Mehndi has become a trending art for nearly all the festivals or occasions, mostly by girls. It is a natural way to dye your hands with beautiful designs that glitter out in different shades of red color. It is a one among various wedding rituals, where applying mehndi on hands of not only the bride, but also of grooms is also carried in various places.

How to Put Mehandi Designs for Hands with Images:

Here are some basic steps for getting the best mehndi design on your hand.

1. Wash Your Hands Properly:

Yes, before you apply mehndi on your hands, it is necessary to wash your hands properly by using hand wash liquids, or soaps. If you are applying mehndi on hands that are too oily, you can also use alcohol by rubbing it with the use of cotton on the skin. This would vanish the extra oil from the palms and hands leaving them dry for mehndi application.

2. Begin with The Tip of Mehndi Cone:

Before you begin with the mehndi, check the working condition of the cone on some rough paper. It sometimes happens that the hole made on the tip is too tiny giving you thin designs. If so, slightly cut the cone tip for proper thickness. The cones already come with a hole on the tip closed with a pin, all you need to is remove it and check whether the cone is working continuously.

3. Positioning The Mehndi Cone:

There are various ways people use the cone; however, the best way is by holding it from a good distance from the edge, similar to the hold over the pencil or pen while applying henna. Avoid giving too much of pressure to the cone edge as it may lead to bulk removal of the mehndi. Start working on the hands portion slowly moving to the palms, and then the finger tips. Make sure the hands are straightly stretched. Along with application, also clean the surrounding if necessary is using a tissue paper, and also keeps cleaning the tip of the cone when excess mehndi comes out.

4. Designing Mehndi:

No doubt different designers have their own techniques of applying henna; the popular one followed by nearly everyone is by starting with big shapes. Firstly, make all the big shapes or designs like the flowers, mangoes, etc. Forming their outer border. Then move ahead by filling them with tiny patterns. At last, end up on the outer side with different shapes like dots, petals, etc. You can also use dual color cones, like black cone for outline and red one for filling designs to give a unique look. When completed on the front side, let it dry, and then starts with the back portion of the hand to avoid its spreading. Leave the finger tips for the last move.

5. Drying and Scraping of Mehndi:

Once the process of applying mehndi on hands is over, you need to make sure it is dried completely for getting a perfect look. You can also use the heater for drying it with rapid speed. Make syrup of lemon and sugar to apply on the mehndi. For this, you can use some cotton and pat it over the mehndi after dipping it slightly in the syrup. This would help the mehndi stay on the hands for long time giving you darkest possible color.

Hence, thought it seems to be simple, the task to apply mehndi is fact fully tough to carry on. It required a good amount of dedication and expertise for giving the best possible design to the applier. For removing the mehndi once it is dried, there are various natural products, however, people generally remove it by scrubbing their hands avoiding water to damage the color.


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