The tall, blonde Australian beauties are quite underappreciated in mainstream fashion. The hot and gorgeous beauties are known for their impeccable looks, breathtaking features, and incredible fashion sense. Wondering who they are? Today, we have Australian actors female to treat you with cute and beautiful talented divas. While you might have heard or noticed a few of these shining faces in movies and on-screen, you may not know a few beauties! These Aussie women either are born in Australia or have Australian descent and have the most attractive and mesmerizing looks.

Interested to know more? Read along to learn about the famous hot Australian actresses right now.

15 Hot Looking Australian Actresses in Hollywood 2023:

These are the most famous Australian female actresses who are multi-talented. Their elegant fashion sense, contemporary looks, classy vibes, and gorgeous feminine features are challenging to match. Here we go with the most beautiful Aussie actress.

1. Margot Robbie(33):

Margot Robbie is a famous face on the list of Australian actresses. She is among the present hottest actresses ruling the movie industry. Margot is from Queensland, Australia, and is famous for her beautiful sleek facial structure, striking beauty, and smart attitude. Margot was named among the most influential people globally by Time Magazine back in 2018 and 30 under the 30 list by Forbes.

2. Miranda Kerr(40):

Miranda Kerr, who was born in Sydney, is among those who rose to fame after participating in the Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is the first Australian woman to join the campaign and was later recognized in her modelling career. She now endorses several famous brands, including representing the popular fashion chain in Australia, David Jones. Her breathtaking beauty and elegant choice of the fashion world are impressive and attract several young women to follow her.

3. Isla Fisher(47):

Isla Fisher is well-recognized by the audience with her wide smile and gorgeous wavy, lustrous hair. The Aussie actress is the epitome of grace and perfectly blends her charming style with her sublime beauty. She is an Oman-born Scottish lady who moved to Australia at a very young age. She gained prominence right from her childhood after taking up assignments in television commercials. Her performances that led to stardom are her soap opera Home and Away, which won award nominations. Her beauty definitely mesmerizes us, and she is among the most gorgeous women in the world.

4. Adelaide Kane(33):

Adelaide Kane is an Aussie actress and model. She widely worked in soap operas and drama series. She is famous for her dark hair and wavy tresses, besides her elegant choices and style statement. Her heart-warming smile and bold eyes often attract attention, with mesmerizing looks.

5. Nathalie Kelley(38):

Nathalie Kelley might be a familiar face for many if you are an ardent lover of action movies and series. To name a few popular ones, she appeared in the famous Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, besides television series like The Vampire Diaries and Dynasty. Her distinct facial features with youthful looks set her apart from her contemporaries. Her confidence in acting and right attitude with a bright smile towards everyone are qualities that attract us to her. But, of course, her bold looks catch quite a lot of attention too!

6. Emily Browning(34):

The beauty Emily Browning, born in Melbourne, Australia, is among the hottest actress and models from the continent. She worked with several movies and gained modelling opportunities given her beautiful and hot looks, rosy cheeks, and smooth fair skin tone. Her attractive looks with the right blend of confidence and attitude impress us all the time!

7. Jessica Gomes(38):

The Asian beauty Jessica Gomes was born in Western Australia. Her mother is Chinese, and her father a Portuguese, thus giving her Asian mixed facial features. Jessica is famous for her hot and bold looks and appeared in the swimsuit issue of the United States. She was voted the most desirable woman in the world several times too! Her most popular movies include Cinderella, once upon a time in Venice, and Transformers.

8. Caitlin Stasey(33):

Caitlin Stasey is currently among the busiest Australian actress who works on multiple projects in movies and television. The brown-eyed beauty is famous for her charming smile and lovely smooth tresses, besides her simple sense of looks and appearance. She often appears with a down-to-earth attitude in her public appearances and receives everyone with a bright smile. Caitlin is among the contemporary beautiful Australian actress with wide stardom.

9. Olympia Valence(30):

Well, most of us haven’t heard Olympia Valence’s name in the actress’s circles. But her looks definitely deserve a lot of attention. The beauty was born in Melbourne, Australia, and has worked with soap operas and modelling projects. She gained the limelight into a modelling career with her extremely attractive looks and charming smile. Her elegant looks often mesmerize us and make us get lost in her beauty.

10. Indiana Evans(33):

The famous actress, Indiana Evans, was born in Sydney, Australia. She appeared in prominent movies such as Home and Away and gained stardom. The blonde hair beauty features distinct blue eyes that are easier to notice in her appearance. In addition, her striking and unique facial features set her apart and give her sizzling hot looks!

11. Emile de Ravin(41):

The hot and beautiful actress, Emile de Ravin, is from Victoria, Australia. She is famous for her roles in several series such as Once Upon a Time and Lost. Her shiny blonde hair and glamorous, bold looks with perfect body curves are often the centre of attraction. Emile’s fashion sense resembles the modern glitzy vibes with a unique style statement.

12. Jesinta Franklin(32):

The hot Australian actress, Jesinta Franklin, is born in Queensland, Australia and came into the limelight after winning Miss Universe Australia in 2010. Jesinta was also the second runner-up in Miss Universe in the same year. The model and actress received accolades and appreciation for her spectacular beauty and alluring looks.

13. Ruby Rose(37):

Ruby Rose is a famous Australian actress, DJ, recording artist, model, and TV presenter. The multi-talented beauty came into the stardom and spotlight after her popular show in Australia MTV. After that, she received several modelling assignments and further rose to fame with her beautiful looks with a bold style statement, short hair, and hot style statement. In addition, she appeared in several movies such as Pitch Perfect 3, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and The Meg.

14. Rachel Taylor(39):

Rachel Taylor is among the famous Australian actresses and models born in Launceston, Australia. She worked with several hit movies such as Transformers, the Loft, and Red Dog and gained prominence in the movie industry. Rachel’s sleek and sharp facial features with blonde hair and hot looks bring on a lot of drama to her style statement.

15. Gemma Ward(36):

How can we miss out on Gemma Ward? The hot beauty and actress, Gemma Ward, is from Perth in Western Australia. The model and actress are an icon in herself with glamorous and edgy looks with bright vibes. She was active in modelling right from her teenage and worked with several fashion brands such as Prada, Gucci, Vogue, and so on.

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