A great way to exercise these days is by doing hot yoga. It allows you to try different kinds of poses that will remove all harmful toxins from your body and promote healthy and glowing skin. You will also lose weight and live an active and healthy life because of Hot Yoga. This practice requires you to stay in a heated room during the session. Some researchers have said that hot yoga is very much beneficial for those who are suffer with several healths related problems such as joint and spinal pain, obesity and muscle pain. To get a basic idea and understanding of what Hot Yoga is really about, you may refer to this article that has been designed just for your benefit.

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Benefits of Hot Yoga Poses:

1. Full Locust Pose:

The Full Locust Pose is also known as Salabhasana. This move might not be the easiest to do for beginners since it requires you to lift your legs and torso at the same time. We suggest that you practice this under the supervision of a professional to avoid any kind of injury. You will benefit from this pose in several ways. Firstly, you will receive a lot of strength in your upper arms, thighs and hamstrings. This also has therapeutic values and helps you tone the core sections of your body. You have to hold for a couple of seconds before you can relax.

2. Locust Pose:

Speaking of the locust pose, this move is great for strengthening your arms, fingers and calves. Your upper body shall be toned and you definitely lose a lot of weight if you do this several times in your entire yoga session. Several kinds of health related problem such as slipped disk, gout and sciatica shall be gone forever. If you are suffering with tennis elbow, consider doing the locust pose. It is going to heal you only within a couple of days. Your buttocks shall also be toned and so will your hip rotators.

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3. Cobra Pose:

The third best pose that Hot Yoga offers you is Cobra Pose. It will strengthen your triceps, deltoids and trapezius. The functioning of your liver and spleen shall also be improved. You can also get rid of menstrual problems such as stomach ache, back ache and cramps. The Cobra is also great for those who want to improve their overall health and be more flexible and fit. They are known for getting rid of arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago and lower back pain. Indeed this pose is the best for everyone who has witnessed any kind of body pain in their life.

4. Bow Pose:

The bow pose is full of benefits. It might not be easy at all if you are a beginner, therefore be patient and learn the move well before you can perform it. This one shall help your liver, small and large intestines, kidneys and spleen to function properly. It relieves all kinds of back ache, lungs, oxygen intake and improves your posture. Your digestive tract shall also see significant changes and your upper arms, thighs and hips shall be toned. You are definitely going to improve your health in several ways if you practice the bow pose.

5. Fixed Firm Pose:

The fixed firm pose helps those who suffer with rheumatism, gout or sciatica. It improves flexibility in your body since it requires you to stretch throughout the whole procedure. Expect to feel some strength in your lower spine, back, knees, hip flexors and quadriceps.

6. Half Tortoise Pose:

For the half tortoise pose, you will feel a lot of relaxation in your body. This move is great for those who want to feel tension free. It firms the abdomen and thighs and helps in improving the digestive system. Your blood circulation shall increase and your lungs will also expand. You will learn to breathe the right way with this pose. It will also increase the flexibility in your hip joints, triceps, scapula, dorsi muscles and deltoids.

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7. Camel Pose:

Get fit and healthy by doing the innovative camel pose. Also known as Ustrasana, this pose shall help in stretching your abdominal muscles and reduce chances of constipation. Your abdomen and waist line shall be firmed and slimmed and you will also be able to stretch the throat and the thyroid gland. Back ache shall be gone permanently and you will be able to live a very strong and active life with this.

8. Rabbit Pose:

The Rabbit Pose is great for the thyroid glands. It will maintain the elasticity of all the muscles in your body and will also improve your nervous system. The digestion shall be improved and you will be able to receive a lot of nutrition because of the health benefits you are going to benefit out of it. People who suffer with sinus or tonsillitis should definitely try doing the rabbit pose.

9. Spine Twisting Pose:

This is the only exercise that twists the spine from the top to the bottom at the same time. The blood circulation in your body is going to increase and you will see a lot of flexibility in your hip joints. Your thighs, buttocks and abdomen muscles shall be stretched and firmed. People who suffer with lumbago and rheumatism should definitely try doing the spine twisting pose in order to see significant changes.

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10. Blowing In Firm Pose:

This is the final and last exercise you should do before you end your Hot Yoga session. It will conclude your session, cool your body, increase blood circulation and also exhale all kinds of toxins from your body. Your waistline and abdominal organs shall be strengthened as well. Since this is the last pose, don’t be in a hurry to end it. Stay calm and spend some time on doing this pose well. Also learn to be a keen observer of things around you.

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