There are so many diseases doing the round in the world right now and a single second of negligence could cost you a weakness in your child’s immunity. A strong immune system during pregnancy helps you shoo away all the invaders and keep both yourself and your child safe.

Immune System During Pregnancy:

Eat Flu-Fighting Foods:

A major role in building up your immune support system is played by that of the food you have. Every holistic health counsellor will agree on eating lots of garlic and vegetables alongside fruits and water. Rich in carotenoids, these will naturally enhance your body’s spirit to protect the fetus while helping in its development. A strong diet of protein is also recommended which can obviously be found in abundance in dishes that include meat, cheese and protein shakes.

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Take Supplements:

Prenatal vitamin and supplement intake should help boost up your immune system like no other. A complete set of vitamins as prescribed to you by your governing doctor should be taken timely. The most important ones are Vitamin A, B and C that reduces morning sickness symptoms, thus preventing dehydration and diarrhoea on a whole and then there is iron that enhances your blood supply. Do not forget to include zinc in your diet either- like ever.

Exercise & Massage:

Keep trying to exercise regularly to benefit and have a regulated weight gain and also keep diabetes in check. Prenatal dancing and massage should be encouraged as well to liven up the flow of body tension.

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Find Time to Unwind:

It shouldn’t be hard to give your immune system its strength through mental motivation. Your attitude towards life plays a big role in determining how affected you will be when a disease strikes. Studies show a person with a happier life has more power to resist diseases than a gloomy counterpart.
Keep a very positive attitude towards life and try to avoid stress on a whole. It is extremely crucial that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and you can overcome anything at all thereafter.

Being stress-free is easier said than done, but when you have a supportive friend circle and a partner who goes out of the way to make sure you stay tension- free, that works its magic within.

Get Examined and Vaccinated:

It probably won’t be a good idea if you come down with flu when pregnant. It poses a threat to both you and your unborn. Why not take shots for measles, influenza, pox and swine flu while there’s still chance to avoid it on a while. Check with your doctor the first thing you are pregnant to keep your immune system going and to give birth to a healthy child in the future. Do take tests to ensure you are not affected by AIDS or HIV as the risk of a pregnant mother passing the virus to a child is high. Besides, it could put both the lives in danger.

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So, to summarise, keep a positive approach towards life and be strong. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, bring necessary changes in your diet and lead a motivated pregnant-hood. That should be enough to keep your immune system up and running in the long run. A better immunity allows better development and growth in your child on a whole, and he hasn’t tagged a ‘weak child’ because you were too lazy to work towards the betterment of your immunity.


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