The equatorial climate does take a toll on your skin as it burns and dries up moisture filled skin resulting in unnecessary tanning, tan patches, formation of dark spots and often the cause for minor imperfections that show up on skin. This is primarily the cause for uneven skin complexion where your forearms sport a bright healthy colour while elbow down it’s filled with swatches of dark and light.

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Too much exposure to sun rays often, however, can result in something more than just tanning. Sun exposure for days can result in serious skin illness including the worst possible factor, skin cancer. However, of late you have been feeling quite unsure about your sunscreen. It feels like the sunscreen just doesn’t work anymore and you still don’t know who to blame, your cosmetic tube or yourself. This is why in this article we shall reveal to you how appropriately you can choose and apply sunscreen for better brighter long living healthier skin.

How to Apply Sunscreen Lotion on Body and Face:

Know Which Equipment to Work with:

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1. Before we venture out on our adventure, it is of utmost importance that we know the proper sunscreen type to suit our skin requirements. The first thing we should be looking out for is the skin type. There are usually four skin assortments, the oily, the normal, the dry and the combination skin type. Invariably, thanks to the modern commercial market, there is a specialized sunscreen for all skin types. You just need to know which skin type you are and choose the product accordingly.

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2. Next, is the preferred brand, which is not really mandatory but once again a preference issue. Often, many people complain that a certain brand does not gel well with their skin, probably because the chemical content is too much, or the organic products used are allergic to you.

3. The last but not least weapon you need to know about is the SPF which is an acronym for sun protection factor. The higher the SPF the better will it work on your skin. An SPF 30 would mean thirty times the protection as opposed to an SPF15.

4. While choosing SPFs make sure you opt for Broad Spectrum that allows protection from UVB rays as well rather than simply UVA.

5. Lastly, make sure you opt for a water or sweat resistant sun rescue.

The Applying Sun Screen Lotion Method:

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1. Sunscreens are often applied as a base product so make sure your face is clean and void of any cosmetic breach before you start applying the cream.

2. Sunscreens are not only for your face, so never forget the usual exposed places, the back and the neck, the arms and even the legs.

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3. Take a palm fill of your sunscreen and start by rinsing your hands together to even out the blob of cream. Now start by massaging the cream with your fingertips to your face or back, using circular motions that would help the cream blend in with the skin easily.

4. Start from your face and slowly move on to the hands, the back and finally the legs, all using the circular motion of massaging, making sure the sunscreen gels in with the skin.

5. This process should be done a good thirty minutes before you leave your house. Immediate application and exposure do not really work for the skin, as your sun protection needs time to start with its effectiveness.

6. Often it is advised, that you carry around your sunscreen and reapply it after time intervals based on how high your SPF is. Reapplication of sunscreen is often useful as the base layer is already at work while the upper layer simply acts as a beneficiary.

7. At the end of the day, make sure you remove your sunscreen with a makeup remover and cotton pad before you hit the bed.

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