Hair bleaching is a popular trend these days. Fashion stylists and models sport various types of colours, creating a known trend for doing similar trendy colouring for the common teenagers and people who like to keep it in trend. Various celebs sport various types of burgundy, purple or even red tints, which can be temporary or permanent.

Usually, people who want these for a specific party or a temporary purpose get spray bottles with temporary tints. These can be sprayed on cleansed and properly dried sections, lasting until the next cleansing. This is also a thing that can be sport for several parties and any family occasion.

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These can be easily done without professional help. Also, these are less costly than those with permanent packages. Those need to be done from salons. However, if a person does not intend to spend excess cash at the salons, they can try these out at home, but the equipment and the things needed for this should be bought from reputed companies. Also, wearing gloves during the procedure is quite common.

If a person has undergone any medical treatment, done any other forms of colouring at home, or experienced any damage, they should not attempt to do this at home. They should spend the money at a salon and tell the professionals there what type of effects the person has previously faced with these products and if other precautions as per medical professional advice should be taken or adhered to so that it does not do further damage.

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Basic Tools Needed For The Procedure:

  • The Bleach activator powder and the developer [Both these come with the pack; a person can select the strength by discussing with the seller]
  • Plastic bowl, plastic spatula and plastic gloves
  • A toner [This is usually supplied with the package, or a person will have to buy this separately.]
  • Conditioner [Those that are for treated hair. Normal conditioners will not be helpful.]
  • The person should wear old towels when doing this procedure so that new clothes are not damaged.

Step By Step Process of How to Bleach Hair at Home:

Step 1:

The first step is to mix the powder activator and the developer. These come with the package, and all companies offer similar ingredients. The strengths should be taken as per the texture of the hair. However, the 40 and 50 grades are quite high and should not be applied unless the hair is very dry and thick and does not get easily Coloured with the 20 or 30 grades. These should be mixed well; a person should use a plastic bowl and wear gloves.

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Step 2:

The application should be done from the lower sections and then on the roots. Give more time for half-length from tips and then apply for the rest of the sections till the roots. Wait for 12 minutes before the other section, and then wait again for 30 minutes. The total time then will be 42 minutes around. Do not exceed this, or the sections will get damaged.

Step 3:

Wash the whole head under the shower till all the mixture is cleansed.

Step 4:

When the washing has been properly done, the toner should be applied. This can be followed with a conditioner. If a person is unsatisfied with the outcome, they should book a parlour session next. This will help the bleach effect look shinier

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