The fashion world is evolving, and there are hairstyles loaded around the corner. But here is the challenge – are all hairstyles suitable to everyone equally? Is it possible that we can just pick our favorite trendy look and try it on? This is the tricky part. Not all looks can suit everyone and anyone. So how to choose a hairstyle for men which suits them perfectly?

Several factors, such as face shape and facial features, hair texture, looks, profession, and so on,influence picking up the haircut. We all know different styles and trends of haircuts, but we always wonder how to choose the right haircut. This guide on haircut choosing for male can be of help.

Steps to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Perfect Haircut:

Before you get onto think about getting an ideal haircut and hairstyle for yourself, here are a few tips and steps you can preferably follow to help you ease in the process. This can help you out to answer choosing a perfect hairstyle for you.

Face Shape:

The face shape and features are the most crucial and significant thing which can determine and make your haircut right. Different kinds of hairstyles can suit those with different face shapes, so the first step is to assess and decide.

Determine your face shape at first. Here is a glance at how to choose hairstyle according to face shape.

  • If your face length and width are the same, then you have a round face.
  • If your face length is greater than width, then you have an oval face shape
  • If your length of face is greater than 1.5 meters than width, then you have an oblong face shape
  • In case your face length and width are the same, but have a wide jaw, then it means you have a square face shape
  • In case the cheeks are wide in your facial features, then you are blessed with a diamond face shape
  • Finally, if you have a jaw wider than the forehead and have a pointed face shape, you have a triangular face shape.

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After you know which face shape you have, you can decide on the right kind of haircut choice to make. Here are a few tips and tricks on choosing right haircut for men.

  • Let us begin with oval face shape. You are blessed if you have an oval face shape; almost all haircuts can suit you. You have a well balanced face. It is better to prefer those haircuts which can reduce or shorten your face length such as long and wider fringes. Voluminous hair can make you appear smart. Try out textured cuts, slick backs, quiffs, pompadours, or even undercuts.
  • For those with a round face, haircuts with a longer top and shorter sides can be ideal. All the haircuts must give an impression of having good hair length to be a hit. This can give an illusion of a longer face cut. Try out V cuts, long layered hair, and side parts. Do not work on buzz cuts.
  • Oblong face shapes can be again ideal for whole lot of hairstyles and haircut options. The only tip is to avoid tighter and shorter looks as they can enhance the face length beyond what you already have. Hair down and fringes can give you a shorter and sharper face too. Top knots, ivy leagues, and crew cut can be ideal too.
  • In case you have square face shape, then all the modern and current sharp hairstyles can suit you. You need not worry much about the type of haircut. From buzz to fades to faux hawks, crew cuts, and quiffs, all of them can look good.
  • Be it diamond face shape or triangle shape, try out shorter hair length. This can enhance your masculine and smart looks. Longer tops can be good too but with shorter sides. Further, high voluminous and layered haircut ideas can be pretty apt too.

Hair Texture:

Depending on hair texture and nature, you can prefer a particular kind of haircut to enhance your looks. The hairstyle should match and go well with hair texture, as the texture can make or break the way hair sits on a particular cut. Here is how to decide what haircut to get as per hair texture for males.

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  • If you have thin hair but the straight or wavy texture, prefer a neat, combed look or slick backs. Tamed and classic haircuts can be better here.
  • In case you have frizzy or coarse hair, prefer to have more voluminous and natural looks. Otherwise, the hair may not sit well with haircuts.
  • Wavy hair texture can be good with almost all kinds of hairstyles, so you are blessed if you have one. Prefer good youthful haircuts with natural waves to help flaunt out the inner style statement.
  • In case you have curly hair, try out fades, edgy and handsome looks, or angular cuts. Romantic and latest stylish haircuts can go well with you.
  • In case you have good thick fine hair, you can also try out textured, messy, and disconnected looks.


Forget not, what many of us do not think is the career and profession in which one is working. Picking up the hairstyle and haircut for men must go with profession. Just imagine – is it okay if you are in a formal business field and go with heavy fade and quiff and colored faux hawk look? As weird it may appear to think of, it is always ideal to also match your lifestyle with your makeovers.

As they say, the first impression is the best. So try and sort out the looks as per your jobs. If you are in high profile formal jobs, go with formal and classic neat tamed looks. If you are in art and music jobs and professions (such as artist, DJ, tattoo designer, etc.), you can go with funky and lovely edgy haircuts too.

We hope you have figured out on how to choose the right hairstyle for men in this guide. Keep in mind the variety of these factors and rest assured, you can look amazing when you try the right and perfect haircut.

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1. Does age matter in deciding how to pick the right hairstyle for guys?

Yes, depending on your age groups, you can prefer youthful or more classic hairstyles as per preference. But most times, the right haircut can be good to go as per the face shape.

2. Can hair color matter in picking up a particular haircut?

If you have normal black, brown or blonde hair, you can go ahead with any usual trending haircuts around. But if you decide on colorful hair highlights, then prefer a funky and edgy haircut. Make sure it matches your face shape and hair texture.


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