Pregnancy is the miraculous process of harboring a new life within yourself, a transition from just a woman to a mother, the source of a new life and probably a newly made life of your own. However, being a mother to a new life is no matter of joke and often at many times, the parents or rather the mother is not entirely sure of embracing motherhood without prior pondering. It is at this time that a mother or the parents should avoid pregnancy without hindering in their love making and if we put protection of the table, let’s see what else are we left to work with.

Why this road?

Preventing a new life from surging is indeed a notion we do not want to venture and for this, a couple engaging in coitus should at all times be prepared for the consequences or take the due protection, the only way love making can be termed safe you thought. However, without your partner using protection, there are many high roads that one might want to opt for in order to prevent yourself from conceiving.

Keep a cycle tab:

Women menstruate, possibly bleeding away the egg from the ovary awaiting formation of a new egg that is to take the place of the old egg. On a normal pregnancy norm, either the egg gets fertilized and planted on the ovary wall or the egg is bled away. It is the gap between the egg’s bleeding and the new egg’s formation that we need to use to our advantage. Therefore, the very first step to coitus without protection should be you keeping a tab on your menstrual cycle.

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Count ‘em unfertilized:

The first few days right after your menstruation is supposedly the most in fertile days of your cycle. This is when there is a void in the egg holder and usually can be a perfect time for you to have unprotected coitus. We are talking about the first five days, three being a safe number and the other two just a risk factor. However, in no time the egg will be formed and soon you will be fertile again.

Keeping an watch:

How do you possibly know when you are back to fertile after your menstruation? It is the day the cervical fluids start showing up. This is particularly six days after your menstrual cycle which should be marked on your calendar as the progressive fertile days. Ask your gynecologist for a better insight.

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Be on the pill:

We usually refer to protection from the guy’s point of view, an easier way to avoid conception. However, if your partner is not a big fan of using protection, you can always help yourself avoid the possible mistake by being on the everyday pill. These are mild pills that can be consumed on a regular basis, a common norm for you to keep your eggs in check.
However, you should always opt for a doctor’s recommendation before yu venture out on the pills. Then again, there is always a possibility of side effects, rise in estrogen levels and such when the pills you intake inhibit extra hormones in your body.

The Pull out method:

The last to the list is the pull out method which is one of the most common methods couples like to engage in. however, this is not at all a safe method and should at all times be extra careful. In fact, this is the last resort someone should resort to if all the others are null or void to them.

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