Braids go fast with long and soft hair. Braids go all the more fast with knot free hair. Start with detangling the hair with a wide toothed comb or a brush being careful enough not to cause hair fall.

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Braiding the hair while wet gives a more tight look than braiding the dry hair which may at times give a messy look.

How to Do a Braid Hairstyle for Yourself:

So the steps for braiding will start with:

1. Detangle and Moisturise:

  • Comb your hair well to detangle
  • Use a water based moisturiser for the tight look.
  • While working on a thick hair, it is always better to use a moisturiser to make it easy to handle.
  • If you have shampooed your hair then braid the hair once it is 2-3 days old as slightly oily hair is better to braid than absolutely clean hair.

2. Secure Your Base:

  • This is optional
  • You may tie a pony tail with a hair tie or a rubber band as it will make it easier to handle the braid and will also make it neat. Start by braiding loose hair at the nape of the neck.

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3. Divide Into Sections:

  • Divide the hair into three sections.
  • Take all the sections evenly
  • Take the left section from left hand and likewise right section with right hand. The middle section is as of now free.
  • Hold the strands in a way that you are grasping them against your palm with the help of your ring, middle and little fingers.
  • This keeps your index finger and thumb free.

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4. Crossing the Sections:

  • Now cross the left section over the middle section.
  • Grab the middle section of the hair with index finger and thumb
  • Now grab the let section of the hair using index finger and thumb of the right hand.
  • So now we will notice that the original left section is in the middle.
  • Now repeat the same for crossing the right section to the middle section so that the original right hand section is in the middle of the hair now.

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5. Continue Braiding:

Keep braiding in similar fashion using the free index finger and thumb of one hand to grab the section at the back. As you go, keep tighting the braids, so as to tug gently at anytime a strand changes the hands. Keep repeating until you have 2-3 inches left at the end of the unbraided hair.

6. Secure the End:

Secure the end of the hair from the unbraided section by tying a rubber. Wrap it around several times to ensure it does not loosen off.

7. Spray and Set:

  • You may at the end spray your hair to let it set and not become messy.
  • This was the simple steps towards a basic braid. To this style you may add various beads, accessories and embellishments to make it look more subtle.
  • Now that you know how to make a braid you can make multiple braids and make different styles such as cornrow, box braids, Mohawk amongst others.
  • Braids just go in any and every season and the more you try styles with it, the more stylish you have the braids.

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