Are you constantly in search of things to keep you and your kids engaged? Well, we’ve got just the information for you. These 15 house colouring pages are suitable for kids of all age groups because they can experiment with colours. In addition, we have curated a list of some unique sets of colouring sheets, from simple houses to complex bungalows, that will excite your kids.

Depending on their age, you can give your kids tools like brush pens, crayons, and colour pencils, transforming a simple page into something marvellous.

Write 15 Best House Coloring Pages:

We have presented you with the list of house colouring pages you can go through before choosing the right page for your kid.

1. Easy House Colouring Pages:

This is an easy house colouring page suitable for kids below the age group of five. This house comes with simple patterns inside that give kids to use different colours. For example, the flowers around the house might look the best in bright colours like red and pink. Whereas for the home, you can use light colours like sky blue and yellow highlighting the page beautifully. You can give your kids crayons or colour pencils for mess-free work.

2. Treehouse Colouring Page:

Treehouses are pretty popular among kids of all ages, and therefore this colouring page works for kids above six years. Although it is not much, you can experiment with this colouring sheet. You can use different shades of a single colour to improve the page’s look. For example, use dark green for the tree and light green for the grass area to create a beautiful blend. Brush pens or sketch pens can be an excellent option for kids in this age group.

3. Fairy House Colouring Page:

Whether movies or TV series, fairies are loved by kids of all ages, irrespective of gender. This realistic looking fairy house colouring page comes to life with colours. You can use multiple colours for the flowers around the house, with leaves in green, and you can choose shades of brown for the home. You can also leave the colour selection to your kid’s imagination bringing their talent to life.

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4. Cartoon House Drawing Colour:

This cartoon house colouring page is an excellent option for kids under the age group of five. The sharp and straightforward lines leave no confusion for young kids, making the drawing experience more enjoyable. You can let your kids make the colour choices and observe how they bring life to the otherwise simple page. Crayons and colour pencils are perfect for young kids and mess-free work.

5. Halloween House Colouring Page:

Halloween is a famous festival among young kids in western countries whose popularity is increasing globally. However, this creepy Halloween house colouring page is best suited for kids above eight years because of the intricate details in the sheet. The best tools for colouring this page are either brush pens or sketch pens. Let your kids use multiple colours of their choice.

6. Monster House Colouring Page:

Monster House is one of the famous animation movies. This colouring page depicts the monster house eerily, making it a perfect option for kids above six years. You can use silver tint for the moon and brown for the tree branches. Go for bright colours for the house bring it to life. These colours are only a guideline, and you can let your kids experiment with colours of their choice. Sketch pens or brush pens are the perfect tools.

7. Beach House Colouring Pages:

If you are looking for a serene colouring page for your teenage kids, this beach house colouring page can be an ideal choice. The intricate details engraved into the house colouring sheet can be achieved using sketch pens or brush pens. However, if you wish to retain the serene environment of the beach house, prefer to use soft colours.

8. Gingerbread House Colouring Page:

Gingerbread house is part and parcel of many of our childhood and our kids too. This house colouring picture perfectly represents all our favourite gingerbread houses. You can go for the original colours of all the things that make this home for an authentic look. But there is no restriction that you shouldn’t use innovative colours. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids of all ages. The perfect tools are crayons, brush pens, colour pencils or sketch pens.

9. Candy House Colouring Pages:

No kid in this world doesn’t love candy. This candy house colouring sheet is an excellent option to attract your kid toward colouring. Like candy, you can make this page fun by letting them use colours of their choice. Pink, red, yellow, and blue make the colouring sheet as realistic as possible. Sketch pens, brush pens or even crayons can be the perfect tools for your kids.

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10. Dog House Colouring Page:

If you are a pet owner, dog houses must be a famous vision in your house. This colouring page with a dog house can bring your child up to the colouring space quicker than you can imagine. You can go for various shades of brown with a black outline for the kennel, shades of green for the grass, and you can choose the colour of your choice for the dogs.

11. Big House Colouring Pages:

If your kid is a fan of a big house, whether it is a barbie house or the one made with legos, this colouring page will for sure attract them. On the other hand, little kids might find it exhausting to colour this page entirely. So, it is best suited for kids above eight years. Brush pens or even sketch pens might be effective in adding colour to this sheet.

12. Victorian House Colouring Pages:

Complexity and Victorian houses go hand in hand because of the number of bedrooms and complex interiors. You can use deep shades of amber, red and amber to colour this Victorian house giving it a realistic look. This house colouring sheet is suitable for kids in the age group of six to nine. Sketch pens or brush pens are the perfect tools to colour this sheet.

13. Mushroom House Colouring Page:

Have you ever heard about a mushroom house? Even if you didn’t, your kids must have. If your kid is a fan of weird houses, this mushroom house colouring page can be an excellent option. This can also improve your kid’s colour coordination because of the intricate details present. Brush pens or sketch pens are the ideal tools to colour this page, and it is best suited for kids above five years.

14. Cute House Colouring Sheet:

This cute strawberry colouring page is an excellent option for kids who either love fruits, or you want them to love fruits. You can go about it traditionally by choosing red for the strawberry, green for the leaves, brown for door and window panes giving it a realistic look. If you are giving this sheet to younger kids, go for crayons. Elder ones can opt for brush pens or sketch pens.

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15. Hat House Colouring Picture:

Kids squeal with excitement when they see something unique. This hat house colouring page is a perfect example of something unique that kids of all ages will love. However, since there are cute minor elements all over the sheet, younger kids might find it difficult. So, this is a perfect option for kids above seven years. Sketch pens or brush pens with a touch of glitter can be the ideal tools.

The list of house colouring pages we have provided in this article can be pretty helpful for kids or adults. The suggestions provided in this article regarding the colours are just a basic guide, and you can encourage your kids to use their colours to unleash their creativity. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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