A honeymoon is a time when you would like to spend some quality time with your partner. After the union of two souls, it is the time to steal some moments from the world and spent it quietly with the person with whom you are going to share your life. Everyone likes to make it unique, which one will be able to bore in heart throughout the experience. So let’s start your honeymoon journey today without wasting much time. Here we provide a list of 15 best honeymoon destinations in World with images, and that surely amaze you.

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Top Most Romantic Places In The World For A Honeymoon:

1. Europe:

Europe is the places which most of you would like to choose as your honeymoon destination. If you go to Paris you must not miss the Eiffel Tower, the beauty of the tower will enthral you. Among Best Honeymoon Destination in World, some others where you visit are British Museum in London, Piazza Della Signoria in Florence, De Pijp in Amsterdam and Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

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  • If you are planning for a honeymoon to Europe, then it should be done during the summer season May – September. The ticket fares and hotel rates are comparatively lower, the climate is pleasant, and the places are less crowded.
  • A lot of fairs and cultural activities take place during these months, and it would be a chance to know the social and cultural diversity of Europe. Europe is considered to be safe with well-lit streets, frequent police night patrolling and low crime rate.
  • There are a lot of things that you can do in Europe. But among them, the museum visit in Paris to see the Mona Lisa should be your priority. You can also visit the various beaches, take a ride on the London Eye, have a boat ride in London, or have a cruise in Geneva.
  • Reaching Europe is accessible from any part of the world. You would require a Schengen visa, which would enable you to travel to any country in Europe under the EU. Cities are connected by bullet trains, or you could rent out a vehicle and travel.
  • Well, food is one thing that you can’t miss being in Europe be it the pizza in Italy, Pierogi from Poland or the waffles from Belgium.
  • Since Europe has a lot of places to explore, we would recommend an eight-ten day tour to cover a good area and to imbibe the culture of the continent.

2. Switzerland:

It is the dream destination of the honeymoon couple. Though it is a small country, there are several places to visit. When you search the Best Honeymoon destinations in World, you cannot miss it. If you visit Jungfrau Region, the fantastic scenery of the place will fascinate you. The mountains Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau contrasting with meadows and valleys make it a wonderland

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  • Switzerland is the heaven on earth, and reaching this haven is easy by grabbing a visa and tickets from any part of the world. Once in Switzerland travelling around the country can be done by opting for public transport, rail, or by renting a vehicle or a taxi.
  • The ideal time to travel to Switzerland depends on the activities that you and your spouse would like to indulge in. If outdoor adventure activities are your concern then visiting during the break of spring would be a good time as the days are longer than nights. The cities are vibrant and offer late night activities too. However, you can’t go wrong visiting this place any time of the year. There are a lot of options for couples to stay in the country in and around the city in the form of hotels, and home stays.
  • Couples can go hiking, organised city tours, train travel to close by places, boat rides a the Rhine Falls, visit the Chillon Castle.
  • Switzerland is rich in its culture as well as its local cuisine and chocolates among which Rosti, Fondue, Bircher Muesli are a must try.

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3. U.S.A :

Thousands of couples prefer it as their honeymoon destination. San Francisco is the most voted one place for spending quality time. The busy city New York can also be your crowded city with trendy shops, iconic bakeries and vibrant culture will give no time no feel bored here. The sunny weather of San Diego can also force you to come to the U.S.A. The thriving nightlife and mouth-watering cuisine are the attraction of the place.

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  • Indeed, the land of opportunities, USA is one of the top preferred destinations for newlyweds for their honeymoon. Travelling to the USA can be done by from most parts of the world through tour planners and travel agencies. Airways are the means to reach the country, upon reaching couples can avail public transport and taxi.
  • Visiting the Niagara Falls should top every couples list of places to see in the USA. New York with its wide varieties of hotels, theatres, and options for nightlife should come second. Places like the Yellowstone national park, the Grand Canyon and the Statue of liberty are only a few of the possibilities the country offers.
  • Spring is the time you should ideally opt to visit the USA. The weather is excellent with clear skies, and the beautiful breeze gives the perfect time for outdoor activities.
  • The apple pie, the deep dish pizza, Texas barbecue are some of the world famous foods offered by America that everyone visiting the country should try at least once.
  • A total of eight spared for this trip would be ideal for newlyweds to create that initial bond and to see the greatness of the country.

4. Australia:

Australia is the country of islands. The most visited place of this country is Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, and Great Ocean Road, Port Jackson, and Bondi Beach, Melbourne City Centre Australia is one among the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon. The city centre of Australia will call you again and again for once you come here, you will not be able to forget it.

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  • A long flight is the only drawback this country has when it comes to travelling. Being an island continent there is no way to reach the country by road. Upon arriving couples can travel by public transport and Indians would be able to rent a car and travel in the country; however, the option for this has to be searched before reaching the country.
  • The land down under offers a plethora of activities for the day as well as the night. Adventure junkies can dive the great barrier reef, have a glimpse of the city from the Kangaroo point cliff, Skydiving. Kangaroo Island is a no-miss activity every couple visiting the country.
  • When it comes to food The lot burger, meat pies, the vegemite and the wide variety of seafood is the way to enjoy local food.
  • Resorts, homestays, lodges, and hotels are widely available in the country for couples to wind down after their day travelling and activities.
  • A week to eight days would suffice to enjoy the country.

5. Africa:

Africa is the country of adventurers. If you want to make your honeymoon adventures, then you can come here. When you first think of this country the places which you could visit are the Omo River in Ethiopia, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Virunga mountains, Marrakech in Morocco. The beauty of the mountains is just awesome. When you come here with the person whom you love you will remember it forever.

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  • Africa is natures bounty and airways is the only way to reach Africa, although there are only certain places in Africa that can be visited. Those places that are accessible are indeed an experience.
  • The greatest attraction of Africa is its wildlife and forests; therefore a safari should top your to-do list in Africa. After a safari, hiking, visiting the Victoria falls, and bungee jumping can be other activities that you may indulge in.
  • The idea behind visiting another country on a honeymoon is to experience the country, its traditions, and culture. Food is an integral part of the culture and Africa has a lot of it. Koeksisters, Melktert, Amarula Don Pedro are a few of the local cuisine that one must try while in the country.
  • Most of the places that are near to the city and is a tourist attraction have resorts and hotels to stay at. There are a lot of themed resorts in the country that can give a unique experience.
  • Couples planning to travel to Africa should keep a week to ten days to experience the country and to rejuvenate themselves before coming back to their lives.

6. Egypt:

It is the country of Pyramids and Pharaohs. But besides these, there are various places to visit here. River Nile, Sphinx at Giza, Valley of the King’s age-old monuments are most visited places in Egypt. It will make you familiar with the different encryption which will make you mesmerised. There is a temple called Karnak. Though it is a ruined temple, you will find something different to see here.

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  • It is comparatively easy to get hold of a travel visa, and certain countries have the option to get a visa on arrival.
  • Egypt is a country that has a long and celebrated history; hence it is only logical to submerge yourself in it. Visiting the pyramids and the Sphinx, taking a cruise in the river Nile will top your list. Cairo is a place that has ongoing activities 24hrs a day.
  • Aish Baladi, Fulmedames, Kushari, Kababwa Kofta, are a few of the not to miss local cuisine you and your partner must try.
  • Travelling is Egypt is cheap as uber is available at competitive rates, and visiting most of the historical places in Egypt should have a guided tour service. Resorts and hotels are available for tourists to stay at.
  • A week’s travel would suffice to enjoy the place.

7. United Arab Emirates (U A E):

If you prefer something very modern for your honeymoon, then you must come here. Each and everything here is very ultra modern which will make you think again and again how the country makes it more advanced than others. It is the Best Honeymoon Destination in World. You will not be able to resist yourself from shopping if you go to any shopping mall here. Diverse kinds of things are available here. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Al Ain are the top spots of United Arab Emirates.

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  • If in the middle east then its the UAE to be at. That’s right the UAE is the most happening place in the middle east and has a lot to offer. Travelling to UAE is easy as a travel visa is readily available to, and airways are also reasonably priced as there is frequent travel happening in and out of the country.
  • Skydiving, desert safari, Ferrari world, visiting the Burj Khalifa and the global village can be a great way to start of the honeymoon. The butterfly garden, Dubai miracle garden are some places to visit, and could probably end the stay by going on a shopping spree.
  • Travelling in UAE is easy as taxi services, metro, and public bus services work with high efficiency in this country, which will make your travel comfortable. Hotels and resorts are available for tourists.
  • Three- Four days would suffice to visit this country.

8. Malaysia:

It is another busy country where you can spend your honeymoon time. It is well known for its rain forests, beaches and Malay. A mixed culture is present here. It is a modern country with ultra modern things, but at the same time, many places with its natural look are current here. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one among it. The towers especially Petronas is a fantastic place for couples. If you want to be happy with shopping, you can go to Bukit Bintang. One can get the fragrance of both Hindu and Muslim religion from the Islamic Arts Museum and Batu Caves.

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  • Visiting Malaysia is easy as they have minimal formalities, and some countries even have visa on arrival options.
  • Travelling to Malaysia and its timing depends on what you are interested in. In short, it’s a place you can visit any time of the year and enjoy different experiences. Visiting the Petronas, beaches at the Langkawi islands, experiencing the culture of Malacca, and trekking Taman Negara National Park are a few options.
  • When it comes to travelling in the Malaysia public transport would be the best way to go as it would be lighter on your pocket. Taxi services are available, but they are highly priced and don’t run on a meter.
  • The stay options come with a variety to choose from ranging from resorts, hotels and lodges, which come at different sizes and prices. Food is another main attraction of this country and provides a lot of options. Nasilemak, Nasikerabu, Hainanese chicken rice, Soupy loushu fan are some of the local cuisines that one must try.

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9. Thailand:

Royal Palaces, ancient ruins, temples make the place ideal one for a honeymoon destination. Commercial hubs are also present here. Riverside temple WatArun is an excellent place to visit. Jim Thompson House and WatPhra That Doi Suthep is beautiful places.

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  • Thailand tour and travelling to Thailand is easy and requires minimal documentation. Visa on arrival is also available and is cheap.
  • Elephant show, Tiger Temple, Thai village cultural show., Floating markets and trekking are a few things couples should experience in Thailand.
  • Hotels, lodges and boutiques are available to rejuvenate yourself in the night. Travelling in Thailand is cheap, taxis and public transport are available. Taking a Tuk Tuk for some rides would add to the Thailand experience.
  • Phat Thai, Tom yam, Laap, Khaosoi, Kai yang are a few of the local cuisine one must try while in Thailand.
  • An ideal journey would range from three to four days in the country, which would give time to explore the abundant culture of Thailand. Carrying identification documents all the time, not riding a two-wheeler, and carrying a mosquito repellent is advisable.

10. Indonesia:

It is a country of land area and population. But beautiful, fantastic places to attract you are present here. There is a volcanic lake in Lake Toba which draws tourist’s attention more than anything. Besides giving you a place for a perfect photo shoot, and spending time with your partner, it will transfer you to a distinct land of pleasure.

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There are multiple ways to travel to Indonesia by air, sea, railway, and land, however travelling by air would be less strenuous and the least time-consuming.

  • A lot of outdoor activities await couples who are thinking of travelling to Thailand. A tour of the Bird Park in Bali, safari and marine park in Bali, Trekking on mount Batur and Sekumpul waterfall are some of the highlights.
  • Since Indonesia is a cluster of islands travelling in and around the islands have many options. Mainly airways would be your preferred travelling option, as it takes the least time. However, couples can rent cars, scooters, hire a taxi, or even travel by ferries.
  • Homestays, resorts, hotels and government rest houses are available in the busier islands and can be found at a competitive price. Satay, Beef Rendang, NasiRawon, Siomay are a few dishes to have in Indonesia.
  • A week stay would be pleasant enough for newlyweds to explore the vibrant country.

11. Ireland:

It is the perfect place for sightseeing and photography during the honeymoon trip. Boyne Valley, Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher are the places where you can go. The beauty of the sites makes you craggy. Nature with her exotic beauty will welcome you.

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  • If you stay anywhere out of the continent, then your only option to reach this mystic beauty is by air. A visa is also available at ease for celebrating a honeymoon.
  • Every frame of this country will transport you to a mystic, serene world, and the best thing to do is to enjoy this beauty. However, there are a lot of activities at your disposal. Visiting the Cliffs of Moher, The Guinness Storehouse, Slieve League are a few to name.
  • Travelling by renting a car is by far the best way to move around in Ireland. However, the country has a well structured public transport, railroads, and ferry services that can be opted for.
  • Traditional Irish food is a delight, and an experience worth it. Soda bread, Shellfish, Irish stew, Colcannon and champ are some of the best food you will ever have.
  • Three to four days of stay in the country will reward you with great memories.

12. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Disneyland is the place where you will lose yourself with imagination. Chinese culture and tradition are present here. Madame Tussauds is the wax museum where you will find different statues made of wax. It is one of the fairy tale and perfect place for honeymoon couples.

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  • Airways would be your way to travel to Hong Kong at reasonable rates. Ships are also available; however they aren’t available from every part of the world.
  • An array of activities await you in Hong Kong. Visiting the Po Lin Monastery, Wong Tai Sin Temple would be a good start. The city view from  Victoria Peak is enthralling. Treating yourself to a spa would be great.
  • Airport express, busses, minibuses, ferries, trams and taxis are available for tourists. Getting an octopus card would be convenient.
  • The food in Hongkong adds flavour to its intriguing culture and is something one must experience. They are well known for their seafood and its varieties. Apart from the seafood Dim Sum, Mak’s Noodle, Roast Meats is also great to treat yourself to. There is a continuous shortage of rooms to stay and booking ahead can get you covered. Other options that you can check we are the homestays, rest houses, and lodges.
  • Couples can explore this city within 3-4 days if the tour is planned.

13. China:

When you come here during your honeymoon, you must be prepared to see quite fantastic things here. The Yellow Mountains, Hong Village, Wuyuan village are the places which make you spellbound. There is a traditional seaside called Xiapu where the scenario alters constantly.
September to November should be your ideal trip to China. The weather is soothing, the views are way prettier, and reaching China can be done by airways, Indians can travel by road as its a neighbouring country; however, the policies are stringent.

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  • The natural beauty and the modern world built around it makes China a place that suits most people’s interests. Couples can enjoy the beaches of Xiamen, Jiuzhaigou the fairyland of the world are a few places to visit. Oh and don’t forget the Great Wall Of China, well how can you, it is enormous.
  • China with its ultra-developed economy has also taken care of the commuting needs of the country. Bullet trains, trams, taxis are all available to your disposal.
  • China being a big player in the tourism market has a lot of places to stay comprising of hotels, Apartments, Youth Hostels and Vacation Rentals. You can choose to stay cheaper or at top star hotels according to your budget.
  • Couples should spend about 8-10 days to enjoy the country to the fullest thoroughly.

14. Singapore:

It is the well-maintained place which can be your choice for your honeymoon destination. Santosa is a famous island here. Besides it, the largest fountain of the world. The Fountain of Wealth is here. There is a Buddha temple and museum whose architectural value is excellent.

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  • Travelling by air is the easiest; however, you can also go by a cruise liner but will take more time. A visit visa can be acquired through your local travel agency; yet few countries have the option to avail visa on arrival. Couples travelling from west Malaysia can also go via land if they wish to do so.
  • Singapore is a hotspot for tourists all year long, and hence has a wide range of options for stay. Moderate resorts to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels are there for your delight. Any time between November to January would be ideal for a visit as the climate is excellent and there are a lot of activities gearing up for the coming holidays and new year.
  • Singapore River Buskers Festival, Singapore writers Festival are a few celebrations that can be enjoyed during this particular time. Gardens By The Bay, Singapore river cruise, Singapore Zoo, S.E.A. Aquarium are other options for newlyweds to look forward to.
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli crab, Laksa are some of the local cuisines that one must try.
  • 3-4 days would suffice for couples to enjoy this land for its beauty.

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15. Germany:

It is a place of art and culture. Leipzig is also known for this. One can see here various performances. The largest island of the world Rugen Island will make you happy with old lighthouse and castles. The romantic Rhine with a dramatic formation and fabulous landscape make your honeymoon quite spectacular.

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  • If you live in any part of the world other than Europe, then travelling via air is their best option. You need to apply for a visa which could cause delays, and hence it would be advisable to apply a few weeks prior.
  • Visiting Germany during the shoulder season from March to May and October to November would help in beating the crowd, and would be a little more peaceful for the newlyweds to enjoy their solitude although the weather could be a bit chilly.
  • Heidelberg castle and old town bridge, Cologne for its cathedral, the mad king’s palaces, Bayreuth are some of the beautiful and historical places to see in Germany in this time of the year.
  • Youth Hostels, Family Hostels, Hotels, resorts and Boutique Hostels are some of the options you can avail, although booking in advance would ensure you a space with them.
  • Germany with its natural beauty and historical importance to the world is a place you have to visit at least once in a lifetime, and hence spending a week in this country would give the newlyweds to enjoy Germany.

Walk hand-in-hand and enjoy a romantic getaway that you so deserve at the best honeymoon spots in the world. Spanning all corners of the world, we have listed famous honeymoon destinations and detailed facts for the places which will make your choice making easier. The is no second time for this moment. We hope you celebrate your love in the most exemplary way possible.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

1. What are the requirements for visa processing to travel to Europe?

Ans: All nationals without a Schengen Visa would have to obtain a visa before their arrival in Europe.

2. What items are not allowed through luggage while travelling to the U.S?

Ans: Alcoholic beverages, agricultural items, cultural artefacts, sharp objects, liquid above 100ml are some of the article restricted while travelling to the country. For further details, please visit the website of The U.S Customs and Border Protection.

3. Is Scotland a safe place to travel to?

Ans: Apart from usual tourist traps and petty thieves as seen in almost all tourist destinations, the place is quite safe to explore. Be alert while travelling across cities.


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