There comes a time when you know who really is for you and who isn’t, and the same would be for friends as well. An old adage says “With friends such as these, who need enemies”. So if you too are facing something similar, maybe it is time to let go of the parasitical monster, the so called friend, and to give yourself that much needed space. There are so called friends who are friends just because they want something from you, an ulterior motive or maybe they want you around as a trophy friend, because of your fame and popularity. Such friends are nothing but difficult and impossible to deal with. Hence, letting go of negative people in your life would do you good, on a large scale. Remember one thing, before you decide to call it quits, know what you are doing is from real facts and not assumptions or rumors. Here we give you a few tips on How to Break Up with Your Friend.

Here’s why you want to break up with them:

1.    Maybe the two of you aren’t connected in ways that seemed perfect at the beginning. Your friend could be someone who only wants to dominate, do the talking and not bother about what is going on in your life. This is toxic, since friendship happens both ways and you shouldn’t be obliged to being someone’s punching bag at all times, without gaining a moment of your own to speak your mind.

2.    If you see your friend playing the bully game with you, talking behind your back and saying “just kidding” when you find out, manipulates others or makes you feel horrible about the way you walk, talk, sleep, breathe, eat, dress or who you hang out with, let the alarm bells ring. Friends do not belittle, label or tag their friends.

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3.    Trust is important in friendship and when that breaks, its best to move on. Bad habits die hard; a robber that robs once can rob again. Maybe there are habits which you dont agree with, and you know which would bring harm to them and yourself too. Speak it out with them, once or twice and if you see no change after that, let go.

4.    Maybe you feel left out in activities and conversations, because your friend wants the limelight at all times. Such people will never let you breathe easy, would want to rule over you and would want you to adopt their lifestyle and personality, without appreciating what you can offer. This is a selfish attitude and one that makes you the doormat or the victim. Don’t be a victim or a doormat, walk out with your head held high.

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Keep cool and walk off:

Calmly things can be done, but ensure it is done in a calm manner. When talking out issues at first, notice for some time if the so called friend really makes changes in their behavior and mannerisms or not. Sometimes it is nature versus nurture, the latter needs counseling. If you truly believe that counseling can help salvage the friendship go ahead? However, even after that if you see no changes, its time that you move on.

1.    Send an email or an SMS or whatsapp the friend and bid adieu.
2.    Bless what you had and look forward, don’t crib, whine or talk about the person to anyone, not even to yourself
3.    Immerse yourself in activities which would keep you busy
4.    Interact and socialize with people, there are new friends to be made everyday
5.    Love yourself and forgive yourself for what you went through. Remember, everything we go through is a lesson to learn, and not a punishment.

Finally, when bidding adieu, thank the person for the good deeds and the lovely times spent together.

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