Talk about the best and most ideal body shape for women – it’s undoubtedly an hourglass body! Women with hourglass bodies are considered the luckiest, seemingly blessed with perfect and beautiful toned figures and body shapes. In addition, those with the hourglass physique are known to have incredible curves and undoubtedly the most coveted and sensational body structure.

We all know our favourite celebrities with amazingly beautiful curves and those with hourglass shaped body shapes. So today, we have decided to take you through the world’s best and most famous women celebrities with hourglass bodies.

What is an Hourglass Body Shape?

Are there particular measurements for the hourglass body? The answer is both yes and no. This is because different people perceive hourglass bodies in different ways. However, as a generic formula, the hourglass body is when your bust and hip are almost equal in size and are well-defined. In this case, the waist is smaller. The hourglass body is subsequently considered the most feminine and balanced type of body shape.

20 Perfect Skinny and Curvy Hourglass Body Shape Female in the World 2024:

Here we go; now let us check out the gorgeous and top stunning actresses and celebrities with hourglass figures. They all have the hourglass body shape and are considered the most charming and beautiful actresses ever!

1. Emilia Clarke:

The Game of Thrones actress shot up to fame in a very short period and now is among the world’s leading actresses. This beauty is known for being skinny and petite with an hourglass figure. Her amazing body curves often complement her elegant styles and she appears fabulous in charming, bold, hyped-up dresses.

2. Scarlett Johansson:

There won’t be any fashion enthusiast who does not know Scarlett Johansson. The beauty is among the world’s highest-paid actresses and has some amazing curves and a toned body shape. With her hot curvy looks and proportioned body, our diva never fails to impress us. She always makes sure our hearts skip a beat whenever she is on screen. She has a 26” toned and narrow waist and the body curves are what we all aim to achieve too!

3. Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence’s sensual looks and body are the talk of fashion town always. From the basic looks to bold red carpet outfits, all her looks make sure to achieve and flaunt the perfectly charming and toned body figure. Beauty plays around with the mesmerizing glam quotients and stands as an inspiration to many young women in the world.

4. Kat Dennings:

Check out the Kat Dennings red carpet, and you will be in awe! Her thigh-high slit dresses and outfits with bodycon fit reveal her amazing hourglass body shape, which never allows us to shift our eyes away from her. Kat is among the leading beautiful celebrity women globally right now, and her body shape with hourglass curves is what we all aspire to!

5. Kate Winslet:

No matter how many newcomers may enter the celebrity world, some divas are always known for their fashion sense. Kate Winslet is one such celebrity woman. The actress is known for her epic and iconic roles in many movies, and right from her young age to the present, she still maintains some amazing curves and grandeur. The diva has transitioned and yet looks so dreamy with the perfect toned body and curves.

6. Kourtney Kardashian:

All the Kardashian sisters undoubtedly create a hot and sensual vibe whenever they are around. But this hourglass beauty, Kourtney Kardashian, is particularly known for her revealing choices in outfits with her curvy body. What do you think?

7. Sofia Vergara:

Sofia Vergara is the goddess of fashion and exquisite hot looks. Her proportionate and well-balanced hourglass body figure is dreamy and an inspiration to many women across the globe. Her iconic looks are created with the perfect fit and bodycon dresses that constantly reveal her toned curvy glamour. The hourglass figure also compliments her immensely, given her tall looks and impeccable styling.

8. Kim Kardashian:

There is no way we are missing out on Kim Kardashian in our list of top trendy and hot women with hourglass figures! Do you remember Kim’s wet outfit looks and the toned iconic bodycon outfit appearances on Hollywood red carpets? All of them reveal hot and sensual fashion statements with curvy bodies. Kim never steps back when it comes to fashion, and you can notice her looks with the perfect body every single time. We cannot believe that she stays super slim and fit with an hourglass figure every year!

9. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez is another diva and hot actress who is ageing like a fine wine. Right from decades to the present, she still maintains the perfect hourglass figure and undoubtedly is a perfect example for all of us. Her hot and sexy outfits can never go unnoticed with her beautifully toned body all the time!

10. Beyonce:

Beyonce has been called the queen of fashion right from the time she started rising as a star. And this statement stays relevant even today. She never fails to look stunning and magical with her electrifying looks and exquisite glam quotients. Her well-defined waist and balanced size shoulders and hips can be noticed throughout these years.

11. Katrina Kaif:

This Bollywood beauty is also known for her popular hourglass figure. Kat has always been a gym and fitness enthusiast, and we all can notice her hard work when it comes to her toned body curves and flattering looks. She looks breathtaking and magical whenever she wears body-hugging outfits and dresses.

12. Bhumi Pednekar:

When Bhumi was introduced into Bollywood, no one dreamed that she could achieve an hourglass figure. But today, she is among the leading actors with breathtaking looks and the hot glam quotient. Bhumi’s well-proportional shoulders with hips and narrow-toned perfect waist are truly flattering and stylish.

13. Jahnvi Kapoor:

Jahnvi Kapoor was initially called chubby, but today, she indeed is among the leading Bollywood actresses with a dreamy and hot hourglass figure. She looks extremely hot and stylish in all her appearances. Her natural hourglass-toned and curvy body looks instantly exquisite too. What do you think of her appearance?

14. Bipasha Basu:

Much before the fashion industry was into the hourglass body shape, Bipasha Basu proved that it was a trend by looking hot and stunning. Her slimming look with the powerful, balanced heavy upper body with hips always looked immensely gorgeous and iconic. Even today, the beauty looks dreamy and magical with the mesmerizing and well-shaped body structure.

15. Priyanka Chopra:

Another name we cannot forget when we talk of celebrities with hourglass bodies is Priyanka Chopra. Her clothing always reflects her breathable and stunning hourglass body shape. She was among the skinny hourglass figures in celebrities a few years back, and even today, she looks super balanced and breathtaking. Her curvy and narrow waist is revealing whenever she wears hugging outfits!

16. Jacqueline Fernandez:

You may not consider Jacqueline Fernandez to be thin per se, but she is indeed among those celebrity divas who have dreamy and perfect figures. Her toned hourglass body makes all of us envious. The flawless and flattering figure with fit hourglass body makes us all wish to be just like her!

17. Shobhita Dhulipala:

Shobhita Dhulipala is a newcomer in fashion town and yet she is already being the news with her perfect slimmed and toned body structure. Her perfect hourglass waist with curvy figure looks all-natural and nice. This celebrity is trending around for fashionista looks, and she looks breathtaking in all the outfits, given her beautiful figure. Do you also agree with us?

18. Disha Patani:

Disha Patani needs no introduction. She has always been the talk of the town for her revealing and iconic outfits and fitness videos. Disha is among those celebrities who have skinny hourglass figures in India. Her body shape is well-proportionate, with a narrow waist and fuller bust.

19. Chitrangada Singh:

No matter how many newcomers may enter Bollywood, we always will remember Chitrangada Singh for her iconic and hot looks. The diva, too, was among the first in the Bollywood craze of the hourglass figure. Her curvy hourglass body looks quite natural, which is what we all love about it too!

20. Shilpa Shetty:

Shilpa Shetty is always known for her craze of yoga. But we now know that her yoga is paying off beautifully with her incredible toned body shape. Shilpa has a tucked waist, and the hourglass silhouette always gives her incredibly hot vibes. Despite age, she always maintains her slim hourglass body; this is what we all also aim for! Do you agree as well?

So, how did you enjoy exploring the list of celebrities and actresses with the perfect toned hourglass body shape? This body structure undoubtedly is among the most coveted choices for feminine and ever-elegant hot vibes. Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts too, we love to hear from you!


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