We all need love to move on in life, with a smile and on a positive note. However, there are many of us who still believe that we are either unloved or not worthy of being loved. The problem is within us. We self-criticize our existence on this planet too much. We look at our existence through the eyes of the next, and just because they feel that our physical and mental selves aren’t apt for the society we live in, we feel we shouldn’t be loved by anyone around. This is so not true, and it leads to apathy and attention-seeking. Don’t be a statistic. There are ways to love yourself only if you learn and accept that the body and soul you have is worthy of love. Here below are some tips on how to accept love.

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Tips for How to Accept Love:

Learn To Be Happy:

Happiness and love go hand in hand; by love, we don’t mean someone romantically loving you. There is much more than what meets the eye. It’s the tingling sensation that happens within when we know that love is around in many forms. This is why it is so important to accept love because when you don’t love and accept love, you wouldn’t be able to love others around you.

When you don’t love others around you, you would see them through the eyes of disgust and hate. This would emulate your actions and words or what you do for and to others in your vicinity, which ultimately makes you the most shunned man or woman around. Don’t be a bully who everyone fears. This isn’t love or power; it is an act of cowardice. Hence learn to allow love to come into your life and stop judging situations and people, especially those that you don’t understand, have half-baked knowledge of and over which you wouldn’t have control on.

It is also important to know that you, too, are a special person in someone’s life, most importantly on this planet. When you realize the power of your mind, heart and soul, you can miraculously achieve anything you want. You can go ahead and conquer the world with love by shunning anger, hate and resentment. If someone talks negatively about you, let the love from within you help you ignore that person and their words. Remember, what you resist persists, so why waste all that time and energy hating someone when you can channel that internally and allow yourself to love the most important person in your life, YOU?

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Make Love Not War:

Wars change demographics, tear families and bring about devastation to a large amount. Don’t be a victim of it, and even if you have gone through abuse and filth in the past, don’t dwell on it. You can allow love to help you heal;

  1. Forgive yourself for what you were, what you did or what you went through
  2. Remember that healing the soul takes time, sometimes a lifetime
  3. Enjoy the people around you who have the best interests and intentions for you
  4. Appreciate and respect yourself as you are and for who you are
  5. Remember that everyone, including you, has a battle on an individual basis, day to day

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There are many more reasons why we don’t think we could be worthy of love, but let’s focus on reasons why we are worthy of love, such as;

  • We are prime
  • We are supreme
  • We are human
  • We know the meaning of love
  • We aren’t shy about expressing love

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When you start loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are, you will notice that it comes to you from all quarters around. Go ahead and try loving yourself, bite into that chocolate pastry and let the calories not bother you!!


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