Every woman’s special time in their life is their pregnancy period. This is the time they glow in their aura of purity, the challenges of giving someone a life, their glow shining across their face bright and light, their responsibility of bringing a new one to this world, someone that is small but is a big part of their life and this is the time when a woman is her prowling lioness in her own den, alert of her surroundings, sometimes calm as a snail sometimes fierce as a lioness. However no matter how beautiful this phenomena is, this is sadly not a privilege everyone every age can enjoy.

There are certain rules and norms which is constructed by Mother Nature who has made separate groups for all the women from all walks of life and based on these certain regulations, we are bound in chains by nature when it comes to sheltering a new life in us. No matter how mature we may be or how desirable this may be to us, Mother Nature has limited us physically with a limited number of eggs and a limited chance to producing a new life.

This being said today’s article topic is age vs. fertility.

Pregnancy Age Limits: How Can Aging Affect Pregnancy- 20s to 50s

We all are aware of the teen mom episodes but is this a suitable time for childbirth?

Our body as a woman starts maturing at an early age, from our early teens and by the time we are eighteen, we are ready to take on the world. But at 18, we are naïve and inexperienced but our flame to conquer all is not , so many a times we let our shield loose and the result is a teenage pregnancy which is as statistics go, increasing every year. But even though our body physically supports it, mentally we are not at all stable to be taking care of someone else and their future. Even the pregnancy process may be a hard time for the young mother. This may not affect the mother but to the child, it is a dark looming future ahead.

But when we age a little more, say in our twenties, we leach ultimate maturity and is thus a perfect time to bear a child in those wombs. Physically and mentally we are both prepared and cautious.

Once over with our irregularities in our teenage life, we now have a stable ovulation process with fresh eggs which can easily conceive and is thus a good time to get pregnant. The other perks of being pregnant at 20 are our young body can easily carry the load and even the after birth years are easy since we are full of vigor and enthusiasm around this age.

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When we hit 30s, we mature a little bit more but with these our eggs do so too. With age we start wrinkling and back pains, so what makes you think the eggs will still be impeccable? Around this time, the first time is seldom lucky and a good two or three month may pass just trying to conceive one.

The same zeal as in your 20s will be lacking with back pain, wrinkles and other problems setting in, but if one can maintain the fit body, one might combine their maturity which acts as a boon and may have a good mother life.

By the time you are 40, you should be thinking about your children’s high school results, not about conceiving one since by now you are left with some of your lucky eggs which will take forever for you to conceive. These left over eggs even if conceives, may not work properly and this is when all the other problems set in, namely, depression, vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy or maybe even miscarriage if our body cannot take it.

Also our bones start creaking and when the child is born, they are going to have a hard time raising one. Though it may be wiser and more experienced, pregnant at 40 is a tiresome process.

And when we hit 50, we are being chased by menopause and the one lucky egg still in your womb is bidding its farewell for the last time. This is when we lose the ability to reproduce anymore. However, there are special cases too.

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