Nowadays, hourglass tattoos are becoming very popular. These can be done with skulls, flowers and other traditional compass designs. These are often very 3D and have embossed effects. These are quite artistic, and any person can sport them easily. This also has written things on them, or you can do those on the sides. This depends on what type of design you want for your body. A professional artist can guide you properly in this manner.

Best Hourglass Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the top 9 types of hourglass tattoo designs and images you should try.

1. Numerical Clock Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is a creative hourglass tattoo that has been done on the side of the hands. It is done on a clock with numerical.

2. Skull Candy Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is a skull candy design that has been done inside the glass. If you want this to be done correctly, then you should take the guidance of a professional artist in this manner.

3. Finger Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is a finger tattoo that has a small design on it. You can try doing these if you do not want to get something significant done on any body part. These are also easy to get removed. You can get these easily removed with lasers. It is a small hourglass tattoo.

4. Traditional Vintage Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is another type of traditional hourglass design that you can try out. These are done in a very creative way. You can get these done quickly, and you can also do these with flowers. This can be a sport by any person.

5. Traditional Flowers Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is a traditional hourglass tattoo. You can try these out quickly, which are usually done with flowers and other floral prints, making these quite girly to the sport. These are very creative, and you can easily sport these when you want a tattoo design that is in this manner. This is one of the best hourglass tattoo designs for women.

6. Hourglass Tattoo Design Art:

This is a creative artwork of hourglass and associated designs like the skull and other orchid flowers. This is very creative if these are done in proper sizes and by a professional expert. You can get these done quickly from parlours, where you can find expert artists who can guide you properly. The colours should be done accordingly to make this look more creative.

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7. Rose Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is an hourglass design that has been done with roses. These are very girl-type, and you can easily sport this. This is done on the sides, and you can do these in a similar position. If you do not want such large rose patterns, then you can do this on a small scale with a few roses.

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8. Colorful Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is a very artistic design, and this is also very colourful. The effects are done professionally, which is also given a few flowers, making this quite girly. You can also provide these patterns associated with flower prints or other designs. These can be made very artistic depending on what kind of pattern you will get done on your body.

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9. Cool Hourglass Tattoo Design:

This is an hourglass tattoo that has been done in red and black colour. You can also get something like this done. This is very artistic, and the detailed effects have been done professionally, making this look very embossed. Therefore if you want to get inked like this, you can get something of this style. This is also very trendy, and you can sport this easily. It is the best hourglass tattoo design for men.

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