Henna is said to be an ancient trick for coloring not on the hair and hands but the nails too. It is considered to be a natural nail polish for the nails. It gave a lovely color shade, ranging from light orange, mild red to dark brown. Mehndi for nails is similar to the mehndi applied to hands; however, the process of application may differ.

How to Apply Mehndi on Nails for Beginners:

Here are few steps that would help you in applying mehndi on nails professionally.

1. Prepare You Mehndi Paste:

When thinking of how to make nail mehndi at home, the first thing you need to work on is preparing the mehndi paste. For making the paste, get the henna powder and mix it with lemon juice and water, making a thick paste. Keep a watch while adding water, as you need to keep the paste thick. Cover the bowl and leave the mixture aside for nearly 4 to 6 hours to allow the dye to mix completely.

2. Clean Your Nails:

The next step mehndi nails is to get your nails prepared for it. Clean your nails properly, using witch hazel or dish soap, to remove all the dirt inside the nails. File them and cut them up to proper shape. Avoid using soaps to clean your nails while applying mehndi as they leave a film of the soap in the borders of the nails and the cuticles too. Trim them giving a perfect look.

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly:

The application of petroleum jelly is quite crucial when thinking to color only your nails. When you apply petroleum jelly on your nails and surrounding, only your nails would catch the color of the mehndi. Hence, apply petroleum jelly a few minutes before you apply mehndi on the nails.

4. Apply Henna to The Nails:

When your nails are ready, now it is time to apply mehndi nail on the fingers one by one. You can apply the mehndi using a broad stick that has broadness similar to the nails. Just apply a thick layer of mehndi on the nails one by one and allow the paste to dry completely. The more the mehndi would remain on your nails, the darker shade you would be able to get.

5. Cover Your Nails:

Once you have applied the mehndi on the nails and have also dried it, it is time to cover the finger tips or say nails. Take a kitchen wrap and cut it into small pieces. You can also use foil papers or plastic for the same task. Cover your nails properly leaving no side open. You can also use cotton gloves for night if keeping the mehndi overnight for obtaining dark color.

6. Remove The Paste from The Nails:

For removing the henna from the nails, avoid the use of water or any other liquids. Just gently scrape out the mehndi from the nails and damp dry them using paper towel. Make sure you avoid using water for the next 2 to 3 days, to allow the color to darken and oxidize too. For protecting your nails during showers, you can use butter or aftercare henna balm that would allow the color to remain stable.

7. Other Tips:

Girls who are looking for black nails naturally can also apply black mehndi for nails for long lasting color. Some also use diamonds, color shades, etc. to decorate the nails by giving them a new pattern popularly known as nail art. Such decorations are widely done in marriages, and other such occasions.

When you apply mehndi on nails, you don’t only color them but also protect them to become healthy and strong. They are also beneficial for reducing any kind of fungal infection, in an herbal way. It helps in making your nails strong and long.

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