Every girl dreams of a boy with some specific traits. Just like boys have a dream girl that they would want to meet and date soon, the same goes for girls as well. They have a well defined list of aspects that they connect with guys to find their dream mate. Being a dream boy might sound very easy and like a piece of cake for the muscular sex but it is a lot of work before you finally reach there.

Each girl might have different requirements and expectations from a boy but then there are some basic traits that every dream boy should have.

This relationship and dating guide below is for the help of boys who want to take a step forward and polish their skills of being a girl’s dream boy. Check the aspects that you need to work on:

Have the Right Attitude:

One of the most significant things that matters for a girl is the right kind of attitude in his dream boy. Work on your smartness and be gentle and sweet at the same time. However, touchy feely kind of guys is someone whom girls prefer staying away from.

Confidence Matters:

Another of the important criteria to be a dream boy is to have the right amount of confidence in you. Girls like guys who confidently talk and look into their eyes as well as are sure of what they are. However, don’t go overboard and start boasting, try and be on grounds even after being confident.

Show Courtesy:

Girls love boys who are a true gentleman. Opening doors for her, pulling the chair, opening the car for her to sit and paying for dates are some of the things girls directly associate with being courteous. Make sure you follow all these if you want to become her dream boy.

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Have Eyes for Her Only:

Do not look here and there when a pretty girl passes by. A dream boy for a girl is one who has eyes only for her. This might be a difficult one to do, but then is a requisite for a dream boy to have successful outcomes.

Dress Well:

Look and appearance definitely plays an important role no matter how much we deny it. This means that to become her dream boy you need to dress well and dress appropriate. Apart from that you also need to maintain a clean and hygienic personality and groom yourself from time to time. She would definitely want you to do this. It does not mean you have to wear expensive clothes but only means wear a perfect fit outfit that suits your personality.

Getting a hair cut from time to time and exercising to stay in shape are also some of the points that are worthy enough to be mentioned here.

Appreciate her:

A dream boy needs to appreciate of what she is and whatever she does for him no matter how small or big. Appreciation always makes a girl flatter and you come close to being her dream boy.

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Compliment her:

If you want to become a girl’s dream boy then learn the art of genuine complimenting. Make her feel special and different from other girls. Not only compliment her for how beautiful she is but also about her personality traits and her intelligence. This is one simple and easy way to find a way to her heart and becoming a perfect dream boy that she loves.

Be Caring and Gentle:

This is one simple trait that even guys want their dream girl to be. Being gentle and caring only shows your true love towards her. This will add on to your speed of becoming her dream boy.

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