Wet hair can be a disaster especially during those heavy office mornings when a choice between breakfast and hair can be quite a juggle indeed. At times like this, we rely on our dear friend the hair dryer and even though many a hair stylist swore by the ‘use as less a dryer as possible’ theorem, with the correct steps to drying your hair, now you no longer need to refrain yourself from that ever trendy updo just because of wet hair. With the following steps flaunt your hair the way you desire even after a quick shower and fresh-up.

These are some of the basic, some of the most easy and effective steps that you can study before drying your hair with a hair dryer. To get rid of the wet matter from your hair and styling it alongside, you will have to know how to properly alongside and this article is solely done on that purpose.

How To Blow Dry Hair At Home:

The steps discussed below along with pictures will provide you with the best self–produced styling therapy that will leave you with non-frizzy but beautiful dry hair.

1. Ignore The Drip:

Just out of the shower leaves your hair dripping wet which is absolutely not a stable condition for hair drying. Hence, before you turn the switch on make sure you have towel dried your hair properly just enough to leave those tangled locks wanting a good blast of warm hair. Prior to drying make sure the lock ends are properly stripped of excess water droplets. This is one of the simplest tips for blow dry hair at home.

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2. Know Your Tool Of Work:

There are different ranges of hair dryer depending upon regular use or industrial professional ones. If waking up early in the morning and rushing to office is your thing, it is always better if you settle down for regular usage hair dryers. If hair drying is your once in a blue moon ordeal, you can easily trust the salon professional high end dryers with a much better drive. However, equip yourself with the knowledge that the stronger the dryer the stronger the side effects will be on your hair.

3. The Preparations:

Start by parting your hair to two sides, preferably from the mid section so that both the sides have equal holding of hair to dry. You can either segment your hair from the middle or part your hair starting from the back. For this you might need some clips as hair separators. Parting the hair has always been an important step that should be practiced before using the dryer to style the hair. Use a comb and part it properly. Don’t use your hands just cause your are lazy. When it comes to looking beautiful, you will have to break a little sweat.

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4. Start With Your Drying:

Start with your segmentation and then prop up the upper layers of your hair. The basic rule requires you to start with the underlying layers drying them eventually as you go up. One important rule of hair drying requires you to keep the dryer temperature at a comfortable setting that won’t hurt or burn your scalp. You have to down under and then slowly proceed to the top. This is the right process and other techniques used are foul.

This will cause no harm to the hair and will leave you with properly styled hair excluding all the frizzy feeling in the hair. The lower portion of the hair is always more complex and develops  the split ends as well. Thus you will have to dry them first before you being you style your hair with a comb. This process is comparatively easy and you will be able to do it quite easily, eve if you are a first timer.

5. Keep The Base Steady:

Use a steady base at the end of your hair to single the locks out in order to dry the hair. For this use a paddle brush as a base and as you comb through the hair from the underneath, place the blow dryer on the top and move along coordinating both your hands. This is also a good way to lock the straightness of your hair without having to use an additional straightener to style your hair. If you are new to this, then you can always take help of the different you tube videos that will assist you throughout the process.

Hair dryers can sometimes be harmful and may burst as well if not used properly. Using the hair dryer or blower from the best brand should be practiced a lot more by women. These days many brands a providing people with cheap hair dryers and that is being used widely. Using the authentic one is always recommended by the best stylists all around the world. Using the comb might cause some troubles for the first time. But you will have to take it easy and study the whole process and how it is helping your hair. This is how you can master the art of hair drying with a blower or a hair dryer.

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6. End It Easy:

Slowly move up the layers in the same way as above mentioned and once you reach the end, give your hair a final brush through to ease out the static or frizzy hair. You can use a final hair spray at the end to add to the volume and shine control of your hair. Hair sprays always come in handy, when you want to add some volume. The hair texture will be totally changed (in a good way) when you dry your hair and apply a hair spray or a hair cream. This process must be done with complete knowledge.

Knowing your hair and products suitable for it is one of the biggest steps for how to blow dry hair. A lot of women out their hair through a lot and that leads to excessive damage. As sometimes, they are not aware of the commercial product they are using and that often leads to excessive damage to hair. That is why determining the quality and the type of your hair is always necessary.

7. Tips To Treating Yourself Blow Dry Hair:

Prior to styling your hair, always use a hair protector to keep the hair safe from the heat. Usually you may opt for heat protectors or organic oils and hair creams before applying heat. Coconut oil is a good thing to be applied before putting your hair through the thermal heat. In many cases, it has been seen that women who haven’t undergone any steps of precautions before styling their hair with a blower, have caused their hair serious damaged leading to split ends and dryness. The heat steals the natural moisture from the hair as well all know and that is why application of a product that will protect the hair from the excess heat is always necessary before going through any kind of modern hair styling procedures, which involves the usage of a machinery.

Always try to keep your dryer at a comfortable inch or two away from your hair to avoid over exposure of heat which can damage the hair. If you have fine hair consistency always maintain or limit the use of heat to your scalp or overheating of your hair to avoid hair fall or damage. Never completely dry your hair to the full extent. Even though the basic protocol is to keep your hair dry, leaving a little moisture locked in your hair will help you keep your frizzy locks at bay.


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