In any relationship, there would be conflicts, so in a marriage, if there are no fights that happen, there would be doubts if the marriage really exists or not. However, that doesn’t mean fights should happen every day. No matter how much you love and care for your wife, there would be something about her which would irk you, and that is natural. What one needs to understand is that there has to be a way to work things out. In doing so, would the husband then learn about being more open, expressive and intimate with his wife, which would lead to eternal bliss? Here are the ideas and suggestions on How to Care for Your Wife.

Best Tips for Care for Your Wife:

The past can haunt:

Everyone has a past, but that doesn’t mean one should dwell on it. We have all grown up making grave mistakes in life, forgiving should be the key to ending it all. When husbands learn the act of forgiveness, more so with grace and acceptance that his wife too could make mistakes and has done so in the past, the wife then is assured that she has married her soul mate. Practicing the act of forgiveness is proof enough that you do care for her, your best friend and your wife.

When talking out things with her, do as she would expect her best friend would do the talking. Don’t talk with the intention to punish her but with the intention of love and forgiveness. Resolve the conflict between the four walls of your home, don’t get any family members involved, and do not belittle your wife in front of family and friends, even if it is in light humor.

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She too has two hands:

Don’t ridicule her or compare her with other women. You don’t stay in those houses which look cosy and nice, hence be realistic and know her limitations, wants and needs as well. If you cannot afford to have the latest home improvement tools around for cleaning and other needs, lend her a hand. If you have kids at home to take care of, remember, when you come back from work, take time to spend with them. This would take the burden off her shoulders, and she can invest that time in her needs. Who knows, she may prepare your favorite meals too.

She wakes up before you and sleeps after you, if only you could lend a helping hand to her, she would be happy. Not that she ever complains, but she does feel hurt when you tell her about the burnt slice of bread or the sugar being too much in the coffee. She is a human too, and she needs a little help, but because she knows how hard you work for the family, she says nothing.

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As a loving husband, you should:

1. Lend a helping hand now and then
2. Surprise her with something nice now and then
3. Tell her how beautiful she looks, just like the day when you first met
4. Tell her how much you appreciate all that she does for you
5. Give her a day or two to be to herself
6. Take her out once in a while for a bite or a movie
7. Shop with her, and help her choose an outfit
8. Compliment her when she takes time to feed and dress the kids
9. Compliment her dressing sense
10. Give her a hug or a kiss as soon as you enter the home

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There are many more ways by which you can keep her happy. A man’s status quo is decided by a woman, and a man who ill-treats his wife or female partner isn’t a man at all. Remember, if you loved your mother so much, she too was someone’s wife and was treated well.


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