Web series and OTT platforms have definitely changed the way of entertainment life. They have redefined the norms of stardom, entertainment and opportunities in the industry. Especially with the onset of a pandemic, web series have witnessed great demand in India. It is filled with talented actress, and today, we are doing a round-up on the best web series actress in the country. These actresses have been appearing prominently in several web series across the country and have gained their name. They are beautiful, talented and natural. Let’s check this list of Indian web series actresses now!

30 New Indian TV Adult Series Actresses Names and Pics:

These web series actresses are mesmerizing, talented, beautiful and super-hot. They are famous in several web series, and you must check them out. Here we go!

1. Ankita Dave(30):

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Ankita Dave, a prominent figure in social media, initially entered the entertainment industry through her involvement in the web series “Singaardaan” on Ullu. Although she had a minor role in this particular series, Ankita went on to collaborate with various other OTT platforms. One of her notable accomplishments includes the creation of the widely recognized web serial called “Matakni Ke Matke,” which premiered on the Rabbit app.

2. Mahi Kaur(35):

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Mahi Kaur, a popular American model and performer, gained recognition as an actress in Ullu web series. She is well-known for her role in the acclaimed web series “Gaon ki Garmi” by Ullu. Mahi Kaur embarked on her career in the entertainment industry as a model after completing her studies.

3. Kasturi Chhetri(31):

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Kasturi Chhetri is a model and actress recognized for her portrayal in the adult web series “Charmsukh Karna Zaruri Hai.”

4. Anveshi Jain(31):

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Anveshi Jain is a renowned Indian actress and model recognized for her roles in web series. She has appeared in various popular web series like “Gandi Baat” and “Who’s Your Daddy.” Anveshi Jain’s attractive physique has garnered a significant fan following. She has gained immense popularity due to her involvement in bold and dramatic web series. Anveshi Jain is highly regarded as one of the beloved actresses on the Ullu app.

5. Ruby Bharaj(30):

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Ruby Bharaj has made appearances in several shows including CID, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Pavitra Bhagya, Gandii Baat, and Virgin Bhasskar.

6. Mithila Palkar(30):

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Mithila Palkar has gained prominence and came into the limelight after her debut in Little Things. The beautiful actress is mesmerizing and super youthful, and contemporary, giving us a girl-next-door vibe. After gaining her name, she has worked in several other web series, such as Girl in the City and Official Chukyagiri. She works prominently in the Hindi web series, and most of her series is streaming on Netflix, Hulu or Youtube. She even appeared in the famous Bollywood movie, Karwaan. She is among the most popular Hindi web series actresses in the country.

7. Sobhita Dhulipala(30):

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The South Telugu actress Sobhita Dhulipala is a famous face for all of us. She has achieved name and fame from the Amazon Prime series, Made in Heaven. Her on-spot acting, impeccable sense of the talent, and naturally appearing on screen, has taken her to many places, and now she is among the leading actress in the country. She even appeared in other digital shows such as Bard of Blood and a few Malayalam and Telugu movies. There is absolutely no stopping her now! How do you like this Bollywood web series actress?!

8. Shweta Tripathi(37):

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If you watched the most famous Indian shows like Mirzapur, you might have recognized the diva, Shweta Tripathi. The beauty prominently acts in Hindi series and movies and has appeared in several films, too, such as the Trip and the critically acclaimed, Masaan. Besides the film, Shweta also has worked in shows such as Laakhon Mein Ek. Her acting has a sense of gripping feeling, and she never fails to impress the audience. Shweta looks youthful and funky and looks enthralling on the screen.

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9. Maanvi Gagroo(37):

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Before the onset of all prominent OTT platforms, we all used to watch series on the good old YouTube and similar wise platforms. One of the most famous productions in here for Hindi viewers is TVF. Maanvi is a famous face for TVF shows and appeared in acclaimed series such as Permanent Roommates TVF Pitchers. She also has bagged roles in Hindi movies with her talent and looks. The beauty is natural in her on-screen appearances and looks breathtaking both on and off the screen.

10. Angira Dhar(34):

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You will be mesmerized and thrilled by the diva’s beauty. Angira indeed sets competition even to the mainstream B-town actress. The beauty has appeared in web series such as “Bang Baaja Baarat” and “Love Per Square Foot.’ She is pretty well-known on social media platforms and a modern-day fun girl who loves experimenting with her characters. So how do you like her? We are in awe of her hot and statement looks!

11. Shriya Pilgaonkar(33):

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Although Shriya has appeared in very few web series, she has quite a lot of fan following. Shriya is a known face in series such as Mirzapur and Beecham House. We love how alluring her looks are. She has a classic feminine look and always charms us with her smile.

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12. Radhika Apte(37):

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How can we miss out on Radhika Apte? Beauty is prominent even in Indian cinema and is famous for taking gripping, unique roles in all her characters. Radhika has been recently featured in many web series for Netflix, and we love how well she is doing. She has appeared in web series such as Sacred Games, Lust Stories, Ghoul, and Bombairiya. She is indeed hands full with several projects. Radhika also looks fresh and new in every character she portrays and has mesmerizing beauty that always fascinates us.

13. Yashaswini R Dayama(28):

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Well, you might not recognize the beauty of the name, but she is indeed a familiar face in the Indian web series. Yashaswini has acted in several series such as Made in heaven, Delhi Crime, and What are the Odds. Her series premiered on Netflix and Prime, and she is a friendly character in most of her roles. She looks absolutely adorable and pretty, with youthful and cute looks. Her performances are also nothing short of spectacular.

14. Nidhi Singh(37):

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Nidhi Singh appeared on the internet’s favourite; Permanent Roommates show by the TVF. She rose to fame from the show, and there is no turning back. Nidhi is famous for her admirable appearance and down-to-earth attitude. She gives an easy and casual vibe and is natural in her looks and style statement.

15. Palomi Ghosh:

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The recent Netflix-released horror series, Typewriter, has impressed audiences even internationally. If you have watched it, you might have recognized Palomi Ghosh. She is among this series’ hottest Indian web series actresses and is lauded for her natural performance and gripping acting. Her curly hair and natural looks mesmerize us and impress us for being down to earth. She appears friendly even off-screen, and she definitely has a long way to go with her talent. So, what do you think of her?

16. Kritika Kamra(34):

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Kritika Kamra is a well-known face on television. She has delivered hit performances in shows such as Kitani Mohabbat Hai Prem Ya Paheli and appeared in a dance show, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. In addition, Kritika has appeared in the web series I Don’t Watch TV and has received a lot of appreciation for her performances. She looks exquisite and extremely beautiful in all her roles, and she always leaves her footprints in the projects she works on.

17. Aahana Kumra(38):

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The tall beauty, Aahana Kumra, might have appeared in only a few series. However, the hot actress has made a name for herself. Her funny series, Official Chukyagiri, has gained her a lot of names and made us fall in love with her. Her breathtaking natural beauty is perfect on the screen for her roles, and she is indeed among the hottest web series actress in India.

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18. Kalki Koechlin(39):

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Kalki’s name is well-known in both the cinema and OTT worlds. She has worked in numerous series, such as the famous Made in Heaven, Sacred Games 2, and Man’s World. Kalki’s impeccable sense of talent impresses us, and she is natural with her acting methods. She has such beautiful looks, and her mixed national personality also gives her a sense of charm on the screen.

19. Aisha Ahmed(26):

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Aisha Ahmed became famous after her performance in the Adulting web series. The Dice Media production and mini-series, Adulting, has got a lot of appreciation for making and keeping it to reality. The actress rose to prominence with her flawless acting methods. We also love her elegant looks and the way she carries herself off-screen. Her striking facial features always mesmerize us. What do you think?

20. Anupama Prakash(48):

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If you haven’t come across Anupama Prakash’s web series, it is time you must check it out. The diva is an Indian actress and model who worked in Telugu Tamil movies besides web series such as Woodpecker and Lovely Message Parlor. She has risen to prominence for her strong performance, besides her hot style statement and appearance. Do check her out!

21. Sapna Pabbi(30):

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The actress, Sapna Pabbi, might not be well known in the mainstream industry. However, you must check out her gorgeous looks. Sapna acted in tv shows and web series, and her popular latest series, The Reunion has got quite a lot of appreciation. Her fans will appreciate her fun character with vibrant looks. Sapna carries a sense of charm and always appears fashion-forward with her style and elegance.

22. Saba Azad(37):

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Saba Azad is among our favourite recent young web series actresses. She has a sense of enchanting look and beauty that impresses us. The actress and theatre director, Saba, has appeared in the recent web series Ladies Room and she is absolutely charming. Saba has achieved a lot of fans following post the show, and we are not shocked. Saba’s beautiful looks seem all-natural, and we love how she carries herself!

23. Shreya Dhanwanthary(34):

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Did you ever witness Shreya Dhanwanthary on screen? If not, you must! Her on-screen performances have fascinated us with her beautiful looks, and we can’t get over her. Shreya appeared in several web series such as The Family man, Mumbai Diaries, and Ladies Room. Her beautiful and natural looks have a lot of appreciation and a fan following. Shreya’s glowy, radiant face is something we can’t forget!

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24. Kriti Vij(33):

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Kriti Vij rose to fame after her character Tara in Baked. She is absolutely beautiful in the series and looks perfect with acting and sizzling hot looks on her screen. With her appealing and charming looks and appealing style statement, Kriti Vij definitely has a long way to go. Her attractive looks are something we love and can’t get over with! She is now busy with a lot of projects, and we don’t wonder, given her sense of talent and looks!

25. Isha Talwar(35):

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Isha Talwar is a famous face in both B-town and Hindi web series. She has appeared in multiple series such as Home Sweet office, Mirzapur and Kaalakandi. We love her wide beautiful smile and dazzling looks whenever she comes on the screen. She owns the space and looks heavenly in all her performances.

26. Prajakta Kohli(29):

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Prajakta’s name is a popular one in the Indian YouTubing world. Her channel has millions of subscribers, and she is fun in all her appearances. Prajakta debuted in the world of web series with the recent show, Mismatched. The series has got an instant hit with her charming lit acting, and we see she has a long list of things to achieve. Prajakta’s youthful looks and every smiling face are something we can’t forget!

27. Hiral Radadiya(33):

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Hiral Radadiya has appeared in series such as ‘The story of my wife’, ‘fraud’, and ‘tharki boss.’ She hails from Mumbai and has been in the web series acting for a long time. Her hot looks and sizzling vibes on the screen are what got her a good fan following.

28. Ahsas Channa(23):

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Ahsas is a famous actress for the TVF production house. She has appeared in series such as Kota Factory, and Girls Hostel, and has gained her name with her beautiful looks and acting skills. Can you guess what the most striking feature of Ahsas is? Well, we love her beautiful tresses! They definitely add a feminine and elegant look to most of her appearances.

29. Parul Gulati(28):

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Parul Gulati has appeared on various OTT platforms such as Netflix, ALT Balaji and MX player. Her performances in Girls Hostel, Selection Day and hey Prabhu are appreciable. Parul is a talented actress with hot looks and a glamorous style statement. You must check her out!

30. Tithi Raj(31):

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Tithi Raj is another lovely actress from the series Girls Hostel and also acted in other shows such as Untouchables, and Indori Ishq. Tithi’s fun acting and roles give her special limelight amongst other crowds. Her desi looks to attract a good fan following, for what she reflects on the classic Indian girly appearance.

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So, how do you like this list of hot web series actresses in India? They indeed have received limelight for their fashion-forward looks, beautiful hot style statement, and appearances. So, which among these are your favourites? We love to hear from you!


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