The most beautiful and hottest women on the planet! From runways and fashion shows to our flat screens, these gorgeous beauties are ruling it all right now. Our most beautiful women are challenging the mainstream standards, dominating the fashion globe, changing the trends, and accomplishing well in all realms. They are flawless, naturally beautiful, flattering and mesmerizing. Their confident looks, spot-on attitude and hot appearances made all of us go in awe!

Today, we have compiled the list of our most gorgeous and hottest women on earth. Take a look and see for yourself how many you recognize in this list!

20 Hottest Women Trending on the Internet Today 2024:

We are not exaggerating when we say that we can’t take our eyes off these beauties! They are mesmerizing and sizzling hot. Have a look!

1. Emila Clarke(37):

If you watch the fantasy series, Game of Thrones, you instantly recognize the diva. Emila Clarke has been named among the hottest women present on the planet by several lists, including celebrated FHM. She is gorgeous, witty, talented, and smart. Emila is also among the highest-paid actresses and has graced top rankings in several fashion magazines for being the most beautiful woman alive. So, what do you think? Do you agree that she is among the hottest actress on earth currently?

2. Rihanna(35):

We can’t leave out Rihanna’s name off the list, can we?! The beauty erupts from confident looks, hot style statements and right-on attitude. She is among the planet’s most popular singers and models and is also named among the most influential and hottest women of the year by several fashion magazines. Her hot looks, experimental style and body-positive image always inspire us!

3. Ashley Graham(36):

Beauty comes in all colours and sizes, and we can’t agree more! Ashley Graham is one such celebrity who redefined and brought a revolution to the world of fashion. Her stunning looks and spot-on style are appreciated widely on the fashion planet. Ashley indeed is among the hottest curvy models and recently launched a swimwear collection for women across size groups. Well, aren’t we impressed?! You go, girl!

4. Gal Gadot(38):

Do you like superhero franchises? If so, Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman must not be missed. She has our attention with her beautiful style, confident attitude, and talent in action movies! Her perfect fit-toned body and impeccable edgy, hot style mesmerize us!

5. Jourdan Dunn(33):

Did you know that Jourdan Dunn is the first British-African-origin model and celebrity to appear in the Forbes rankings? Yes, you heard us right! Our beauty is among the stylish and talented women ranked among the top for her looks and sense of remarkable talent. Jourdan has no turning back right now; she rules the fashion planet runaways, shows, and photoshoots with her perfect sense of self! Isn’t she inspiring?

6. Scarlett Johansson(39):

In the hottest women living on the planet, we can’t miss out on the ever-gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. The glamorous woman in Hollywood has taken down the industry with her beauty and skills. She is a versatile actress – right from creative art movies and dramas to playing a superhero; she nails them all seamlessly! She has been at the top of several fashion lists for years together. Scarlett has also been among the highest-paid and grossing actresses in Hollywood.

7. Angelababy(34):

Angelababy, otherwise known as Angela Yeung Wing, is among the women who brought the earth to her feet with stunning and pretty looks. She is named among the earth’s most beautiful and hot women right now by several agencies. We love her feminine fashion statements, especially her unique eye towards contemporary global fashion.

8. Adriana Lima(42):

Talk about the perfect contoured face, bronzed looks and elegant style; we can only think of Adriana Lima. She is indeed the Goddess of timeless beauty. They say a few age fine like wine, and she is a perfect example. Adriana has been on countless modelling projects, fashion shows and acting assignments, and she never fails to impress us at all!

9. Margot Robbie(33):

Aussie women and their beauty are a lot underrated in the fashion town. See Margot Robbie, and you’ll agree with us! The Australian beauty is among the most attractive and desired women on earth right now. Talk about talent and looks; she has it all! Her stunning unique appearances, flawless flattering style and remarkable acting in some of the most hit films never make us forget her.

10. Priyanka Chopra(41):

The Indian beauty, Priyanka Chopra, travelled a long way. From her career in Bollywood to now being a star in Hollywood, she stands tall as an inspiration for long young girls and women. Priyanka is incredibly beautiful and stunning and has led the fashion planet forward with her looks and talent. She is listed among the top hottest women on earth by several fashion magazines and agencies. Do you agree too?

11. Emily Ratajkowski(32):

Ethereal beauty! Emily Ratajkowski is nothing less than a timeless and elegant beauty. Her magnificent looks, figure and style statement, make us go dizzy! She has been among the model, actresses and celebrities with the highest demand for fashion shows, magazine shoots, and runways for her mesmerizing appearances.

12. Kate Upton(31):

How can we look graceful yet sizzling hot simultaneously? Learn from Kate Upton! The beauty has appeared in several modelling assignments and magazine covers; we love how she never lets us down. Her experimenting with unique looks and setting fashion trends on fire by making new remarkable appearances; Kate nails them all!

13. Beyonce(42):

We can’t finish this list of hottest women on the planet without listing the beauty, of Beyonce! Her versatility in the fashion planet mesmerizes us! Not an appearance or fashion event went by without our beauty nailing the red-carpet look with her uniqueness and creative styling ideas. What do you think of her?

14. Kim Kardashian(43):

Not even a day passes by without us hearing the social media celebrity and reality star Kim Kardashian’s name. Kim has been hailed as a strong woman who has built the social media empire around herself with hard work! She now has her name in most of the fashion planet’s segments – from beauty and makeup to apps, fragrances, accessories and more!

15. Selena Gomez(31):

The real-life Disney girl, Selena Gomez, has stolen our hearts right from her young age group. She is undoubtedly among the earth’s most famous singers, musicians, and models. Her youthful, attractive looks and timeless styles have given her star status. She is considered among the hottest musicians of the present age.

16. Gigi Hadid(28):

When we think of Gigi Hadid, the first thing we remember is her impressive and striking facial features. Her unique eyes, hot style statement and edgy contemporary looks impress us all the time. Undoubtedly, as many fashion experts view, Gigi has a very good set of looks inherited from her genes and always appears strikingly gorgeous! She is among the hottest as well as the highest-paid model celebrity on the earth right now.

17. Kendall Jenner(28):

We all have heard of Kendal Jenner’s name precisely because of her name as an internet personality. She has millions of followers on Instagram, undoubtedly among celebrities with stunning looks and a huge fan following. Kendall’s beautiful looks, hot fashion style and impressive personality fascinate us.

18. Irina Shayk(38):

Irina Shayk is undoubtedly among the contemporary models who have the most striking and elegant features. Her blue eyes, exceptional beauty and confident personality impress us. Irina is among the most popular Victoria’s Secret model and fashion goddesses in the industry, and we can’t let go of her fashionable appearances anytime soon!

19. Megan Fox(37):

No one can disagree with us when we say that Megan Fox is literally the Goddess with the hottest looks right now! Her fine and beautiful tresses, cheeky-toned looks, and hottest styles are always the talk of the fashion town. Megan looks eye-catchy and alluring in all her shoots, and we don’t care how many ever plastic surgeries she may have got; we can’t get over her striking beauty!

20. Bella Hadid(27):

Like her sister, Bella Hadid too is often among the talks of the fashion town. Their impressive modeling appearances, unique looks, and creative styles are noteworthy in our modern era. Their porcelain skin, brown hair, toned physique, striking features, and appealing body type are eye-catching, and they are often hailed as one of the supermodels of this current generation. Bella has worked with several luxury and top fashion brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein, and Balmain and still has a long way to go!

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So, how did you enjoy reading about this stunning and hottest woman on the planet list? They are among the most beautiful and hottest women alive on the earth, without any doubt. Let us know your thoughts!


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