Asian women are considered quite distinct compared to the mainstream standard of beauty. Their pretty skin, tiny cute eyes, smooth facial features, dark hair and youthful looks often mesmerize many. While these looks are considered docile a few years back, the new-age fashion world prefers the unique features for their charming appearances. Today, we have Asian models to talk about! These Asian models are considered super-hot and beautiful among the industry fashion standards and are ruling the global fashion world. From runways to shoots, shows to talks, they are meticulous in everything. They are among Asia’s top supermodels and deserve all our attention!

Top 25 Famous Asian Supermodels 2023:

We can’t wait to take you around and introduce you to these gorgeous Asian top models. These female models are one of a kind, glamorous, competitive and among the world’s best. Fascinated to check them out! Let’s get started!

1. Ming Xi(34):

Exquisite looks, plush style and grandeur appearances – our top favourite Asia supermodel undoubtedly is Ming Xi. The gorgeous looks lovely in all her appearances and has a spot-on attitude with the right styles and mesmerizing feels. How do you like her? She worked with top fashion houses globally and even appeared in Victoria’s Secret’s fashion walk.

2. Chiharu Okungi(31):

We can’t get over her bold and sizzling hot looks. Chiharu Okungi has got one of the industry’s magical faces and talented abilities to walk international red carpets and fashion runways. Hailing from Japan, she is already a known face in the global scenario and has worked with luxury fashion houses.

3. Du Juan(41):

Du Juan is among the prominent faces in the Asian modelling industry. The beauty is the first East Asian woman to ever appear in Vogue Paris and appeared in several Vogue China volumes. She worked with wonder houses of luxury brands and is popular for versatile looks and flexibility in the fashion styling industry.

4. Liu Wen(35):

Did you know that Liu Wen is among the first Asian models to have the highest earnings for appearing in the Forbes rankings?! She is also among the women who achieved several career firsts, such as working for several luxury brands, fashion houses and cosmetic houses, besides walking for fashion runways and being in the spotlight.

5. Margaret Zhang(30):

Talk about versatility in styling and looks, bold and ultra-hot appearances and contemporary styling methods; we first remember Margaret Zhang. Beauty is at the forefront of the fashion world with mesmerizing and sizzling hot sexy looks. We love her confident attitude, and she never fails to impress us on several fashion appearances and shoots.

6. Shu Pei(34):

Many don’t believe it when we say this cutie is a model. Her pretty features and youthful looks with a soft appearance may seem distant from the fashion world. However, she is also among the favourite Victoria’s Secret model and has worked for several luxury houses and brands.

7. Catriona Gray(30):

You might have heard of this diva if you follow the beauty pageants regularly. She won Miss Universe 2018 and stole many of our hearts with her mesmerizing and magical looks. The beauty is from the Philippines and is known in the fashion world for its enthralling looks and beautiful style statement. She indeed is among Asia’s top models.

8. Sheena Liam(32):

Sheena Liami is a beauty who recently won Asia’s top model award. Her gorgeous looks, experimental methods in the fashion world, and alluring looks captivate us into her. She worked with several fashion brands and even appeared on the covers of the most famous world fashion magazines! She has started her modelling career with a bang and still has a long way to go!

9. Kaci Beh(25):

Talk about youthful looks and trendy contemporary appearances; we love Kaci Beh’s modern statement appearances. The beauty dominated several of the international runways with her mesmerizing looks. She worked for several fashion houses and is a favourite for Dolce, Gabbana, and Julien Fournie. Moreover, she is known very well in the European fashion market!

10. Duan Mei Yue(24):

The Singapore-based model, Duan Mei Yue, is sizzling on international platforms for her distinct patterns of unique facial features. She is working currently with the brands like Sephora and Fenty and even appeared in Seoul Fashion Week. She looks breathtaking in versatile looks, right from high-end fashion to street fashion statement appearances!

11. Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying(27):

The Thailand beauty, Chutimon has won several awards already for being a gorgeous model and actress. The newcomer has been running the fashion world with her lovely looks and eye-catchy appearances. She works for several international fashion agencies and is the most sought-after model.

12. Nalisa Alia Amin:

Well, the fashion world may not always be good and accept everyone, especially plus size women. However, the diva has been revolutionizing the industry with her body-positive looks. She advocates for women to embrace their own selves with love and works with brands to bring acceptance in the industry for women of all sizes. Isn’t she gorgeous?

13. Hyunjoo Hwang(31):

The Korean model Hyunjoo Hwang is among the internationally famous diva for her alluring looks. She is among the few who recently appeared in Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine and has taken over the shoot with her bold and sizzling vibes. We love her pretty looks blended in well with her confident, smart attitude.

14. Fei Fei Sun(34):

Fei Fei Sun is a gorgeous Chinese beauty we all must know. Her famous looks are already well known in the international world of fashion, given her attitude, sleek style and mesmerizing yet bold appearances. Fei Fei Sun has worked for several luxury brands and top fashion houses, including Valentino, Miu Miu and Dior, and even appeared on several Vogue magazine covers. Isn’t she lovely?

15. Xiao Wen Ju(34):

Isn’t she dramatic? We love her grandeur and bold, confidence looks here. The model, Xiao Wen Ju, has already accomplished a lot in the fashion town. She works with top brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and others, and walks for international fashion shows. We are fans of her dramatic looks always!

16. Nana(32):

We all have been hearing about K-pop, and the crazy fan following it is drawing. Nana is a South Korean K-pop star, singer and model. The beauty is multitalented, both with the sizzling hot and beautiful looks, besides her talent in singing. We love her elegant and classic style statement and contemporary modelling choices.

17. Lee Hyo Ri(44):

The beauty, Lee Hyo Ri, is among Korea’s favourite models. She worked with several cosmetic brands in the country and is also the face of many luxury brands across the globe. We love her bold, appealing appearance and how well she can effortlessly pull it off for different themes. What do you think?

18. Fernanda Ly(26):

The pinkish or orange hair, bangs, witty looks and quirky styles – talk about the uniqueness and experimental abilities in fashion; not many can succeed. But this diva, Fernanda Ly, pulls several such versatile looks. First, she rose to prominence in the fashion town with her sizzling hot and bold styles. Now, she is the face of several campaigns for international brands such as Tiffany and Co., Louis Vuitton and Dior.

19. Tao Okomoto(38):

The model. Tao Okomoto is the face of several brands in the Asian fashion industry. She hails from Japan and works globally with several luxury brands and fashion houses. The beauty has even appeared on the cover of Vogue Japan magazine. Isn’t she cool?

20. Pooja Mor(31):

The Indian diva, Pooja Mor, got popularity in the national fashion market and rose to prominence in both East and West. She walked fashion runways and impressed fashion experts with her confident and bold attitude and appealing looks. Pooja worked with several acclaimed brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Altuzarra and more. She achieved a good name and limelight in a short period and still has a long way to go!

21. Sui He(34):

The Victoria’s Secret model, Sui He, is blessed with feminine and gorgeous features that make the fashion world go awe! She has appeared in several brand shoots and runways and worked with top houses such as Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren and many more. We love her flawless, elegant looks and how she blends simplicity with contemporary style.

22. Shanina Shaik(32):

The Aussie-settled model, Shanina Shaik, has ancestry from Jamaican, Lithuanian and Pakistani regions and has the most stunning features blended with distinct looks. She has changed the fashion world with her compelling and remarkable looks and worked with the top fashion shows and houses across the globe.

23. Soo Joo Park(37):

We cannot end the list of top Asian models globally without our diva, Soo Joo Park. While Asian women typically are appreciated for their soft and distinct facial features, our beauty has turned the notion upside down by experimenting with bold looks. Her blonde hair and unique styles shocked and mesmerized the audience at the same time. She walked for several fashion runways internationally and is also the first Asian to be a spokesmodel for L’Oréal.

24. Kiko Mizuhara(33):

For several years, the Japanese beauty Kiko Mizuhara has been listed among the top Asian models by many fashion agencies and magazines. The diva worked with leading brands such as Dior, H&M and Tiffany and Co., and had made her name with impressive and fascinating looks.

25. Qin Shupei(34):

The Chinese model, Qin Shupei, is another gorgeous diva from an Asian country to have appeared as Victoria’s Secret model for several consecutive years. She worked with acclaimed brands and is a noted model for several agencies. Her classy and youthful shiny looks attracted an international audience! We love how she pulls the limelight towards her at all appearances, with her appealing and sexy style statements!

These top Asian models are sure to pull the threads and change mainstream fashion preferences across the globe. Their stunning looks and bold styles stole the limelight many times. They are working with leading international brands and fashion houses and making heads turn on the fashion runways. How do you like them? Let us know your thoughts


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