Before marriage comes to love, which is the mantra for “happily ever after”. This is what you think right? Au contraire, some marriages or relationships are so platonic. Where love is a far-fetched dream behind the smiles of the so-called happy couples. We all look for perfection in our spouses, lovers or mates, but we forget that perfection is a myth. To make a relationship work, constant effort and hard work needs to be put in so that progress for the same happens. The “I DO” isn’t the moot mantra to bind two souls in holy matrimony anymore. Hence here are some tips to bring in love which would further enhance the status quo of any relationship or marriage. Here are some tips on how to bring love into a relationship?

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How To Bring Love Into a Relationship:

Be kind To Yourself:

In a relationship, you need to accept that giving makes things better, and for that, you need to love and be kind to yourself first. Put your priorities in place and know your limits, rest and relax at times, and schedule some space for yourself without being selfish about your needs. This would bring out the same version of yourself. Which would then define your need of having us in a relationship.

Accept The Ups And Downs:

It is not about running around trees which bring in love but planting those trees that nurture love. This means you need to learn how you want the relationship to be and how you want the partner to communicate with you, and when you have answers to these questions, you can from the current state of affairs decide on how you want love to flow into the relationship. There are ups and downs for every couple to face, so sit and find solutions with one another.

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Plan Your Finances Together:

Money can mar a relationship; bring in arguments and ego issues as well. Don’t allow yourself or your partner to be a passive decision-makers. Not when a relationship is meant for two to work and decide on things. Sit and jot down the financial priorities in your life. Have a joint account for home and other commitments which shouldn’t be mixed with individual accounts of your own. Make decisions that allow both to be a part of it and then decide how to go about utilizing your funds.

This Is Not a Game To Be Won:

Let ego and anger not come in for play sake, don’t duke things around, and take a breather if need be. A fight may have happened but that doesn’t mean it is the end, This is a learning opportunity for the two of you. No racketing up the stakes on one another, which would need an escalation to be brought in. Revisit the subject when tempers are low, and talk it out as adults in a calm and composed manner.

Don’t Dwell On The Past:

The blame game scenario is the worst of all enemies, don’t indulge in belittling your spouse because of the mistakes he or she made. Love doesn’t see the mistakes you made; it sees how you work around things that would make life better with the two of you around.

Burn the grudge bridge, and learn to accept one another flaws and misgivings. Only then would you know that your soulmate too has his or her own limits to deal with. Take a vacation and move out of the rigmarole in life. Maybe this too would allow you both to understand each other.

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Never involve third parties, quacks and so-called counselors to speak to your spouse on your behalf. They do more harm than good. It doesn’t make sense to allow the world to interfere in your personal matters. Hence work things out and bring in the love that knocks your lovely home today.


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