If you are a person with an eye for architectural details, you must know that an arch design never goes out of style. An arch goes a long way in elevating the aesthetic impact of the room beautifully. From in-built arches that connect different rooms or some human-made features that add a unique charm to your humble space. Here we have gathered some simple and best arch designs for home with images.

Best Arch Designs For Home In India:

Here are our 12 simple and modern arch designs that you can incorporate into your home, giving it a stylish yet classy finish.

1. Latest Arch Designs For Hall:

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Hall is the space in your house that represents the décor of your home. The beautiful white arch beautifies the room and stands out against the bright gold wall colour. The upper area of the arch has a sleek design with a binding pattern in the middle. There are two sides to this arch design, creating a unique space in between.

2. Kitchen Arch Design:

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This is a simple arch design that covers the entrance to the kitchen area. It is also one of the commonly found design options found in many households. Although the design is simple, the material used creates a 3D effect elevating the arch to a great extent. The light gold colour of the walls looks beautiful against the white furnishings of the kitchen.

3. Arch Designs For Dining Room:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an arch design in the dining area entrance, giving you a perfect view of the place. The dome part of the arch is in the shape of a semi-circle in white, contrasting with the room’s colour palette. The stylish dining room furniture looks beautiful and is in matching with the white colour of the arch. The wooden flooring makes the arch stand out beautifully.

4. Arch Design For Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a perfect example of a living room arch that efficiently adds class and style to the room. It is also one of the common patterns you will find in many apartments or individual buildings. This design’s unique feature is the wooden storage with glass doors on either side of the arch. Using these storage spaces to display decorations can be an option since it is in the living room.

5. Balcony Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Balconies are a common sight in many apartments. The small arch design can be an apt option for your balcony, and the two pillars on the side create a symbol similar to omega. Unlike the standard arches you find in houses, this balcony arch design not only looks unique but stylish too. The colour combination stands in contrast with the black doors.

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6. Pooja Room Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

A room precisely to place a deity of your choice is standard practice and holds a special place in many households. Although any material can be used for this space, marble is the first choice for many. The intricate design on the marble looks similar to the ones we find in temples. It not only looks beautiful but adds a unique essence to your home, creating a serene atmosphere.

7. Bedroom Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you have a large bedroom with a beautiful view, you can create a partition with the help of an attractive arch design. This new home arch designs not only beautify your bedroom but adds a unique elegance to the area. An arch is replicated with a similar design on the long glass windows. This type of arch design is a perfect way to add elegance to a large space in your home.

8. Plywood Arch Design:

Image Source: flagma.ua

Plywood is another material that is commonly used in the manufacturing of many furnishing for your house. This beautiful, plywood round arch design is a perfect example of such a pattern. The thin patterned lines on the wood slab go hand in hand with the wooden flooring creating a beautiful finish. The upper semi-circle area of the arch has a pattern similar to a knot tying it up beautifully.

9. Wooden Arch Designs For Home:

Image Source: pinterest

For people who want to add a royal look to their home, using a wooden arch design can be the best choice. The intricate design on these slabs of wood creates a statement look to your home. The wooden material perfectly matches the doors and other décor of the house, giving your house a traditional finish.

10. Cement Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another drawing-room arch design that is quite simple and commonly used in many houses. Since it is a commonly found design, it can be incorporated into any room of your home. The simple cement arch design can be a cost-effective option that can be opted for by anyone who loves to add a unique yet straightforward pattern to your space.

11. TV Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

As we all know, several arch options are available at the entrance of several rooms in your house. This is a modern arch design option that is specific to place a television. The light blue colour across the pattern stands out against the house’s all-white theme creating a stylish effect. Many people are opting for these designs that elevate the simple space beautifully.

12. Contemporary Arch Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for a multi-purpose option for an arch, a contemporary arch design is a perfect choice. Unlike the standard designs available, this pattern provides you space to place decorative pieces that elevate the area’s look beautifully. This is an ideal arch option for a living room since it helps you display things that promote your room’s look.

A beautiful arch design can be a perfect alternative if you are bored with the routine wall-connecting designs in your house’s architecture. With the elegant and classic options presented in this article, we hope you can choose without hesitation. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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