With the fashion world getting truly diverse, we have models and actresses, and celebrities represented from various parts of the globe. Today, our special focus is on Arabic Models and actresses. These women belong to the Arab countries, as we all know, spread across 22 nations in Western Asia, Northern, Western, and Eastern Africa. Arab models are lesser-known to the mainstream fashion world. However, they deserve all the attention, given their appealing and beautiful elegant looks. These celebrities are no less than divas, reminding us of the God sent angels, with their alluring and magical looks.

Today, we feature the top Arab models famous for their hot and appealing looks. These Arabic women are getting trendy globally, and you should know about them too!

20 Beautiful Arabic Women 2023:

These Middle eastern women are known to be having the most exquisite and elegant plush looks. While they are famous already in their countries, we have them gaining appeal globally, too. Check out the list of famous Arabic actresses and models trending this year.

Top 10 Hottest Arabic Actress Names:

Let us lookout for the latest and most lovely stunning Arab female actresses. We bet you also can’t get over the beauty of these Arabic women celebrities. If you are a fashionista yourself or have an eye for the fashion world’s looks and trends, they indeed stall tall as inspiration to all of us!

1. Hend Sabry(43):

Hend Sabry is the first-ranked Arabic actress celebrity. The beauty hails from Tunisia and is among the topmost beautiful female actors in Forbes Middle East. The gorgeous has got over 9 million followers on social media accounts and has worked with several brands and movies. Her dark hair and beautiful facial features with interactive eyes are what makes her stand apart from other women.

2. Donia Samir Ghanem(39):

Donia is another beautiful actress from Egypt. The gorgeous beauty has worked on several fashion shows, television shows, and movies and is famous for her gripping acting, besides enthralling beautiful looks. She is a fashionista in herself, and looks exquisite and sophisticated in every single appearance!

3. Ghada Abdel Razek(53):

We have another top favourite and globally famous Arab actress from Egypt. The actress, Ghada Abdel Razek, is an all-about bold style and experimental looks. She does on bright red lipstick and brushed hairstyle in her appearances, and fans have to go gaga behind her looks. The beauty too worked in several hit movies and shows and is among the ones who are in most demand right now.

4. Yasmin Abdulaziz(43):

Most actresses we have are from Egypt, and Yasmin is another gorgeous beauty. Their beauty is mainly known for her curly tresses and feminine looks. However, she is among the experienced actresses still ruling the fashion industry with her mesmerizing looks.

5. Dorra Zarrouk(43):

The beauty Dorra Zarrouk hails from Tunisia. She resembles a beauty who came down from heaven to the earth, with her attractive and alluring appearance. The Arab women, without any doubt, look like God sent angels, and Dorra just reminds us of such heavenly beauty. Do you agree with us? Beauty still is active in the fashion world.

6. Mona Zaki(46):

Mona Zaki is an Egyptian actress who is prominent in the Arab actress list. Beauty plays in several prominent lists and stands as one of the highly sought actresses even in her contemporaries’ list. Her striking facial features and sharp eyes give an appealing look and style to her seamlessly.

7. Mai Ezz Eldin(43):

Mai Ezz Eldin is another famous Egyptian actress. Beauty is a prominent face in several Hollywood movies and still stands tall, inspiring us with her acting skills and fashionista looks. Her long hair and tall appearance often make us envious of her looks. She looks elegant and classic in all her appearances.

8. Mais Hamdan(41):

Mais Hamdan is a Jordanian actress and a famous television presenter. The actress is famous for her unique looks with oval facial features, giving an edgy vibe to all her fashionista appearances. She believes in conveying her simplicity through her style, and it can be seen in almost all of her public appearances and photoshoots.

9. Ayten Amer(36):

The Egyptian actress Ayten Amer has redefined mainstream beauty standards with her looks. The beauty gives major body positivity goals with her stunning appealing style statement. We love her bold and sharp fashion and styling, which never fails to impress us.

10. Nesreen Tafesh(41):

Nesreen Tafesh is another leading contemporary actress in the Arab world. Although she has acted in higher television shows than in movies, we love her talent and elegant straight looks. Her silky hair and bold, sharp eyes are something we admire from her features.

B. Beautiful Arabic Female Models Pics:

How about also seeing the most famous Arabic models from these countries? They are equally beautiful and breathtaking. Have a look!

11. Imaan Hammam(27):

Imaan is among the most famous middle eastern models right now. The Egyptian and Moroccan descent model has been featured in magazines all over the globe. She has been on American Vogue and other magazines that have given her a good spotlight. Imaan adds a positive colour to the world of modelling, and as we all know how the fashion industry has been dominated only by a few ethnicities, she indeed is excelling in a good way now.

12. Shahad Salman(50):

The Saudi and Middle Eastern model, Shahad Salman, is known for its unique and experimental way of fashion. She has been on the Vogue Arabia cover and other fashion magazines and walked for several fashion shows across the globe. Shahad’s elegant looks with bold makeup indeed were the talk of the fashion town many times.

13. Azza Slimene(25):

The Tunisian model, Azza Slimene, is popular globally, with her walking for several globally renowned brands. She is among Chanel’s favourite models and walked for several other Paris, New York, and Milan fashion weeks. We love her bold styling and alluring looks! Azza looks mesmerizing in her short hairstyle, and you can’t take your eyes off her!

14. Nora Attal(24):

If you did not come across the Moroccan fashion model, Nora Attal, you must! The sizzling hot beauty has been walking on the fashion grounds from a younger age and worked with several acclaimed global brands such as Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Chanel. Nora has also been on the covers of the world’s famous fashion magazines such as Vogue Arabia and British Vogue. She even was voted among the world’s top models by models.com many times!

15. Tilila Oulhaj:

Tilila is another gorgeous Arab beauty you must come across. Her unique fashion shoots often comprise showcasing the rich heritage of Arab countries, filled with grandeur and plush looks. She works as a model and a face for several brands such as Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, Burberry, and Moncler. Tilila too appeared in Vogue Arabia several times!

16. Sonia Ben Ammar(24):

Sonia Ben Ammar is a Tunisian-origin model who has been prominent for owning up the fashion shoots in her own bold way. She has been taking down the fashion world with her enthralling looks and worked with several lines such as Miu, Dolce and Gabbana, and other leading brands. As a result, she has been scouted for several successes right from her younger age.

17. Malika El Maslouhi(25):

Another Arabian beautiful woman model, Malika El Maslouhi, is a popular and favourite name for Vogue. She has been in the spotlight working for several brands and performers, such as Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren. Malika loves setting standards high with their fashion statement look and often vocalizes inspiring women from all communities to be visible in the mainstream.

18. Deba Hekmat(21):

Deba Hekmet is another leading and emerging fashion model with Middle Eastern origins. She worked for several globally renowned campaigns and fashion houses and continuously focused on Middle Eastern culture and a rich sense of fashion. She advocates for diversity in the fashion field and never fails to embrace her origins by respecting her heritage. Despite becoming a big name, Deba continuously works with Middle Eastern fashion houses and magazines.

19. Habiba El-Kobrossy(28):

The Arab Egyptian model, Habiba El-Kobrossy, is a recent model rising to fame. She has already begun working with multiple brands and fashion houses in Europe and the Middle East and worked even on fashion runways for Peter Pilotto and Sara Onsi. Habiba still has a long way to go, yet is sizzling on the screen for her right attitude and looks.! She indeed is among the most pretty Middle Eastern women too!

20. Hanaa Ben Abdesslem(33):

The Tunisian model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem has been featured in several fashion magazines. Hanaa in fact has been on the cover of Vogue Paris, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, and Germany; even worked for top fashion houses such as Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Giambattista Valli. In fact, Hanaa is among the first Arab female model featured in the Pirelli calendar. She has also been appreciated for being the first Muslim spokesmodel for Lancome. We are in awe of her beautiful looks and confident attitude!

So, how do you like these top Arab Models and Actresses? We love their confident looks and mesmerizing beauty. They are trending and gaining popularity in their fashion segments right now and allured the audience with such appealing edgy looks. Who are your favourite Arabi Women?


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