An old adage says it takes two to tango. In the context of a marriage, both the husband and the wife have to be the pillars on which to rest a successful wedding. If either of them gives way, consider the relationship breaking anytime soon. As much as it is for a wife to take care of the home and the family’s needs, husbands too should realize that walking the extra mile with their wives is what makes the family a happy one.

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It isn’t the prerogative of the wife to cook, clean, and keep company. Gone are the days when women were confined to the four walls of the house while men went out to earn and provide. In this day and age, and thanks to the number of feminist movements happening around the world, men too have a great role in contributing towards a successful marriage.

Here are a few ways to become a lovely husband in the eyes of the woman you love and have married. Hence, please read on and be well informed.

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Best Qualities of a  Great Husband:

Take Responsibility:

It doesn’t make you any less of a man if a man walks into the kitchen to help with the cooking. When a man helps his wife make meals for the family, he learns the nuances of cooking. There would be interaction and communication between the spouses. While the cooking happens, romance brews; better understanding comes in its own time and pace. In the end, along with a delicious meal being served, both man and wife have grown closer to the exercise.

Husbands can be better at fathering children. This is so true, especially when men take their children to school for their extracurricular activities and attend their children’s recitals in school and college. The bonding between a dad and his children through such activities grows stronger. It also lessens the burden on the mother, who now can focus on her personal and professional life as well.

To be a better husband is to understand the emotional, physical and mental needs of his wife. In most cases, women are shy about expressing themselves and their desires. Husbands who intuitively understand what their wives want would be men who know their feminine side all too well. This makes the wife look at her husband as her best friend, her confidante and someone who she can trust.

A queen, his mother, certainly raised a man who knows how to treat his wife as a princess. It is important to respect a woman, to understand her life, her sacrifices and the fact that she bore him his children. Men who understand this without being told to understand would make wonderful husbands.

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Your Wife is Human too:

When husbands realize it is not okay to sit on the couch and order a sandwich, they make good husbands. The alpha male syndrome or being a man status quo only happens when a woman is kept happy and content at all times.

Husbands now have realized the importance of respecting and honouring their wives’ space too. Men these days are okay if their wives earn more than them. They are even okay with the fact that their wives work late nights, and the meal has to be made by the man of the house.

In this day and age, equality is the mantra everyone should follow. This is why being a good husband is a must, not just by being there in person. But by proving to be one through words, deeds and actions. Now that you know what your wife wants. Go ahead and show her who the lovable man of the house is.


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