. Tripura State Museum:

honeymoon places in Tripura

It was established in 1970. Now a housed in Ujjayanta Palace in the heart if the town. It preserves some rare images and epigrams numismatic evidence which highlight the glorious past of Tripura and some of the adjoining states. This place might get you to bond as you explore each of your fasination.

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4. Matabari:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Matabari

The ancient Tripura Sundari or Matabari Temple is quite well known tourist destination in Tripura. With the blessings of the deity there, there cannot be a better place to start your married life.

5. Dumboor:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Dumboor

Dumboor lake is a must honeymoon destination in Tripura. Enjoy amazing view of the hills from the group of 48 islands. Bird watching and boat rides make the experience even more memorable.

6. Unakoti:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Unakoti

Replete with hug rock reliefs which are considered as Lord Shiva, the locals celebrate a unique tradition known as Shaivism, which means praying for Shiva only. The rock carvings here are amazing, and the murals with their beauty are surely spots to remember. The waterfalls add to the whole scenery, making it an unforgettable honeymoon destination.

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7. Kunjaban Palace:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Kunjaban Palace

The Kunjaban which is the green hillock of the place is known for its picturesque beauty. The place is perfect to relax and praise the green beauty, green gardens, orchard and a small zoo. This palace has been a divine witness to Rabindranath Tagore’s creations. There are clean and nicely laid gardens inside the palace. Refresh your mind and enjoy a walk around the place with your partner. This is among the great honeymoon spots in Tripura.

8. Malancha Niwas:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Malancha Niwas

The bungalow adjacent to Kunjaban palace situate on a hillock was originally a “kachha house” where Tagore stayed during his visit in 1919. The “Puccs” construction was subsequently built and is now given a name Malancha Niwas. This is a perfect place to visit and explore while on a honeymoon.

9. Tripura Heritage Park:

Top 9 Honeymoon Places In Tripura - Tripura Heritage Park

Is an oasis of serenity over an area of about 4 hectares of land at Kunjaban palace situated in Agartala. It transport the visitor to a surreal place, providing a glimpse of the flora and fauna with an addition of culture of Tripura. The park abound in a variety of indigenous plants and trees. This is an ideal place to go further and relax while on the honey moon.

Take a romantic boat ride through the lake and make some memories while you do. The view of the Mahal which faces the lake will make it all the more intriguing for you to. The view that you get, will maybe even make your heart skip a beat.

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Those were some of the best honeymoon places in Tripura. Explore the picturesque locations and the lush scenery with your beloved. Visit the secluded spots for that perfect romantic getaway and make your honeymoon even more special. Enjoy each and every moment that you spend with your partner in this small state of India. Surprises actually do come in small packages!

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